Tricks for eliminating lingering odors from your new home

Tricks for eliminating lingering odors from your new home

eliminating lingering odors from your new home

Unpleasant odors can be a serious deal breaker when you are purchasing or renting a new home. Even though you love pets, they bring along a special smell that you won’t find appealing when researching your housing options. In fact, a smelly house is one of the most common reasons why buyers or renters give up on a property. However, if you happen to notice a strange odor after moving into a new house/apartment, don’t panic! Although it’s not an easy problem to fix, it’s still manageable. Hopefully the following tips and tricks will help you resolve this issue quickly and efficiently.

How to remove smoke and pet odors from your house

Removing smoke residue from your new home may require a deep cleaning of the house and even replacing items that have absorbed a persistent smoke odor.

– Airing out the place is a good starting point, although it won’t make the problem magically disappear. The process takes time and patience. Let the fresh air into your new home and install an air purifier and clean/replace air filters. If you have cleaned the entire house and items still smell a little stale, try removing the cigarette smoke out of air circulation.

– Talk to your landlord before making any investment or doing any professional cleaning. Landlords are usually responsible for arranging necessary treatments and paying for the costs related to the house cleaning process.

– Since fabrics are likely to absorb the cigarette smoke, consider removing the carpets or have them professionally cleaned. The same goes for curtains, drapes and other fabrics that previous owners or tenants left behind should be taken to a dry-cleaner as well.

– Combat the cigarette smoke odor by cleaning walls and ceilings thoroughly. If you can still smell cigarette smoke, consider repainting the entire house. However, make sure to consult your landlord before taking similar actions.

– Wipe all windows and mirrors down with vinegar and warm water and change out light bulbs.

– Stock up on cleaning products that contain baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and activated charcoal. If you don’t want to use strong chemicals to clean your fabric-covered furniture, consider sprinkling them with a lot of baking soda. Use vinegar to clean plastic, metal and wood washable surfaces. Remove dirt and debris by scrubbing your floors thoroughly.

– Purchase pet odor removers to treat delicate surfaces and remove urine and other waste. Avoid using toxic cleaners especially if you have small children and pets. Baking soda and white vinegar are an efficient and safe alternative to all those dangerously toxic products.

– Add aromatic indoor plants after you move in so as to have a nice smelling home.

– Vacuum your house regularly using scented carpet freshener. If you have a pet, it’s highly recommended to tackle your household tasks on a daily basis instead of dealing with strong and persistent pet odors afterwards.

– Keep bowls of vinegar infused with essential oils so as to catch unpleasant odors before they spread around the entire house. It’s a cheap and eco-friendly method that may help you remove cigarette smoke smell from your residence.

Last, but not least tip – never give up! Getting rid of pet and smoke odors takes a lot of time and patience, so keep calm and keep up a good work! You are doing just great and your proactive actions will deliver good results eventually. Maintaining a household is a complex and continuous process and if you are preparing your home for selling or renting, you should start dealing with this serious issue in advance. Unpleasant and offensive smells may turn potential buyers or renters off, so tackle this important issue before it gets a lot worse.

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