Simple Yoga Poses for Reducing Stress While Moving

Simple Yoga Poses for Reducing Stress While Moving

Moving is one of the most exciting events, however, it also brings a tremendous amount of stress. It includes a lot of physical work like packing and lifting boxes. You might hire a professional moving company to help you with this matter. In the meantime, get into one of the relaxing yoga poses for reducing stress while moving. It will relax your mind and body:

Slow down with mindful breathing – Pranayama

Pranayama Zoga Pose for Reducing Moving Stress

A simple act as taking a moment to breathe can greatly reduce stress. Often we find ourselves taking a really deep, exaggerated breath instinctively when under stress. Pranayama teaches us to be mindful of our breath.

How to do it: For the beginning, you will need a quiet space and a comfortable pose like sitting or lying down. If this is new to you, closing eyes might help avoid distractions. Start by slowly inhaling through your nose, focusing on the path of the traveling air. Follow by exhaling completely, and then proceed to another breath. Give this process sufficient time, be patient with your mind. The more you focus on your breath, the more any other thoughts will become less relevant. After a few minutes, your mind will start giving its attention to breath instead of the moving stress.

Heal with child’s pose – Balasana

Child's pose for Reducing Moving Stress

The expression “easy as a child’s play” perfectly describes this pose. As easy as it is, it’s tremendously beneficial to the body and mind. Balasana is one of yoga’s resting positions, practiced in between more difficult poses. This makes it perfect to rest and stretch your body in between lifting furniture and boxes.

How to do it: Start from placing your knees on the mat, while buttocks should be on your heels. By keeping the big toes touching, start spreading your knees, but only as much as it is comfortable. Remember that the absolute purpose here is to rest. Sit up straight and inhale lengthening the spine. While exhaling, start moving your upper body towards the mat with your arms extended in front. Palms and forehead are facing down touching the mat, and your torso is resting between your thighs. Stay in this pose for a few minutes and breathe slowly.

Soothe your back with cat pose – Bidalasana

Cat Yoga Pose

Who doesn’t enjoy the pleasing sight of a cat stretching? This is where the pose got its name from-Sanskrit word bidal means cat and asana means posture. This kneeling pose strengthens your spine, and it is associated with mental strength and balanced emotions.

How to do it: Start by being on your hands and knees. Place your knees directly under hips and hands aligned with shoulders. Body aligned like this makes a pose that is known as the tabletop position. While exhaling, round your spine upwards, tucking your tailbone in. Draw your navel in as much as possible and keep your knees and hands in the same position. Proceed to go back to the tabletop position, followed by the cow pose.

Flow with cow pose – Bitilasana

Cow Yoga Pose

This pose will be one more step on the way of reducing stress during moving. The restorative pose is done together with the cat pose and makes a gentle flow. Connecting breathing to the movement is easily done. Releasing tension in this way allows a deep stretch of the neck and strengthening back, arms, and legs.

How to do it: Once you went back to the tabletop pose proceed by rounding your spine downwards while inhaling. This should remain exclusively a spine movement, meaning your knees and arms remain in the line. Continue by inhaling through the cow pose, exhaling while in the cat pose, and repeat several times.

Let it go with legs up the wall pose – Viparita Karani

The name of this restorative pose comes from the Sanskrit term that refers to “the action of inverting”. If you are on your feet for a long time, this pose will boost the circulation in your legs. Additionally, it’s known to help ease the mind, so it’s perfect to do during your moving days.

How to do it: Begin with figuring out which support you will use. This can be a yoga block, and a blanket will do just fine. Distance from the wall depends on your flexibility, as well as height. The best way to find out what works for you is simply by trying out different distances. Once the support is on the floor, sit down sideways with your right side turned to the wall. While exhaling, swing your legs up, allowing your upper back to come down. You should be lying on your back with legs up the wall. Remain in this pose as long as it feels comfortable.

Becalm in corpse pose – Shavasana

Corpse Yoga Pose

This is the most effortless of all yoga poses. It means lying down on your back with palms facing up. You might think there is no difficulty to be in this position, however, it has its unique challenge. While stressing over multiply things, it might not be as easy as it looks to do nothing. This is a pose of total relaxation, so give it a chance.

How to do it: Lie down on your back, feet relaxed, palms facing up. Allow your arms and legs to drop open, about 45 degrees from the body. You should be completely comfortable. If there is any discomfort, go ahead and place a blanket under or over your body if necessary. Close your eyes and focus on breathing. This is the right moment to remember your first practice, mindful breathing. Be very patient with yourself, as Shavasana is challenging for everyone, especially for a person in distress. Feel your whole body movement during each breath. Proceed with letting go all the control and being aware of the relaxed body.

The poses above are all very simple to do, regardless of age and physical strength. After you move to your new home, continue practicing yoga to reduce everyday stress. While you are relaxing in a new yoga pose, the Dumbo moving company is here to take care of transporting your possessions.

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