Moving day disasters and overcoming them

Moving day disasters and overcoming them

A thorough organization and preparation are what make a move go smoothly. However, for most people moving is actually a nightmare. Even planned a few months in advance, something can go wrong and there’s no telling what can happen if you are moving ad hoc. Scratched walls from moving furniture. Broken dishes from the wrong packing. Unable to find anything because you did not check your boxes. And you do not get proper insurance when you need to apply. These are all moving day disasters.

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Be smart and avoid the most common moving day disasters

Were you the one who made these touching mistakes in the past? You do not want to be the person who understands that you missed Moving 101, forgetting to know about potential moving problems in advance. If you want to move easily, start by exploring what should not be done. Then you can focus on what you really need to do. Take a look at the most common moving day disasters that occur to families. And how can you avoid them so that the big move is successful?

Here are the most common moving day disasters and how to overcome them

Movers do not appear because you forgot to hire them soon enough

The first mistake families make is trying to hire a local moving company at the last minute. And all this because they were putting off. This is a classic moving mistake because you need to do so much that you have to put off something. If you are in the middle of the last-minute moving rush and, on top of that, you are moving during the peak season, it is time for you to face reality. Probably you won’t be able to find an available truck.

You should plan ahead for at least one month, if not more. Especially when it comes to hiring cheap moving companies NYC. This is a team that will protect your things while moving, make sure that everything moves efficiently on the day of the move. And make sure that you are covered in things such as, for example, the place where the truck will be parked to unload your things, and how you will move those house plants without killing them.

Your professional relocation team will guide you through the entire process from where you move the boxes and what time of day you should move. If you do this at the last minute, you may have a team that does not know how to protect antiques properly, does not call in advance to make sure that the truck can fit on the street you are moving in, it appears late or with no experience, or, in fact, a fake company that uses unconscious families that actually hire scammers. And that is certainly among the moving day disasters you want to avoid.

Moving truck
A professional moving company will make sure that they can transport all your belongings, protect your home from damage in the process and deliver the necessary equipment for work

There are more items to move than expected

The very first thing to think about when planning the move is to decide what you would like to be transferred to your new home. Packing and transporting unused or unnecessary items to the new home will cost you time, money and energy. So, before you even start packing give away, sell or donate all unwanted items. Additionally, you certainly don’t want your new house overloaded with the possessions you haven’t been using for a while.

You pay a lot more than you expected

Like airline tickets, relocation companies often charge more the closer you book to the day of the relocation. They know that people are becoming more desperate as the date approaches. In order not to pay more than necessary, book a moving company NYC as soon as possible. Compare prices with local and national services and ask for any discounts such as AAA, veteran status and more. Some of them may be available only by phone, so always remember to call to confirm.

Another way to overpay is to hire a truck, which is much more than necessary. Avoid one of the moving day disasters by asking the company to send a representative and make an accurate assessment of what you need. You do not need to pay for a place that you are not using.

What about additional charges?

If the load weighs more than previously estimated, it will bring additional costs for you. Before signing any contract, be informed about the terms and conditions of the move and about the services that were included in the price you have agreed to.

No parking space for the truck

If you are moving on your own, a parking space can be a real problem. Maybe you will have to contact the community’s transportation department for further instructions or even buy a reservation ticket. Remember to do this a few days in advance.

Moving truck
And don’t forget that trucks need a lot of parking space

Unexpected weather changes

Although you haven’t planned for the rain when you set the date of the move, a rainy day can really slow the whole process and cause unexpected delays. However, that’s not the worst thing that can happen. Not being packed according to current weather conditions, your items can get seriously damaged. Rain can cause damage to your electronic appliances, wooden furniture,…so make sure to cover them with tarpaulins and plastic sheeting.

If possible, park the truck close to the entrance. Also, a slippery floor may be a problem while moving heavy boxes, so make sure to put down old towels, rags, tarps,… In case you have hired professional assistance, stay in touch with your movers during the transport and be informed about possible delays or problems.

Broken items due to improper packing or labeling of boxes

The next among the moving day disasters that should be avoided is incorrect packing and incorrect labeling. Have you packed a large box with a whole library of books that injured someone’s back? Or did you try to accidentally collect garbage with other objects in a box that will beat in a moving truck and collapse? Did you have old boxes in poor condition? And try to pack lampshades and plates that need extra support?

We always recommend taking packing services NYC. But, if you decided to do it on your own, we have some advice for you. For convenient transportation, it is important to pack heavy items in small boxes correctly. And strong boxes for your malleable items. And pack everything in good quality boxes that won’t break. Then marking objects with contents and the room into which they go, and not just with the word “fragile”. This ensures that you can find what you need when you arrive at your new home. You do not want to arrive at your destination and do not know where to find a first-aid kit, dog food or bath towels.

Cracked walls from trying to move heavy furniture on your own

By hiring a professional moving company, you can avoid beating your newly sold home. Or the house you just bought. This happens when you move furniture and other bulky items yourself. These heavy sofas and furniture can easily crack walls and corners. But your moving company will have the proper supplies to provide reliable protection for everything from floor to walls and stairs.

Broken window glass
And not to mention the windows

Missing possessions

Dealing with a risky moving company can cause a lot of troubles for you. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dishonest movers that want to take advantage of you. Not being informed about your movers, you can easily become a victim of a fraud. That’s why you should do everything you can to avoid a moving scam.

In cases like this, it is worth paying more in order to ensure that the possessions are safely transported. Otherwise, your belongings may be captured or even disappear for good. So, choose wisely who you are entrusting your possessions to.

Unfriendly pet

Surrounded by strangers on moving day, your pet can become very nervous and unfriendly. They can react badly and prevent your movers from doing their job. Try to find someone who can take your pets until the move is over.

A helper wasn’t able to show up

A friend or relative who agreed to help you with packing and moving is informing you that he can’t make it. Suddenly, due to the lack of helpers, the stress is constantly accumulating and you are becoming desperate. By hiring professionals, you could simply avoid this problem.

Broken items that you cannot cover because you did not get the right insurance

Finally, be sure to carefully review your insurance policy. You may not buy it at all or try to get a cheap coverage plan. But then you need to make a claim for a work of art or family antiques. It is important to cover those fragile items that cost a lot of money. And don’t worry about the department store furniture you have assembled. Put your insurance on your highly valuable or sentimental things.

In case your possessions get damaged during the transport, report that to your movers immediately and check if the damaged items are insured. Some of the moving companies will validate your complaint only in case your possessions were properly, professionally packed.

Moving box
That’s another reason for letting the professionals pack your belongings

Avoid these common moving day disasters by planning ahead and getting proper insurance. And it will take a long time to pack and inventory your items for a successful moving experience.

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