Prepare for a long distance move

Prepare for a long distance move

When it comes to moving many people start panicking in advance. And while we completely understand that initial panic, especially if you’re moving for the first time, we really have to tell you that it takes only a little to avoid that all stress. It’s true that moving and packing require certain preparations, especially if you need to prepare for a long distance move. However, your reliable New York moving company is here to make sure you do everything you need and according to some rules. You’ll see, by the end of this article, you’ll be much more at ease. If you agree, we can get started.

Tips to prepare for a long distance move

A blank white piece of paper with two red and brown pencils and a blue pen you'll use to write down the plan and prepare for long distance move
Take a piece of a paper and write down all the tasks that you need to. Make sure to respect the schedule.

We like putting things simply, so we’ve decided to provide you a list of tips and pieces of advice you can easily overview and go back to whenever you think you need to refresh your memory. You will probably know some of the items from the list. However, everything that’s relatively new to you, we suggest to read carefully and write down.

  1. Make the whole preparations ahead
  2. Find a new home
  3. Get a new job before you relocate
  4. Think about packing
  5. Get an insurance

Know you won’t manage everything unless you begin in time

No good job was done at the last moment. Long distance move IS a big job. Therefore you need to approach it seriously and be responsible. Whether you’re moving alone, with a partner, or the whole family, the principle is the same. Only certain details differ. If the whole family is involved and if the children are old enough to understand, then we suggest you inform them long before the move. This way you’ll have enough time to prepare your children for moving and adjust them to the idea of moving. And we’re sure you’ll need it too. Also, it might be a good idea to involve them in the process. This way they’ll feel they’re important and they might even have fun.

Make a moving schedule

Another thing we love is being systematic. Therefore, we suggest you make your personal moving schedule in which you’ll include the planned steps divided into weeks. Because you’ll need several weeks to prepare properly. Each week should consist of a clear list of commitments and obligations that need to be done. In case you postpone one of them, you’ll have to postpone the next one. And this is exactly what you don’t want to happen. It will, with no doubt, additionally complicate everything. Eventually, you’ll get burden by the amount of stuff you still need to take care of. And there you go, the first step towards disaster. Just remember our promise from the beginning of the article that moving doesn’t have to be stressful.

Have a place to move to before relocation day

A house in the background and two hands shaking
Before the relocation day, sign a contract for renting or buying a property you’ll move into.

One of the most important obligations from your list should be the one where you’re looking for a place to relocate to. If you’re moving to New York, then finding a right NYC neighborhood is something that’ll make the whole moving and the fact you’ll need to prepare for a long distance moving so much easier. On the other hand, if you’re moving to New York from afar to study, that’ll also require many preparations even if you will be living in a dorm.

Finding a new job means fewer worries

Three opened laptops on a desk with people working on them
Having a job makes the whole process a lot easier.

Just like with finding a house you’ll live in the next period, finding a job is equally important. Being financially stable is definitely one of the biggest preoccupations of a modern man. Therefore, it is definitely paramount to be employed by the time you arrive in your new home. Otherwise, this whole thing loses its point. Even if you have some savings, that’ll help you in the beginning. However, in the long run, a job is essential. Especially if you’re moving to NYC. What you can do is ask for recommendations from your previous employer. It’s advisable to look for a job in the same field of your expertise.

Prepare for a long distance move by knowing how to pack

We know what you will say now – I’ve packed the bags many times when traveling. Great! If you were good in that, us that knowledge. But, if you think a little bit, you’ll agree that this is not exactly the same thing. When you’re traveling, you get one or two bags, maximum. When you’re moving, particularly far away from your home, it takes a different approach. There are so many packing mistakes people constantly make while moving. One of our recommendations is to pack absolutely the most important stuff. If you’re moving into a furnished apartment or a house, there’s no need to get your old furniture with you. Besides, that’ll raise the cost of moving. So, donate, sell, give or put the furniture in the storage, but don’t bring it with you.

Box labeling

Once you decide what to pack, do yourself a favor and put the labels on the moving boxes. This is one of the ways how to prepare for a long distance move. Actually, it’s a good way to prepare for any kind of a move. When you get home you can apply some of the unpacking tips. One of them will mention the labeling of the boxes.

Don’t forget to obtain the insurance

When setting off to a distant location, especially if you’re bringing a lot of stuff with you, then it’s important to get a proper insurance. This way you’ll get a refund in case of the lost cargo, or if something gets damaged. You can decide if you need a full-value coverage or you’ll be fine with a regular one. Talk to your moving company, and see what they can offer you. You can also ask for their advice, or to clarify you anything that’s left unclear.

Knowing some of these things are hopefully going to help you prepare for a long distance move. Have them written down somewhere and keep them in a visible spot to always remind on the next step.

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