How to pack a pantry for moving?

How to pack a pantry for moving?

During the packing process, we are usually so focused on packing furniture and other items, that we forget about how much food and dishes we actually have. That is why most people dread to start packing a pantry for moving. It is not rare that we are not quite sure what exactly did we store in our pantry and frequently do not know what to do with all this. We have prepared this useful guide on how to pack a pantry for moving, with plenty of useful tips.

First, check out what you have in your pantry and what will you move

As we already mentioned, sometimes we do not even have a clue about how much food and dishes we have. That is why you should get into your pantry and take a good look at it. Decide which items are worth moving, and which must be thrown away. We will help you in making this decision of course.

Forget about ordering food

In order not to throw perishable food away, the best idea is to eat it. Forget about ordering food for a week or two before the move. Prepare delicious meals at your home. It will help you empty the pantry, but also you will be able to take your mind off cooking. Eating healthy is the best thing that you can do for yourself before you move. So, frozen meat and vegetables should be the first on your menu. Also, opened spices and half-used flour can serve you as well. Bake as much as time allows you to.

Food Donation Box

If you have a lot of canned goods, or other foods in jars that will not expire soon, donate them. You will make someone happy, and perfectly good food will not go to waste. Ask your movers if they have the practice of donating food for you, as this is very common. Remember that the weight of your shipment is what determines the final cost of the move. So, if the items are heavy, but not too expensive, think about donating them.

Throw away

This is the last thing that you want to do. But, there is no time to eat it and the expiration date is near, then throw the food away. This is the best solution in the given situation, so there is no reason to feel regret.

Obtain packing materials

Packing Supplies

As with all of the other rooms in your house, getting the right packing supplies is essential. Here is what you will need to properly pack a pantry for moving:

Moving boxes – You will need several small and medium-sized moving boxes. Go to your nearest grocery store and ask them to give you some of the left-over moving boxes. They will be happy to help you. Also, make a stop at the liquor store and ask them for some wine boxes. These have cells inside and are very useful for packing and moving liquors, jars and wine bottles.
Duct tape – Securing all the moving boxes with duct tape is very important, so make sure to get a high-quality tape. Also, it comes in handy when you do want to move open bags of flour, sugar, etc.
Bubble wrap – Bottles and jars would not stand a chance without the bubble wrap. But, you can improvise and use old newspapers. Just crumble as much paper as you can, and use it as protection. You can lay down the old towels on the bottom of the moving boxes as well, as they are excellent in protecting the contents during the move.
Permanent markers – Permanent, waterproof markers are a must-have item when packing a pantry for moving. Label all of the boxes with Fragile and Perishable.
A cooler – If you are not moving long-distance, you can pack the frozen food in a cooler and carry it with you in the back of the car. This will preserve your food for a few hours, which is completely enough for a local move.

Pack all the essentials you will need in one box

This includes the food that you will eat in the first 24-48 hours. When you are moving to a new town or neighborhood, it can come as a relief not to worry about food. Going to the store alone, when all you want to do is take a shower and sleep can be exhausting. Plus, you will be saving money as well. In addition to food, you should also pack the dishes, cutlery, and a coffee maker, or kettle for tea.

Packing fragile items

When you start packing the dishes, bottles, and jars you should know that they are very fragile. To avoid getting pasta sauce in your car, be very careful when packing. Always use medium or small boxes, to prevent it from getting too heavy. The heaviest items should go first in the box. You can fill out the empty space between jars with bags of spices, soups, and similar items. Secure the boxes with crunched newspaper and bubble wrap.

Label the boxes

Label all of the boxes as soon as you pack them. Otherwise, you may forget what is inside the moving box and you would need to open them again. Write Fragile or Perishable on them as we already mentioned. However, if you want, it is a piece of good advice to write the contents on the boxes as well. In this way, you will know immediately which boxes you need to open first when you get to your new home.

Packing a pantry for moving is not hard, you just need to set some time aside to properly pack all the items. If possible, use as much of the food as you can before you move. And always use the best packing supplies as they will ensure that your belongings do not get damaged. Once you arrive at your new home, you will have food and dishes without having to buy them all over again.

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