Selecting a good mover

Selecting a good mover

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Timely and detailed research may reveal a good mover

It’s hard to imagine more tedious task than packing and moving each household item to another place. When facing an imminent move, chances are you’ve thought about hiring a good mover, but for one reason or another you are still hesitant.

Trusting them with a lifetime of personal belongings can be a risky decision. Given the number of moving companies operating in NYC oftentimes it can be difficult to figure out which one can accommodate your needs and requirements. It goes without saying that hiring professional movers can simplify your transition to a new home.

But also it’s a fact that hiring a good mover takes time and some research. Although going for the first attractive offer may be convenient, the truth is that you should think twice before settling for a particular moving company. Moving to NYC means that you will encounter different types of movers.

Even the rogue ones may seem like a happy choice at first. This is why a detailed background research is absolutely necessary before hiring any moving company. In order to attract customers some companies are willing to offer services and deals they are not going to accomplish. What’s more, as those dishonest movers are looking to take advantage of your belongings, you will most likely end up with a major financial loss.

At some point you will learn (hopefully not the hard way) that hiring a reliable and quality movers can make all the difference in terms of completing the moving process smoothly and efficiently. With a little pre-move research, your move won’t be one of those horror stories people are reading online.

How to get recommendations for a good mover

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Other people’s experience may be helpful when choosing a moving company

There are several ways to check moving companies’ reputation, but word of mouth is considered one of the most reliable methods for sure. Whether you are moving locally or to another state, a reliable moving company may put your mind at ease.

The decision about which moving company to hire shouldn’t be taken lightly. As it turns out, a recommendation from a trustworthy person, which is, ideally, supported by numerous positive online moving reviews can be the most reliable indicator of a good mover. This is a time when you want to spread the word about the move and ask around if someone has had a good experience recently.

Your close friends, relatives or coworkers may be able to share their own moving stories with you, both positive and negative. Either way, you can gather a lot of important information and narrow down the list of moving companies to contact. In addition to that, what also matters is the pricing and general terms of the move.

Make sure to analyze and compare moving quotes as they can reveal a lot. No matter how appealing low moving estimates may seem, always keep in mind that too-good-to-be-true offers may mislead you into hiring the wrong moving company. In that case initially convenient offers may result in additional moving charges you haven’t planned for. Also, it’s not uncommon for those dishonest movers to hold clients’ belongings hostage until a requested amount is paid.

In order to avoid similar mishaps and make an informed decision, start researching moving companies early.  Even if you are moving for the first time, there are some aspects to pay attention to.

Reading online moving reviews

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Online reviews may point out quality moving companies

Even if you don’t have any personal recommendation, you can still access a wide selection of online testimonials by reading moving reviews. If you are unsure as to which company to hire, make sure to check their reputation on the social media accounts as well. While moving reviews can be manipulated in some case, it’s also important to know how companies handle negative reviews.

As you browse testimonials, pay attention to the responses posted by moving companies. How they react especially to negative reviews may tell you a lot about their professionalism and ethics. In addition to avoiding rogue movers, reading online reviews may help you identify those movers whose services are within your budget.

As you can see, there are multiple benefits of reading online reviews, so take the time to investigate them in advance. You may be surprised at how much you can find out by simply reading about other people’s experience.

Now that you know that online resources are very helpful, feel free to share your experience as well. Whether you were happy with the service or you had the worst experience ever, make sure to spread the word about it. People who are planning a household move soon will appreciate it!

Interviewing your prospective movers

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Interview your prospective movers before signing a contract

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of movers, make sure to contact them and ask for more information. No two moves are the same, and the same goes for the moving companies.

First and foremost, you may want to hire a moving company with an appropriate license and insurance. In case of an interstate move, make sure to check movers’ USDOT number. Also, verify movers’ claims, credentials and professional memberships.

A good mover should be able to provide an in-home estimate. If that’s not the case, chances are something’s not quite right. Although a quote should contain all the fees and services involved, new, unexpected charges may suddenly appear in the end.

To avoid these unpleasant surprises, choose a company that offers accurate and transparent pricing. In addition to that, you may want to know what happens in case something’s damaged or missing. This matter depends on the type of moving insurance you’ve agreed to. If you’ve purchased Full value protection, your movers will pay for or replace any broken or lost item. If the company insists on a cash payment, that kind of behavior is usually considered as a red flag. So, be clear about how they charge and which payment methods are acceptable.

Also, find out how they handle disputes and complaints. Will you be able to resolve any dispute in a peaceful manner? Or will you be forced to turn to courts to handle the conflict?

Planning a move?

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