Moving checklist for your relocation to New York

Moving checklist for your relocation to New York

If you have decided to move to New York, you can be sure that you have made the right decision. This amazing city has a lot to offer, and you would be so lucky to explore all of that. But, although the decision itself is great, perhaps will not be. Many people who go through the moving experience afterwards feel exhausted and overwhelmed. Most say that it is probably the worst experience of their lives. Considering the fact that you most definitely have to relocate at some point in your life, how can you make this experience better? Well, one of the best ways is to make a moving checklist for your relocation to New York.

There is no question about it – you will need a checklist for your move to New York!

Most of the moving experience go bad because they are poorly organised and executed even worse. The basis of everything is good planning and organisation. Your relocation to NYC will be much better if you have a moving checklist to follow. So, before you start looking for moving insurance or choosing your moving boxes, let’s see how your moving checklist should look like.

Make sure your moving checklist is always available to you

Many people choose to have their agendas, checklists, and calendars online. And that is not wrong. But, in this particular case, going offline could be a much better option. Now, why is that so, everything is digital nowadays isn’t it. Well, it most certainly is, and New York City is a place where you could find free WiFi almost everywhere. But, bear in mind moving is completely chaotic most of the time. You would be lucky to even know where your phone is, let alone if it is connected to the Internet. That is why your moving checklist, along with all of the data you might need should be written down in an agenda you can always carry with you. This way, you will know at any given moment where are you at, and what else do you have to do.

Your moving checklist should contain list of tasks, responsibilities and their respective deadlines

Nothing like this view to keep you inspired and motivated!

Many people don’t know what should they put in their moving checklists. We have made a list, so you would know what is necessary to put, but any additional data you might need can also find its way to your agenda.

  • Your NYC moving checklist should contain all the necessary info about the city, such as map, urgent numbers, contract with your moving company etc. Put a picture of New York somewhere in there as well, so when it gets too overwhelming, you can remind yourself to keep your eyes on the prize.
  • Don’t forget to make a little address book of all the people that are participating in this relocation, so you can reach them when your battery dies. Keep your ID card, passport and your children’s documentation here as well, so you would have to worry only about one agenda and not ten different things such as a bag, phone, charger, wallet, contract etc. If you have decided to rent storage units in New York City, keep here all the necessary info and conditions.
  • Separate your moving checklist by deadlines, and go backwards. For every deadline and task, you should have a person responsible. People helping you with your move should know what their role is, and how to let you know if they can’t do it in time, so you can allocate your resources in a different way.

Separate the tasks in your moving checklist by weeks, and work your way to your move

You might not be sure what should you put on your moving checklist and in which order. As soon as you know where you will be moving, you can start making planes. Start from the day of your move and work your way backwards. For example, on the day of your move, you will have to pack up the food you will be taking with you. One week before your move you should make the final arrangements for your relocation. One month before you should cancel your subscriptions and start organising your farewell party. You should also research the cost of moving to NYC as soon as possible.

Don’t be afraid that your moving checklist will be too extensive, it has to contain everything. Otherwise, it will probably not get done at all. And there is no reason to forget everything if you have it all neatly written down and organised.

Research the most common moving mistakes when creating your moving checklist

The sooner you finish with your move, the sooner you will be able to explore this amazing city.

It is no secret, people make a lot of mistakes when moving. It is very surprising to know that almost 40 million moves happen in the United States every year, and people still don’t bother to do the research. A lot of people before you have done the same things and made the same mistakes. So, why shouldn’t you learn from them? Many people complain about hiring bad moving companies or packing the wrong way, which is obviously a very expensive moving mistake, but it is also a pretty obvious one. The not so obvious one include forgetting to check the weather or pack an overnight bag. Make sure to put all of that on your moving checklist and timeline.

Moving is very difficult and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be such a grueling experience.  As one of the best NYC moving company, we are here to help you with any issue you might be facing. Getting a good and reputable moving company is getting half of the job done. The other half is mostly packing, and we can help you with that as well! Make sure your moving checklist contains all the necessary tasks, and your move will be easier than you think!

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