Moving with a teenager

Moving with a teenager


Moving to another city and leaving behind familiar surroundings and loved ones is difficult for everyone, especally for teenagers. They are likely to get upset and angry when you mention the news of the move that is about to occur.

Making your teen children accept the idea of an imminent move is not easy at all. Actually, it takes a lot of patience and empathy to make them realize why this decision is very important for each family member and how exactly it is going to affect your lives. Susceptible teenagers may find this decision a real disaster, so you need to find a way to help them deal with the upcoming changes.

How to help your child cope with idea of moving house

– Talk with your children as soon as possible. Postponing the moment when you will reveal your moving plans may result in much bigger problem. Give them enough time to process the news and to get used to it eventually. Don’t wait until the last moment to inform them about the move.

– Hear them out and try to understand where their resistance is coming from. Let them know that you care about their fears and concerns and be supportive as much as you can. Be a good listener, talk about their feelings and expectations. Probably one of the biggest concerns is that they have to leave their friends, school and everything familiar and try to fit in and adapt to a totally new environment. Also, moving in a middle of school term is not the most convenient set of circumstances. If you have choice, opt for moving after the school year is over.

– Discuss the moving process. Be honest with your children and explain them the reason for your decision. Emphasize all positive aspects of the move, discuss all the possibilities of the new environment and how the change will affect your lives.

– Explore the new environment together. If your new home is nearby, organize a tour with your children in order to explore the new city. They will be eager to learn more about what the new city/neighborhood has to offer – schools, entertaining options, parks, sports and cultural events,…

– Decide on a moving date together. If you are not moving out on short notice, consult your teenagers about the moving date.

– Let your children actively participate in the moving process. Talk openly with your children and explain that you need their help and support during these hard times. Engage your children in the moving process, make them realize how valuable their support is for you. Consult them about the aspects of the move that may concern them.

– Your children will want to arrange and decorate their new rooms.

– Packing can be an adventure if all family members participate.

– Offer to organize a farewell party for your children. They will appreciate the opportunity to get together with their friends and say goodbye in a proper way.

– Encourage them to express their ideas regarding your new property. Let them know that their opinions are taken into account.

– Assign your children important packing and moving tasks. Being part of the moving adventure will help them accept the change and even get enthusiastic about it.

– Help them stay in touch with the old friends and also help them make new ones. You can even plan a return visit to you old city in a couple of months. Organize a housewarming party once you settle into your new home. Invite your children’s old and new friends and have fun.

– Get your children involved in social and cultural life of the new city. Help them choose extracurricular activities they might be interested in.

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