Moving from NYC to Washington DC: The Ultimate Guide

Moving from NYC to Washington DC: The Ultimate Guide

Moving to the nation’s capital is always a good idea. Both NYC and Washington DC have plenty to offer, but each city is unique has different ways of living. Washington DC is a political center, where you will be able to settle for years to come. We have designed this ultimate guide for moving from NYC to Washington DC as it is vital to know in advance what to expect.

NYC is more expensive than Washington DC

Living in Washington DC is more inexpensive than living in NYC. This is why you will be able to spend more or save more money after you move to the nation`s capital. Consumer prices in Washington DC with rent included are almost 19% lower than in NYC. Also, eating out at a restaurant is 20% cheaper than in NYC. In Washington DC you will pay around 18% less money for groceries than you would in NYC. So, you should be ready for more money coming your way.

A street near Capitol Hill in Washington DC
Washington DC offers many opportunities

Public Transport is great in Washington DC

Washington DC has the second busiest subway system in America. The first busiest subway system is in New York, that`s right. So, there is not much difference between using the metro in NYC and Washington DC. Before you move to Washington DC it is better if you don`t own a car. Because public transportation is great, clean, fast, and common, having a car is just an expense you don`t need.

Metrorail Washington DC operates from 8 am to 12 pm during the weekdays, and until 2 am during the weekends. You can use the Metrobus Washington DC to navigate the city as well as it has hundreds of routes that you can take, where the metro rail cannot take you. Furthermore, there is never a shortage of taxis in Washington DC, since it has the highest taxis to people ratio in the USA. Of course, Uber Washington DC is always an option. And whichever option you choose, you can rest assured that having a car is way more expensive and troublesome than using public transport.

A train heading towards Greenbelt subway station in Washington DC
Washington DC has an excellent public transportation

What should you see in Washington DC?

Whether you love food, music, art, sports, or anything else basically, you will be able to see it and do it in Washington DC. Here are some of the things you should visit as soon as you unpack your moving boxes after the relocation.

  • Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History – This is one of the most famous museums in the world, and you can visit it for free. Here you will be able to see everything from dinosaurs to early human artifacts.
  • Smithsonian’s National Zoo – While you are still here, you should not miss seeing the zoo with over 1,500 animals in it. It is open throughout the entire year, it is completely free, and your entire family will love it.
  • National Gallery of Art – Visit and explore beautiful art collections for free in the West building. You don`t need a guide as you can be your guide if you get the audio or mobile guide. It is an incredible way to spend an afternoon or the entire weekend in Washington DC.
  • Washington Monument – Take the glass elevator, get to the top of the observation deck, and enjoy yourself in a 360-degree view of Washington DC.
  • Eastern Market – A market with energy that you will adore. Here you can buy anything from food, flowers, handmade art and crafts, jewelry, and antiques. And all of this while listening to live music. If you want to feel the energy of Washington DC, meet new people, and try some amazing food, we highly recommend that you visit this market after you move from NYC to Washington DC.
The park full of people in front of the monument in Washington DC
The great sights of Washington DC won’t let leave you uninspired

What should you do before moving from NYC to Washington DC?

Find a job

Although it can be difficult to find a job after moving to another state, you will be able, without a doubt, to find a job in Washington DC fast. However, we recommend that you start applying for your preferred positions well before your relocation takes place. It is always better to move after you have found a job, rather than living in the uncertainty of job openings even for a short period.

Choose the best neighborhood

Capitol Hill, Shaw, Takoma, Brookland, and many others all have features that you would want for your new neighborhood. What you should bear in mind is the price of rent that you will pay, the proximity to your new job, your kids` schools, and other amenities. If possible, come and visit some of the Washington DC neighborhoods before you finally rent or buy an apartment in Washington DC.

Busy street in Capitol Hill neighborhood
There are many great neighborhoods in Washington DC

Hire professionals for your moving from NYC to Washington DC

Moving from NYC to Washington DC is much easier with a reliable professional moving company. First of all, you will save a lot of time by having others pack, transport, store, and unpack your items. Although accidents can happen to anyone, you will reduce the risk of damage or loss to almost zero when you hire the pros. Not to mention avoiding moving injuries. Relocating your entire life with back pain is something you don`t want. Be sure to be well informed about the best moving price to avoid unnecessary costs.

Throw a goodbye party

Although Washington DC is a couple of hours away from NYC, you are still leaving all of your friends behind. Throw a party before you move, best a week or two before the relocation, and make some new memories with your friends and family members. The party does not have to be expensive, and you don`t have to spend days preparing for it. It is enough to order some food in, or prepare some snacks, and invite your dearest people over. Of course, if your house is in a mess due to the packing process, you can head straight to your favorite bar for some drinks with your friends.

Save money

Washington DC may be somewhat cheaper than NYC, but you will still need a lot of money to relocate successfully. Start saving money for moving as soon as you learn about the relocation, and you will be grateful for that later on. Always leave some money aside for unexpected situations. Good luck!

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