What are the best questions to ask movers

What are the best questions to ask movers

When contacting a moving company about your upcoming move, you need to be prepared. First, look online for some of the best Brooklyn movers.  Then, to make sure you choose the right company and that the relocation process will be at its best, we suggest that you look at the next questions to ask movers.

Best questions to ask movers: What authority does your company have? What licenses does it have, and what is your license number?

For your safety, and to avoid moving scams, look at our questions to ask movers. Even if you are sure about the company, it is still worth the effort to double-check to verify that all the information you have received is correct.

questions to ask movers
Are you sure you know all the questions to ask movers?

Browse among comments posted by clients who used the services of that specific moving company. Also, check the web address if they provided it. Make sure the address, phone number, and company name match the ones in the documentation.

Does that relocation company subcontract with other companies

It is essential that you know which companies are moving your property. Some relocation companies hire other companies to assist them. Be sure to check the work permit information of all companies involved in moving your furniture and your belongings. One of the best solutions for finding a relocation company is online because you can check them at the spot, and that is how you get proven and trusted workers. Also, they may have some videos of their previous relocations so you can see what they did so far.

What method do they use when pricing their services

Different relocation companies use different methods when pricing their services. Some companies require to evaluate your property on-site to offer a fair price for their services. In the case of more significant relocations (large loads), or long-distance relocations, we sincerely recommend that your home be assessed, as this is how you will get the most realistic offer. If companies send an appraisal team to your home, make sure you inform them of items that you will not be moving to your new home, as well as any items that are unusually bulky and difficult. One of the good indicators that the company is good is that they offer free moving estimates NYC and online payments.

Different relocation companies use different methods when pricing their services.

What are their tariffs and what are the additional costs

Ask about the basic tariff options of the moving company that you want to hire. For shorter distances, you will probably pay by the hour. When moving long distances, the fare is likely to be based on the total weight of the cargo, and the mileage traveled. You should look for the best interstate movers NYC and move without worry.

Also, inquire about any additional costs. Extra charges are usually paid for carrying things up and downstairs, packing materials, or items that exceed the intended size. When crossing national borders, be careful about the offers you receive from companies that do not make on-site assessments. Also, if the price offered sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

What types of packaging services do they have to offer? What measures do they take to protect your items during transport

Moving companies have a common practice of offering full or partial packaging services. They should use suitable packaging material, including boxes of appropriate size, protective sheaths for fragile items and covers, or plastic sheaths for furniture.

What type of insurance do they have to offer

Ask your agent to see all the insurance options the company has to offer. There are two types of insurance that moving companies typically offer.

  • Partial coverage of the value of the goods. Insurance covering part of the value of the damaged goods, and it usually depends on the weight. It is standard insurance that is included in the price of the transport service.
  • Full coverage of the value of the goods. Insurance that covers the full value of the damaged item and is formed on the basis of an estimate of the value of the goods that are being transported.
If the price offered sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

If you rent a home, you may not need additional insurance if your landlord’s insurance covers the costs of damage that may occur during the move.

Can they refer you to their dispute resolution program

Each moving company has its own program for resolving disputes. It is better to inform yourself in advance than to become aware of the program later, so you know what awaits you if something goes wrong. Make sure that you have a good understanding of the procedure if they lose, break, or otherwise damage your items during transportation.

How long will moving is going to last

Estimate the approximate time it takes the company to deliver your items to your new home. You need to make sure that they will deliver the goods within the time frame you have scheduled.

How can you contact them while moving

You must be able to contact your moving agent before, during, and after transportation. Get the phone number or email of the person you will be contacting. Contact your agent the day before moving, by email or phone, to make sure you get the right contact.

Ask for some of the recommendations they received

Nothing says the moving company is better than good advice from satisfied customers… And the best suggestions are from a client who reuses the services of the same company. Ask your relocation company to send you recommendations from the last three clients who have used their services.

Once you know what the best questions to ask movers are, gather information, and write notes on any relocation company you have contacted. Make sure you get all the answers to your questions. If you feel that your agent is ambiguous, end the conversation, and keep looking. Good luck!

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