Sharing your living space with a roommate

Sharing your living space with a roommate


The moment you decide to leave your family home in order to pursue your career or find better education options, you will have to actively take control of your life. Having a whole apartment only for you seems very appealing, but unfortunately not everyone can afford to buy or rent an apartment only for him/herself.

Depending on your lifestyle and standards, you might not be able to pay bills and rent and therefore, you may be forced to share your living space with the roommate. On the other hand, some people simply can’t get used to living alone, so they opt for having a roommate. Whatever the reason for your decision is, you should be aware that life with the roommate can be either a pleasant experience or a nightmare.

Pros of moving in with a roommate

– Shared living costs. Having one or more roommates means that you can afford more spacious and prettier apartment without spending more than you have planned.

– It will be easier to maintain the property. You won’t be the only one to clean the apartment. You two share the responsibility to take good care of the apartment. In order to avoid misunderstandings, you should establish some ground rules in terms of maintenance and create some kind of cleaning schedule what works for both of you.

– You will always have someone to keep you company when you need it and who knows, your relationship may turn into a nice friendship.

– Roommates may provide help in certain emergency cases, health issues,…
Cons of living with a roommate

– They might skip payments. If you are sharing your living space with an unreliable person, there might be some inconveniences when it comes to paying rent and bills.

– Different schedules and lifestyles may be a stumbling block in the long run. A roommate inviting friends and partying while you are trying to study or sleep can cause you a lot of inconveniences.
When choosing a roommate, make sure your calendars and your personalities match. Personal disagreements may lead to a major tension and conflicts.
An open communication is the best way to prevent possible conflicts or misunderstandings. Coordinating your schedules can be an acceptable solution and advice for a healthy roommate relationship.

– Lack of privacy. Reduced personal space can be a problem for those who are not used to sharing it with other people.

– Dealing with the mess your roommate leaves behind all the time. Having a roommate who doesn’t clean up after him/herself and leaves the messes all over the house can be very disgusting.

– Living with a stranger can be awkward at the very beginning. On the other hand, although moving in with a friend may seem appealing, it turns out to be a double-edged sword in some cases. Assuming that you two have similar preferences just because you are friends proves to be wrong sometimes.

In order to make your cohabitation a positive experience, you should consider following tips:

– Talk about your daily routine before making a final decision – what time you usually get up and go to bed, go to work/school, study, whether you enjoy inviting other people often,…

– Set some ground rules and boundaries. How are you going to divide household chores? What days are you going to clean the apartment? How are you going to arrange and clean shared areas like kitchen, bathroom, living room? Are you going to use each other’s items? When is it ok to have people over? Can you eat each other’s food?

– Talk about your expectations and point out what’s really important for you.

– Decide on which things you are willing to compromise.

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