How to pack shoes when moving house

How to pack shoes when moving house

Packing footwear can be an easy task if you don’t own many pairs. However, moving an entire house can be difficult to organize, so packing an entire closet of shoes should be planned in advance. How to pack shoes when moving house is one of the biggest concerns ladies have during the relocation process. Safe transportation of your shoes will ensure they reach your new destination in good condition.

Sort out your shoes and clean them

Divide them into groups. You may then realize which pair of shoes, sandals, boots, slippers you want to keep, sell or donate. Moving is a good opportunity to de-clutter, so do not hesitate to get rid of the shoes you won’t wear any longer. To pack shoes when moving house, you will first need to sort out your footwear. Damaged or worn-out shoes probably aren’t worth the trouble of packing and transporting. If they are still wearable, give them to charities or sell them.

stacked shoes
Moving is a good opportunity to de-clutter, so do not hesitate to get rid of the shoes you won’t wear any longer.

Clean your shoes thoroughly before packing them. Moving locally is a good opportunity to clean your shoe cabinet, so make sure to remove the dust and dirt from your shoes. Do not pack them wet. Dry them well so as to prevent mold from appearing. You may use crumpled paper or powder to draw out moisture from your shoes.

How to pack shoes when moving house?

Packing shoes when moving sounds way less complicated that it can be. Due to their size and shape, shoes can be difficult to pack into standard moving boxes. For this reason, you should consider packing them in their original shoe box. Take a look at the following guide in order to pack shoes when moving house the right way.

  • Make sure to tuff your shoes with clean paper before packing them. This will help maintain their original shape.
  • Forget plastic or paper bags, pack your shoes into boxes. Bags cannot protect your shoes enough from scratching or crushing. Original boxes provide the best protection, but in case you haven’t saved them, you can use small or medium-sized sturdy boxes.
  • Keep heavy footwear on the bottom.
pack shoes when moving house
Make sure to tuff your shoes with clean paper before packing them.
  • Pack shoes in pairs in the designated boxes. Wrap each shoe in the packing paper. Make a soft cushioning between the shoes so as to fill an empty space in the box and avoid scuffing. It is not recommended to use newspaper pages since they can leave ink stains on your treasured shoes. Staying organized while packing will enable you to unpack smoothly.
  • Do not put anything heavy on top of your shoes. Make sure your NYC movers or helpers know the content of each box so that they know how to handle them.
  • Do not make the boxes too heavy for your movers or helpers by overloading them.
  • Label each box according to the type of the content so that you know where to find the exact pair of shoes you are looking for at the moment.
  • Pack out-of-season shoes first. If you are moving in mid-summer, you can pack your boots in advance as well as special occasions or evening shoes you are not wearing frequently.

Consider professional packing services

Taking proper care of your shoes throughout the move will help you preserve them and have them moved in one piece. To pack shoes when moving house, you will need to take special care of expensive pairs. If you are an owner of designer shoes, pricey shoes you will want to do anything you can to fully protect your valuable items while in transit, since they are difficult to replace. If all of this seems like too much of a hassle for you or if you don’t have time for it, get this task done by hiring professionals.

Professional movers and packers have much more experience and they will certainly make sure to keep your shoes in perfect condition during the move. Ask several moving companies for a quote and choose the option that suits you best. Have a professional do all the work, while you can take care of other exhausting moving-related issues like paperwork.

Prepare footwear for the moving day

Choose the footwear for you and other family members for moving day. Depending on the weather condition, a pair of comfortable, sturdy trainers or boots may be the best option for the moving day. Also, put aside the shoes and slippers you may need during the first few days in your new home.

winter shoes
If you have a pair of sneakers that are waterproof, those would be an ideal choice for moving in winter.

Keep in mind that moving on a snowy day or during summer heat can be stressful. What you should try to do is to put comfort overlooks. If you have a pair of sneakers that are waterproof, those would be an ideal choice for moving in winter. On the other hand, if you are moving during summer, try to avoid wearing slippers or flip flops. Even if you are moving just a few blocks away, this type of footwear can lead to injuries. Avoid slippery shoes or any type of footwear with open toes on a moving day.

In case you plan to store some of your shoes in the storage facility, make sure to contact a local moving and storage company. Those companies will know how to find the best long-term or short-term storage NYC for your needs. In case you have some expensive or fragile pairs of shoes, make sure to let your movers know. Also, secure them properly before placing them into the storage unit.

Hire professional movers

After you pack shoes when moving house the proper way, the time will come to hire professional movers to help you transport all of your belongings. Moving household items can be difficult for many reasons. For once, some items are fragile or prone to breaking, while others are too heavy to lift and move. If you are moving the last minute, or you have too many bulky furniture to move, it’s better to contact professional movers from Dumbo NYC. Moving companies specialize in relocating all sorts of inventory. Whether it’s a local or a long-distance move, hiring professional moving experts is the best way to secure your belongings.

shoes in the box
The moving company you hire should take full responsibility for the safety of your belongings.

Another reason for contacting a moving company is the security of your moving boxes. If you have many moving boxes to relocate, make sure to label them all. This way you will help movers distinguish sensitive inventory and take special care of it. If you are paying for a full-moving service, the moving company you hire should take full responsibility for the safety of your belongings.

Organize transportation of your belongings

Transporting shoes during the move should be done with ease if you know how to do it the right way. If you plan to move all of your belongings by car, you should make a plan and load your car one moving box at a time. For example, after you pack shoes when moving house, you should put them on top of sturdy furniture pieces. Placing them this way will prevent the boxes from tumbling and damaging your footwear.

In case you decide to hire professional movers, it’s best to let them organize the loading and unloading process. In case of any mishap, your movers will know the best way to handle all the boxes and other parts of your inventory. Hopefully, these moving tips will be helpful when you decide to move house. In case you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to contact us for further clarification.

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