What to look for in moving quotes NJ

What to look for in moving quotes NJ

It seems that nothing worries people more than the thoughts about the budget. The same happens when someone decides to move. Whether the costs will be too high or not, and what determines the price are just some of the questions. The conversation about the moving costs is equally important regardless of the distance. So if you’re moving from New York to New Jersey or vice versa, it is your right to get all information about moving quotes NJ. Having all the necessary information is one step closer to having a successful relocation which is really something everyone is looking for.

making a plan
Get moving quotes NJ to have a complete moving plan ready

Don’t mix estimate and quote

Those preparing to change their current address for a new one for the first time may get confused for a moment when moving quotes and moving estimates are mentioned. Moving quotes are made so that customers would have an official price for the moving services they opt for. So, as you can understand so far, an estimate is not a fixed price, whereas a quote is a price you agree with a professional local moving company. When moving to or from New Jersey, your moving quotes NJ should be transparent.

Be aware of the types of estimates

For potential customers, it is always beneficial to be aware of the possible costs of their relocation. This is why some moving companies that work in favor of the clients offer this service. And when choosing a company to work with, take this information into consideration. And as NYC based moving company, Dumbo Moving and Storage knows that the budget is one of the crucial elements of everyone’s relocation. That is why you need to be absolutely clear about the types of estimates moving companies offer.

Just make sure to understand that a price you get on an estimate is not the ultimate one, meaning only after you sign the contract will you know the contractual price.

  • Non-binding estimate as indicated by its name is the estimate that gives you a rough estimation of a moving price. This means that the costs can go up or down depending on certain parameters.
  • Binding estimate provides a more certain amount that will be the closest to the one that is agreed upon signing the contract. In other words, once something agreed, cannot be changed even if during on a moving day your movers determine the different situation.
  • The binding-not-to-exceed estimate is the one that customers like the most and is mostly used for long-distance moves. With this estimate, you pay the price you received. However, if it turns out that the entire load weighs less than it was estimated, you will pay less.

Have an estimate in writing

This one is especially important in case you choose a non-binding estimate. The details should include descriptions of all the services and the shipment. Also, everything that a company charges together with the bill of lading should be on the service order. Under no circumstances should you accept either of these two before an official statement regarding the exact amount you will need to pay.

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Have everything in writing

Moving quotes NJ should include all costs

As soon as you learn about the total cost of your relocation, the sooner you’ll have a chance to negotiate moving services. Even if your budget is not that tight, we are sure that you would still prefer to pay less. If the situation allows. So, why wouldn’t you try to lower the moving costs which will directly affect your moving quotes NJ? Who knows, maybe your negotiating skills will do the magic, and you end up paying a lot less than you originally planned. But for that to happen, the quote your chosen company will provide must include each and every detail about what needs to be paid.

Go for a flat rate moving quote

When you start looking for a moving company it should be the one you can trust. But if you don’t have much experience, it might be difficult to recognize moving scams. Unfortunately, there are many moving companies which aim to deceive you. For this reason, we suggest you stick to a company which offers flat rate moving quotes. If a moving company offers these, you are one step away from getting a negative moving-related experience.

Don’t get confused again if you hear a term binding moving quote. That is just how some companies refer to a flat moving quote. Things such as insurance, transportation together with service fees and workers are the ones which determine a price. When you get a chance to talk to the company’s representative, these are the details to inquire.

Save steps of getting moving quotes NJ

So far, you’ve learned about the importance of getting moving quotes. Bear in mind that if a company urges you to sign any documents or estimates which do not contain full information, that you should walk away. Such a moving company certainly doesn’t have the intention of doing business fairly.

Your moving quotes NJ should be determined based on the weight of the items you are transporting. If a moving company charges based on the volume of your cargo, there are higher chances that they will overcharge you due to an imprecise estimate.

Insist on an in-home estimate. It is much safer for both parties to get a more precise estimate rather than informing the movers about it over a phone call. After this step, the mover will compose an inventory list. What you should do is make a copy and refer to it regularly.

A checklist
With an inventory list, the moving quotes NJ will be more precise

The movers will also ask to set the moving date as the moving cost may vary because of it. Actually, it would be best if you ask the movers if they would charge you in case you need to adjust the schedule a little bit.

So, before you choose a moving company, have several moving quotes to compare. Look carefully each quote, and write down the pros and cons. It should help you get the most precise moving quotes NJ which will help you prepare easier your moving budget.

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