How to sell your home fast after moving out

How to sell your home fast after moving out


When considering a move, you should also think about what to do with your current property after you move out. Your present situation will determine whether you are going to sell house/apartment or rent it out.
However, if you are forced by circumstances to sell the house, you might want to get done with it as soon as possible. Everyone knows that searching for the perfect buyer that will make a good offer may take quite some time. But what if you cannot afford to wait that much and waste your time?

Here are some tips on what to do before putting the house on the market.

– Make your house more attractive to buyers.

– Clean and fix.
There must be some repair works that need to be done in order to make your house look more attractive. Impress your prospective buyers with a clean and organized outdoor area: tidy up the garden, mow the lawn, clean the patio and outdoor furniture, plant flowers, pick up leaves, replace torn or broken items, fix dripping taps, …

– Clean your house from top to bottom until it sparkles in order to make the place more appealing to the potential customers. Make a good first impression showing your painted walls, clean windows and curtains, waxed wooden floors,… It’s a good investment to hire professional cleaning services once in a while until you sell the house. It should be in a perfect condition if you are trying to sell it.

– Make some changes. Consider replacing some huge items with the small ones so that the place seems more spacious.
If you are fond of vibrant colors, your prospective buyers may not be. Make sure you repaint the walls using some neutral colors. A brighter paint will make the home look like bigger and lighter. Also, potential buyers will adapt easily to some neutral colors. It will be easier for them to imagine themselves in a bright and spacious place than in a dark one.

– De-clutter.
Lots of unnecessary items may make your house look like disorganized or even smaller than it actually is. Probably there are a lot of things accumulated during the years, but not each of them should be kept, especially if you are selling the house. You can either store or sell/donate them.

– Remove your personal items, but do not depersonalize the place completely. Make it still feel like home, so that your buyers can visualize themselves living there.

– Add some accessories, but not too much.

– Have an efficient lighting system in each room.

– Remove bulky appliances from the kitchen as well as all small items from the surface. Due to the fact that kitchen is probably the most important room for women, upgrading a kitchen is also a good investment, since it will add to a general value of the house.

– Keep your pets under control while buyers are looking around the house. Confine them to a designated area, because you cannot predict how the pet will react in the presence of unknown people. Having a pet sneaking around the house for some people may be unacceptable. It’s not a bad idea to have your friend or relative take care of the pet while the house is on the market. Remove pet stains, odors, smells and signs of a pet. If needed, get professional cleaning services before you put it on the market.

– Organize the storage area, if there is one. Dispose of the old and unused items and make the storage area look clean and tidy.

– Ask yourself if you were a buyer, would you purchase your current home? Would it be good enough for you and your family?

– Hire trustworthy real estate agent who will help you sell the house fast. They know how to communicate with buyers and which aspects to highlight.

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