Top 8 Cheapest Places to Live Near NYC

Top 8 Cheapest Places to Live Near NYC

Are you tired of paying astronomical prices for a… well, it’s safe to say a shoebox? Do yourself and your tired wallet a favor and check out some of the best commuter towns. Join us today as we explore the top seven cheapest places to live near New York City.

New Rochelle

Coming in at number one on our list of cheapest places to live near New York City is New Rochelle. With Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal only about half an hour ride away, this city is a commuter paradise. Due to its affordability, New Rochelle allows most residents to skip renting and buy their homes. Between high-rise apartments and historic homes, you’ll definitely find a place to call your own.  With plenty of restaurants, parks, coffee shops, mixed-use waterfront areas, and above-average schools, you’ll have no trouble adjusting regardless of whether you’re moving alone or with your family. The city is also very much on the safe side, with one of the lowest crime rates compared to similarly-sized cities in the state of New York.

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Okay, so we’re moving on to the second-ranked place on our list so we’re checking out the third-largest city in Connecticut – Stamford. While it’s not exactly the most affordable place out there, it is certainly way cheaper compared to New York City. Besides providing easy access to Big Apple’s luxuries, Stamford also has many attractions of its own. You’ll find public beaches, parks, gardens, theaters, museums, and everything you need when you’re not up for a train ride. It has a wide choice of public and private schools as well. So, no worries there if you’re moving with kids or looking to continue your education. All of these things plus an hour commute definitely make Stamford worth checking out if you’re considering a Connecticut commuter home.

Stamford CT


Coming in at number three on our list of cheapest places near New York City, we’re talking about Maplewood. Thanks to New Jersey Transit trains, you’ll be in Manhattan in about thirty minutes. Don’t be too quick to write New Jersey off because there’s some serious charm about this place. With its alluring downtown Maplewood Village, locally-owned restaurants, bars, shopping districts, and art center – it’s all about highlighting local people’s creations and businesses. You’ll also find a farmer’s market and plenty of unique offerings in the middle of a close-knit community. An old-timey charm only thirty minutes away from Manhattan and affordable prices make Maplewood a real winner in our eyes.



With hundreds of cheap commuter places out there, we’ve narrowed down the list and selected a few of our favorites. Hopefully, one of them will be your favorite as well. And our top picks will help you find a new, more affordable home. So, let’s jump to our next cheapest place near New York City. Coming in at number four we have Yonkers. This is an easy pick for us because you can get to Grand Central Station in less than thirty minutes by train, which can actually be less than commuting from some of the five boroughs. Yonkers offers housing for all incomes, from historic neighborhoods to upscale waterfront living. So, you’ll have no trouble finding a place that suits your budget and lifestyle.

Located along the Hudson River, this city gives you splendid river views and water features but plenty of green spaces as well. Yonkers is ranked among the safest cities in the country and you’ll find some of the top-rated schools here. It’s been dubbed “New York’s Best Kept Secret”, and with such a short commute time and all the perks of living here, we totally agree.

Port Washington

The fifth place on our list goes to Port Washington. This quiet and safe hamlet is tucked along the North Shore of Long Island, with a forty-minute commute into Manhattan. Being a coastal town, Port Washington gives you marina parks, restaurants by the water, and amazing sunsets year-round. Given a big influx of liberal families, this community will gladly accept you and celebrate all types of families. If you choose to move to Port Washington you’ll get the convenience of New York City but you’ll still enjoy that real small-town feel.


Along the Sound Shore of Westchester, just north of New York City, we find another great place to consider when looking for places more affordable than Big Apple. And, the sixth on our list −  Larchmont. This affluent village is known for its tree-lined streets, beautiful homes, and a perfect mix of an urban and suburban feel. A vibrant downtown boasts a variety of gourmet shops, restaurants, and coffee shops. And, it lacks no parks and green spaces. You may find that prices are a bit higher than what you’d want to pay when leaving Midtown. But, if you give it a chance and visit, you’ll quickly understand what you pay for. Larchmont’s quaint and tasteful charm may be just what you need when seeking the solace of suburban life combined with a short commute to New York City’s center.

Fort Lee

If you’re not quite ready to leave Manhattan but you’re done with crazy high rentals, then check out our seventh choice – Fort Lee. It’s located right on the other side of the Hudson River, so you’ll be able to reach the city center pretty quickly. Living in Fort Lee puts you in proximity to jobs all around New York City. But, it also has a life of its own so you can go to downtown or stay and explore local restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and hiking trails. Fort Lee is very walkable so most of your errands can be accomplished on foot. The housing market is also thriving so it’s worth checking out when you’re looking to get more for less.

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In southwestern Fairfield County in Connecticut, we find the eighth and the last place on our list of cheap places to live near New York City. An hour ride with Metro-North from Grand Central Station will take you to your potential new home in Greenwich. You’ve probably heard about this place and there’s a good reason for it. It’s a good option for those who have a job in NYC but don’t want to live in the city. Whether you seek that cosmopolitan flair or you feel more like a charming historic town, Greenwich has it all. Both Connecticut and Greenwich are often ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States. And, we totally agree.

So there you have it, those are our top eight cheapest places near New York City. Some of them are tiny and cozy places with small-town charm and a close-knit community. Others give you that busy urban feel you don’t want to give up when moving away. But, all of these places make a more affordable choice compared to life in Big Apple. Hopefully, this blog will give you some ideas and help you find a new home with easy access to NYC. Found one that appeals to you? When you're ready to make your move, don't hesitate to call the Top NYC Movers at Dumbo Moving

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