How to move house during the holidays

How to move house during the holidays


With the move around the corner you are probably wondering whether it is possible to enjoy the festivities while preparing for the upcoming move. Due to some unexpected circumstances you have ended up moving around major holidays in your country. Well, it’s not the best case scenario, but it’s not the end of the world either. Even if you need to organize everything for your big move, you can still spend some enjoyable time with your family.

– Check with the local authorities if some major traffic changes or delays are expected due to the festivities. Make sure the road to your new home is clear. If you get to know that some of the important streets are closed, inform your NYC movers about that, so that they can find an alternative route.

– Finding a trustworthy moving company during some major holidays can take some time. Since people move a lot during the holidays, you may have trouble finding the right movers due to their workload.

– Check if movers’ rates are higher than usual. It comes as no surprise that during certain periods of the year movers may apply higher moving charges. So, moving during the summertime, weekends or holidays is likely to be a bit more expensive than usually. Take this into account when calculating your moving budget.

– If you are free to pick any date you want, moving during the holidays shouldn’t be your first option. It might be difficult for you to find available, good and not too expensive movers. However, if you are forced to move as soon as possible and the moving day happens to coincide with the Thanksgiving day for example, the only thing left is to accept that this year you will spend the national holiday in a different way.

– Start packing as early as possible so that you can spend some time with your family and friends enjoying the festivities. Packing might take longer than you expect, so packing well in advance is always a good start.

– First pack the items you know for sure that you won’t be using any time soon. On the other hand, items that you may need on the moving day or immediately after you move into the new house should be kept handy and always available.

– Do not feel disappointed – as long as you are with your loved ones you can celebrate and pack/move at the same time. Maintain your holiday spirit no matter the circumstances.

– Make the move fun. Regardless of the tight moving schedule, find the time to make a family dinner and relax after a long day. If you have already packed all kitchen supplies and appliances, treat yourselves with a nice take-away meal or just eat out at a fancy restaurant.

– If you are moving during some major holidays don’t rush to unpack. You will have plenty of time to arrange your items and make your new place feel like home. Instead, take some time to relax and maintain a holiday spirit. Planning a housewarming party is something that can cheer you up and help you pull yourself together after a very difficult period.

– Moving to a new residence is a new beginning, a new opportunity you should be excited about. Relocating for a job may come completely out of the blue and it doesn’t leave you much of a choice. If you decide to accept it you are likely to face a specific deadline within which you should move to the new residence. Therefore, you should act quickly and wisely.

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