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We are here to make your relocation to/from Queens one of the best and simplest experiences! With Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC by your side, you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to your moving and storage needs. With over 10 years of moving expertise and thousands of moves, it should be no surprise that we are among the top moving companies Queens NY has to offer. Our team of local movers NYC has all you need for that perfect relocation. So, if you are on the hunt for full-service yet affordable movers Queens NY recommends, contact us today or get a free moving quote right now!

Moving to Queens made easy with Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC

There are many professional movers in Queens NY, and even more of them operating in New York City. However, there are only a few of them that can deliver the best moving service that you will ever experience.

Dumbo Moving and Storage is one of top-rated moving companies Queens NY that can do exactly that. We can help you with the following aspects of the move:

  • Pre-move planning
  • Assembly and disassembly of your furniture
  • Packing, wrapping, and unpacking
  • Storage services
  • Car transportation
Get professional help from Queens movers with making a detailed moving plan

Make a detailed moving plan in order to relocate successfully.

However, before we start doing business, we believe that our customers should be aware of how much the chosen moving services would cost them. Therefore, let us know when you are available and we will pay you a visit. Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC offers the service of free moving price estimate to all of our customers. Afterward, the rest of the move is on us. In no time will you find yourself moved to your new dream home

Pre-move planning

One of the most important aspects of moving preparations that you need to take very seriously is pre-move planning. You may decide to do this yourself. However, if you have not done it before, it would be smart to have professional help by your side. Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC can assist you with your pre-move planning.

Pre-move planning with our movers Queens NY is very easy. Should you face any uncertainties about what you should do in a situation, we would be next to you to help you overcome it. Our personally appointed pre-move planner will go through the moving process with you in the very beginning. Later on, we will be there for you whatever you might need help with for your move.

Assembly and disassembly of your furniture

Moving furniture is a physical work that requires more than muscle to complete. There are many YouTube videos that you may use to find out how to assemble and disassemble your furniture. However, you will not be able to obtain experience on the web. Therefore, once you engage in preparing for your move, get help from Queens movers with assembly and disassembly of your furniture. If this is only your first move, you may learn with us as we go. Every next will be easier. Still, we would not suggest moving without help. Let the professionals do the dirty work for you.

Packing, wrapping and unpacking services – just part of the deal with our movers Queens NY

In order to move successfully, you will want to make sure that your items receive good protection for transportation. Moving large items from one place of residence to another can be quite risky. Especially so if you do not possess the necessary skills to pack them properly. Enter Dumbo movers Queens NY. We can complete packing, wrapping and unpacking for you at very affordable rates. With us, your items will reach their destination safely and soundly.

Affordable storage services by one of the premium moving companies Queens NY

Are you certain that you want to move all of your items at once? How confident are you that all of them are going to fit? In the case that you would like to have some more time on your hands to settle into your new home, you may think about renting affordable storage NYC. Dumbo Moving and Storage can offer climate controlled storage units with the 24-hour surveillance system. By storing your belongings in our storage units, you can be certain that your items will be safe and easily accessible close to your new home. Therefore, give us a call and let’s find out what kind of storage space will suit your needs best!

Image of a sofa

Dumbo Moving and Storage can help you with furniture assembly and disassembly

Queens – the borough that you are going to call your new home

The borough of Queens is borders Brooklyn and Long Island. It is the largest New York borough geographically and spans from the East River to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the south, and Hampstead to the east. While not as popular as some other boroughs, such as Manhattan and Brooklyn, Queens still is an amazing place to live in. This is a very diverse community with amazing options for outdoor activities.

A man eating Chinese food

Queens is a diverse borough where you can experience multiple cultures

For families moving here with kids, it would be important to mention that Queens has a fair share of good quality public schools. If you are moving here with children, you should look to stay close to the schools since traffic can get jammed. You will want your kids back home quickly instead of having them to sit in traffic on a school bus.

Lastly, Queens could use some improvement in certain areas of life quality. In fact, the most important aspects that could see improvement are the costs of living and housing costs. We do have some bad news for you. This is something that you should not expect to happen. With the rising costs of living in the whole of New York City, you should expect any improvements in this area to take place any time soon. However, this makes an investment in real estate a very bright idea. Once you decide to buy or rent here, get in touch with Dumbo Moving and Storage. As one of the most recommended moving companies Queens NY, we can offer you the most affordable moving rates in NYC.

All that’s left is to contact one of the top moving companies Queens NY recommends

There are five boroughs that make up the Big Apple. The city of opportunities has a lot to offer in all of them. No matter what the reason for your move may be, you should be aware of the fact that you deserve to have a quality moving company helping you to relocate. Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC can help you move to/from Queens. On the other hand, we are aware that not all people are informed about this magnificent borough.

So, we are always going to go the extra mile and try to bring Queens closer to you. From housing options to job opportunities, Queens is a borough that should be kept in higher regard than it is now. No need to waste any more time searching for moving companies Queens NY offers. Call us today and put your relocation worries and obstacles to sleep!

Queens subway station

Just like our movers, Queens is well connected to other parts of New York City

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