How to pass the time while waiting for movers

How to pass the time while waiting for movers

With moving day just around the corner, chances are you are becoming more anxious and impatient to see it through finally. Relocating is stressful and physically demanding, and there’s no real way around it. Come moving day, no wonder you are seeking ways to make time pass faster while waiting for movers.

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Be productive and innovative while waiting for movers

Ideally, by the day of the move, you’ll be all set and ready to go. You’ve hired a moving company that will ensure everything goes off without a hitch. But, does it really mean that you can sit back and do nothing on moving day? Even if full-service Dumbo NYC movers are taking care of the move from the early packing stage to the unpacking process, some certain tasks and responsibilities are up to you.

While it’s always a good idea to let your movers do what they do best, a good pre-move preparation may make their job a lot easier. In the best-case scenario, everything will go according to plan without any unexpected issues. However, due to unpredictable circumstances beyond your control, you may find yourself waiting for movers on moving day. And considering your tight schedule, it’s not good news at all. Truth be told, it doesn’t happen very often since it’s in their best interest to stick to the agreed moving timetable. However, there are a few reasons why even the most punctual of movers could be late.

As it turns out, bad weather conditions, traffic jams, or road accidents may prevent your movers from showing up on time. Instead of hitting the panic button immediately, try to make the most of the situation.

How to prepare for professional movers

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Your movers are on their way – just be patient!

Waiting for movers is no fun, but it’s not the end of the world either. Preparing for the move has been an exhausting journey, and you’ve been anticipating the end of it for a long time. And who would blame you considering all the time, energy, and hard work you’ve invested? Learning that you’ll have to wait for your movers a bit longer than agreed may cause additional stress and frustration.

But, if your movers are not entirely missing in action and they are keeping you updated all along, there’s nothing to worry about. No one likes to be behind schedule, but if you look at the bright side, you’ll figure out how to make the most of the time while waiting for movers.

Although you’ve committed yourself to prepare your home for your movers’ arrival, there’s always one extra step you can do to make your move goes as smoothly as possible. With so much on your mind, it’s easy to skip some of the most essential tasks. So, while waiting for movers to come, you can go through your moving day safety checklist once again.

Arrange for your kids’ and pets’ safety

As challenging as moving with kids can be, one thing you mustn’t overlook is their safety on moving day. Set the stage for a trouble-free move by arranging for your little ones’ safety. With the movers around, your kids and pets may easily become nervous and upset. So, enlist the help of grandparents, relatives, neighbors who are available to look after your children on the day of the move. By keeping them out of harm’s way, you’ll be able to focus on all the hauling and heavy lifting. If there’s no one available to take care of your kids and pets, consider hiring a sitter to look after them in a quiet room away from the chaotic activities. So, while waiting for movers double-check if your little ones are in good hands.

Check your infallible labeling system

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Create an efficient labeling system for easier unpacking

People seem to underestimate the power of color-coding and labeling during the packing stage. But, sooner rather than later, they will realize that a successful unpacking process comes down to a proper organization of moving boxes. Labeling each box according to its content, priority, and destination is a good start. Get water-proof permanent markers and moving box labels to create your own labeling strategy. Mark each box even if you are certain that you’ll remember what’s inside each of them. That way, your movers will know how to handle each container.

Take close-up photos of the items while waiting for movers

Although we all hope for the best when moving house, accidents do happen. Take several photos of your items and boxes to be able to prove their pre-move condition if anything goes wrong. Also, inspect your home for possible damaged corners, scratches and dents and document them with your camera. Those photos will be helpful if you decide to file a claim against your movers.

Ensure safe access to your home

Take safety measures according to the current weather conditions. If you are moving during the winter season, make sure to clear the ice and snow from walkways and driveways. If you are moving locally, make sure to pay a visit to your new home to make sure it’s also free of ice. Keep salt and shovels handy at all times. Furthermore, use large pieces of cardboard and fabrics to protect high-traffic areas. Make sure to remove any obstacles from the movers’ path.

Prepare snacks and drinks

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Reward your movers for their hard work

Prepare cold or fresh beverages, depending on the season. Whether you are moving to the near neighborhood or you’ve hired cross country movers NYC, you need to keep their spirits high. Provide snacks, lunch, hot and cold beverages to recharge your movers’ energy level. Check once again if you have some cash on hand to reward them after a job well done. Tipping your movers is not obligatory, but it’s certainly an excellent way to show your appreciation and satisfaction.

Have your essentials box ready

Secure your personal documents, credit cards, bank statements, jewelry, and other valuables. Also, pack up an overnight bag with all the essentials you are going to need during the first couple of days until you unpack. While waiting for movers, make sure to check if clean towels, clothes, toiletries, your kids’ favorite toys, and other essentials are all packed.

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