Places to visit after moving to NYC

Places to visit after moving to NYC

places to visit after moving to nyc

It’s time for you to experience an amazing energy of NYC and find out why so many people are fascinated by its charm. Countless cultural hotspots, attractions, traditional brownstones, trendy restaurants, entertainments options is what makes New York City really special place to move to. As a tourist, one can never have enough time to visit all NYC landmarks and enjoy the endless beauty of the city that never sleeps. If you are lucky enough to move to the Big Apple, you will have all the time in the world to explore this amazing city and get to know its good and bad sides.

There’s a large list of NYC attractions and we will mention just a couple of them that people find most interesting.

Attractions to visit after moving to NYC

– Statue of liberty is one of the most popular NYC landmarks, which is considered not only a tourist attraction but also a very significant historic monument full of artifacts and relics. Also, it provides visitors the taste of the local culture and heritage.

– National museum of immigration is situated at Ellis island and displays a cultural heritage of so many immigrants that entered American soil from the colonial era to the present day.

– Central park – mentioned and displayed in numerous movies, documentaries and tv series, a famous hotspot both for New Yorkers and tourists. If you want to spend quality leisure time with your loved ones or do some sport activities, there is no place like Central park that could meet your standards.

– Battery park (located at the tip of Manhattan) is a favorite hotspot for many busy New Yorkers during lunchtime and a peaceful and safe area for those who are fond of walking, jogging, biking or boating. If you want to enjoy an amazing sunset view, Battery park will give you that possibility.

Hudson river park is a waterfront park that offers spectacular view of New Jersey and Hudson river. Free or cheap recreational programs are available to everyone, so take a walk after a long moving day and relax in the middle of nature.

– The High Line park overlooks the city and the Hudson river and it is home to many cultural events, exhibitions and performances.

– American museum of natural history is situated on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and it takes up 4 city blocks and 25 buildings. This museum displays studies of all natural beings.

– Metropolitan museum of art contains art and architecture pieces from different periods. In order to avoid the crowds, it’s highly recommended to come to visit the museum early on the weekdays.

– Next up on the list of most amazing places to visit after moving to NYC is the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum – one of the most significant institutions in the Big Apple. People interested in impressionism, post-impressionism and modern art can benefit a lot from visiting

this museum.

– Times square is one of the liveliest New York City attractions. Mostly overcrowded, Times square offers a lot of entertainment options that may suit everyone’s taste.

– 102- floor empire state building is one of the most impressive NYC symbols. There are observatories that allow an extraordinary view so that millions of visitors can enjoy beautiful scenery.

– Rockefeller Center is a large and very popular entertainment and shopping center that offers both indoor and outdoor activities. If you want to relax after moving and spend a winter afternoon ice-skating, dining, shopping, this complex is ideal for you.

– Speaking of shopping, Fifth avenue is home to many designers stores and it is considered a paradise for those who fancy shopping.

– Brooklyn bridge, one of the most famous NYC landmarks, links Brooklyn with Manhattan and makes commuting much easier. As the first steel-wire suspension bridge, it was an impressive construction at the time it was built.

– Brooklyn botanical garden is home to thousands kinds of plants from all over the world. It is composed of 13 gardens and 5 conservatories.

– Wall street is known for a lot of financial and investment companies as well as the most important exchange offices in the world. It’s packed with amazing skyscrapers visitors are fascinated with.

After you settle into your new home and start exploring the city, you will realize that NYC is all about diversity. With so much to see and do in New York, you will never regret having moved to NYC.

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