Moving into a high-rise apartment in NYC

Moving into a high-rise apartment in NYC

Moving into a high-rise apartment is usually very exciting, but in terms of the moving organization and logistics, it may be very challenging. NYC is famous for its extravagant real estate prices and it has seen a rapid increase in apartment costs during the last couple of years. Depending on where you live, you may find that purchasing or renting is more demanding and expensive than you originally anticipated. Especially if you are about to leave a large and spacious house for an apartment. As it turns out, there’s a variety of reasons why people like living in an apartment. However, if your new place happens to be situated on the top floor of a high-rise apartment building, you should most definitely adjust your moving arrangements.

high rise building
High-rise buildings may seem both elegant and intimidating

It’s a totally different experience from moving into a house, so there are several considerations to take into account while preparing for such a huge change. Without a doubt, high-rise apartment buildings may seem both impressive and intimidating. Depending on the location of the building, many prospective buyers and renters may find those apartments unaffordable.

Here you may find some insightful suggestions on how to navigate the daunting prospect of moving into a high-rise apartment in NYC. And always keep in mind that an early start may significantly improve your chances of having a smooth transition to your new home. If you think that relocating to a high-rise building is ideal for your living situation, you may want to stay with us and keep reading.

Steps to moving into a high-rise apartment safely and efficiently

Moving on your own is certainly doable, but it will require much more time and effort. Professional residential movers NYC have a lot of experience, they know how to organize and perform the move efficiently. Since the costs of moving services usually vary, request several quotes and check if some of them fit your moving budget. When calculating the moving budget, make sure to include: moving company charges, packing expenses, storage, and insurance expenses, security deposit… Also, if you are an NYC resident you may incur a move-in fee, so make sure to include that charge as well.

Partner up with affordable yet reliable movers

If you are lucky to get in touch with a competent yet affordable moving company, chances are they have been operating in similar buildings, so they know how to go about this task. As appealing as moving into a high-rise apartment may seem, the actual move-in process may prove to be rather tricky if you take it lightly from the very beginning. This is where professional and trustworthy movers may come in handy. They can turn the entire moving task into a smooth and hassle-free experience.

As a matter of fact, some building managers require their prospective residents to use professional moving services so as to minimize risks and damage to the property. Therefore, get in touch with fully insured and licensed movers only, as they will take good care of your belongings and both properties and also comply with the building’s rules and regulations.

Deal with space issues

You are likely to face some space issues when transitioning from a house to an apartment. Although moving into a high-rise apartment offers a lot of amenities, dealing with limited space may come as a shock at first. As it turns out, there won’t be enough space for your extra items. So consider making arrangements for heavy and bulky furniture pieces. Although professional piano movers NYC have a lot of relevant experience in moving such items, you should first figure out if they can fit into your high-rise residence.

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Be mindful of your environment when purging your home

Moving from a house to an apartment means that you will have less space at your disposal. On top of that, high-rise apartments are reachable via elevator or several flights of stairs. As a result, not everything you own will fit into your new apartment, so it is a perfect moment to clean up your home.

Go through your stuff and decide what to sell, donate, recycle, throw away or store. Let go of things you haven’t been using for a couple of years. Try not to overload your new place immediately, since you may want to change the interior design and purchase some new furniture, decorations… If you think that you might want to use some items sometimes in the future but there is no space in your new apartment at the moment, opt for renting a storage unit. Bear in mind that some items, however precious for you, might be very difficult to transport. Also, sometimes moving certain items may cost you more than purchasing the new ones.

Take safety precautions

Your family’s safety should be a top priority. There are a lot of residents in high-rises, so it’s only normal to take some safety precautions like locking the front door and installing a special security system. Have the locks changed before you move in and have it in writing? Also, when you are looking for an apartment in NYC, research neighborhoods thoroughly. Check which New York City neighborhoods meet your lifestyle standards. If safety is one of the most important factors, pay attention to the crime rate in the areas you are interested in.

Be a considerate neighbor

Socializing with your new neighbors is probably the last thing that would cross your mind on moving day. However, you should know that your move may have an impact on your neighbors’ daily lives.

As it turns out, being a considerate neighbor doesn’t require much effort, but it will go a long way towards making a good impression on other building residents. First and foremost, your neighbors will probably appreciate if you could schedule your move-in during the week when they are off to work. That way you are least likely to cause any disruption to their routine.

Notify both new and old neighbors about the upcoming move, so that they won’t be surprised by the noise and increased foot traffic. Leave common areas, parking, hallways and stairways clean and tidy once the moving truck has left.

Make reservations

Moving house comes with a number of challenges, but when it comes to moving into a high-rise apartment, you can expect even more of them. Due to limited space and means of access, you will have to comply with the building regulations on moving day. Therefore, you may want to make some reservations to minimize the disruptive effects of your move.

Ask your landlord or building manager if you can reserve the elevator for a couple of hours on moving day. If you manage to get permission to use the maintenance elevator, it will take less time to transport your household items.

Also, make sure to reserve a parking space for the moving truck. If the moving truck is parked nearby, then probably you won’t incur long carry charges. Also, make sure there is a place near the entrance where the movers can load off your goods.

Create a clever floor plan

floor plan when moving into a high-rise apartment
Plan out the interior design of your new place in advance

Due to limited space in your new high-rise apartment, you should plan in advance the position of every piece of furniture and other household items. An efficient floor plan will save you a lot of time and money. Measure hallways, doors and check whether bulky pieces of furniture will actually fit.

Moving into a high-rise apartment often requires professional advice or help, so do not hesitate to contact a professional NYC moving company in order to get an accurate moving estimate. They will also explain what’s worth moving. There’s no point in moving some huge household items, just to find out they won’t fit through the door. Also, since they have done it before, they know all the challenges and potential hiccups you may face down the road.

Meet your new neighbors

Being on good terms with your neighbors can make you feel safe and supported by the community. Breaking the ice with your new neighbors can be tricky, but it could be a good way to start feeling at home after moving into a high-rise apartment. As it turns out, the days when neighbors were knocking on the door offering pies and cookies seem long gone. So, here are some of the practical tips on how to get to know your new neighbors without making it awkward.

  • Host a housewarming party
  • Meet neighbors from the comfort of your couch – get online
  • Be straightforward and practical – ask a small favor or advice
  • Let your pet help you
  • Get involved in community groups
  • Do something nice for your neighbors

Moving into a high-rise apartment may require a lot of time and effort, but don’t forget to have some fun along the way. Starting off on the right foot with your neighbors will help you settle and set the stage for some friendly and happy relationships.

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