How to move a vehicle in NYC

How to move a vehicle in NYC


When planning a household move, you should add to your moving checklist one important task – vehicle relocation. In most cases, when it comes to short-distance or local moves, you can drive your own car and transport things you cannot entrust to the movers. Also, in case you are moving short distance, you may be interested in hiring professional driver. Furthermore, some people opt for hiring local students to drive their car, which can be very risky, even if they are moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Since no one is to be held responsible if something goes wrong on the road, no one can reimburse them for possible damage.

On the other hand, if you are moving long distance, you should consider having your vehicle transported by professionals to the new location. Moving industry is very popular in the Big Apple, therefore, there is a wide range of vehicle relocation companies available.

Finding proper vehicle transportation services is a reasonable option when it comes to moving to another state. General success of your vehicle relocation depends mostly on the professional assistance. Explore your options and decide whether you will entrust your vehicle to a carrier directly or to a broker. Brokers act as a link between the customer and the vehicle movers. Hiring a broker means that he/she will take care of vehicle transportation, find suitable carrier, handle payments and paperwork. That option is usually more expensive since you are paying for the mover’s and broker’s services. Transporting a car shouldn’t be a problem, but if you have larger vehicle, you should first find a company that specialize in transporting that kind of vehicle.

Tips for finding a vehicle relocation company in NYC

– When you are researching vehicle moving companies, you should follow the same procedure like when you were looking for a household moving company. Get quotes from several companies and make sure you are actually dealing with trustworthy and licensed companies.

Always check their USDOT number and if they are part of the BBB. Also, checking moving ratings and online reviews will help you distinguish professional movers from the rogue ones. Furthermore, consider it as a warning signal if the company accepts cash payments only.
You don’t want your vehicle to fall into the wrong hands.

– When you are asking for a quote make sure you can provide relevant details – vehicle model and type, distance, vehicle’s dimensions – length, height, width and weight,… Only that way your movers will know which type of equipment they should use for transportation. Also, the more accurate information you provide, the more precise quote you will get. Also, you may incur additional charges if the vehicle is not operable.

– Will you choose terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door service? The former option seems cheaper, but if you don’t have time to deal with it, if you are not willing to take and pick up the vehicle at the designated place, you may want your movers to pick it up and deliver to your new address. The type of service you choose will determine the delivery date and the cost of the service.

– Will you have your vehicle transported in an open or closed container? Closed trailers provide better protection against external factors. Nevertheless, being more affordable, open containers are most in demand.

– Get yourself informed about terms and conditions of the move. What can you expect from the vehicle relocation company if something goes wrong on the road, if your vehicle gets damaged somehow?

Get in touch with several vehicle relocation companies and choose affordable, but quality moving company that will handle the move in the most professional way.

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