Moving Your Home Office Checklist

Moving Your Home Office Checklist

If you’re one of the lucky ones who work from home, you can wake up and get to your office in a minute instead of having to commute to work twice a day. While making a morning trip from your bed to your home office is certainly convenient, there comes the challenge when you have to move house because you also have to move your office. If you’re not sure how to organize a stress-free moving day when moving a home office, we’re here to help. Follow the moving your home office checklist to find a simple week-by-week moving guide.

A home office
Moving a home office requires some organization

Ten weeks before moving

Create a moving plan

Start by thinking about your moving date and how you want your office relocation to be done. Start researching moving companies in your area and narrow down your choices to three reputable movers. Ask for moving quotes so you could compare and figure out what works best for your office relocation.

Lock in the moving date

Now is also a good time to confirm your moving date so you could go back to one of the moving companies you chose and book their services on time. The reason why you should book movers in advance is that you will get better rates and avoid overspending.

Eight weeks before moving

Communicate internally and externally

Eight weeks before moving is a good time to start notifying people you have a professional relationship with. Make a list so you wouldn’t miss anyone – start by notifying people you work closely with and proceed to anyone else you work with, such as local partners, affiliates, suppliers, etc. Don’t forget service providers as well because eight weeks before moving is enough time to cancel and make other arrangements for your new office. You’ll need internet services, utilities, and other services once you move your home office.

A man is talking over the phone
Communication is vital when moving a home office

Four weeks before moving

Office inventory

One month before moving is a good time to do an office inventory — start by writing down all the items that you are currently using and check if any of those items need repair. Perhaps you don’t want to use a specific item anymore and two months will be just enough to donate or sell it before you move.

Create a layout

At this time you should compare the space in your home office and new space to determine if you want or need to change some pieces of furniture. You’ll need to measure your new office space and your current furniture to make sure it fits or decide to get some new pieces. Don’t forget to check the number of power sockets so you could easily place furniture straight away. In case you’re not sure how to make your new office look good and be practical, go ahead and hire an interior designer – a month should be just enough to make a quick and smooth floor plan.

A man measures his home office with a measuring tape
Don’t forget to measure everything

Two weeks before moving

Backup your data

Don’t do this step last-minute but do it in time — back up all data in case anything gets damaged or damped along the way. Having alternative access to any essential data will give you the feeling of safety and peace of mind.

Cleaning services

You don’t want to leave a mess behind you moving your home office, so don’t forget to book cleaning services. Of course, you can clean on your own, but it may be too much in the middle of the final moving step. Hiring a cleaning company when moving is the best option. Schedule cleaning in advance so you’re your current office would be clean and tidy after you leave.

A woman is cleaning an office
If you can’t clean your old home office by yourself, hire a cleaning service

Arrange services for your new home office

While you’re taking care of your current home working space, you may forget that your new office has to make some arrangements as well. Your arrival may require a parking spot, access cards, electronic equipment, water supply, internet services, etc. It’s a good idea to reach out to your new office about two weeks before moving to check if anything requires your attention and make sure everything is ready for you to start. In case you’re moving to another home, you’ll still have to make sure that everything is up and running once you arrive.

Gather packing materials

Unless you are hiring full-service movers and let them pack and transport your office items, you’ll have to pack and get ready for moving day. Go ahead and get moving and packing supplies like cardboard moving boxes or plastic containers, packing tape, scissors, bubble wrap, etc. Also, in case you have to pack fragile items in your office, you’ll need extra packing paper, packing peanuts, or other materials to safely pack your breakables.

Packing boxes
Gather necessary packing supplies

One week before moving

Review the moving schedule

At this time, you want to confirm that your plans are unchanged and check if everything is ready for the moving day. Confirm the date and time with your movers so you would be at your home to let them in. Also, check what needs to be ready for their arrival and confirm with your helpers if they will be present to help you when movers arrive.

One day before moving


You should be ready for relocation when your movers arrive, so go ahead and pack all of your home office items. Place all the smaller things in containers of your choice, cover the bigger pieces, and carefully wrap fragile items. Go back to the inventory list you made earlier to make sure nothing is left behind.

Home office packed up and ready for a move
A day before the move, your home office should be ready for relocation

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