How to Make Your Storage Unit Safe

How to Make Your Storage Unit Safe

The use of storage is becoming more popular each year. People choose to use it due to many different reasons. However, the most common ones seem to be the lack of space in their homes, or the necessity to place some of their most valuable belongings in a secured location while they are away from home on a business trip or holiday. But it seems that, no matter the reasons, one thing is common to all of them and that one question how to secure the belongings more is omnipresent. We understand that it is not very easy to leave your stuff somewhere for a longer period of time. This is why it is important to know how to make your storage unit safe. And, to be less stressed when leaving your things there.

Finding a safe storage unit in New York

This is a tricky part if you are renting storage for the first time. The point of renting a storage unit is for it to be safe. Also, it is important to choose the one which is suitable for the type of items you will store inside. Just like there are different types of storage, you need to first figure what you need a storage unit for. Not all storage units offer the same or most of the conditions from your list because they are not intended for the same purpose. In order to find an appropriate storage unit, you can refer to a reliable New York moving company which can offer you their advice. Furthermore, they can help you choose the best among the options based on your preferences and budget.

Having trust in the business partner
Do business only with a trustworthy company

The level of security and safety of storage unit needs to be on point

In order for a storage unit to pass this test successfully you’ll need to look for the following:

  • Do storage units have video surveillance?
  • Is the facility as well as storage units monitored by a security guard?
  • Do all storage unit possess safety locks?
  • Is the alarm system installed for each storage unit?
  • Is the facility additionally secured with a gate which has a special entrance code?
set a safety lock password to make your storage unit safe
Your storage unit should possess all the means of protection

These are some of the most important things to look at if you want to have peace of mind when leaving your precious belongings inside storage. In case some theft occurs, it will be so much easier to find the one (or ones) who did it if the facility possesses the aforementioned means of protection − especially video surveillance. So, before deciding to inspect the whole property and have a word with a person in charge over the specific details you want to know more about. Companies that do fair business will not have anything to hide from their potential customers. However, if you notice that something is shady, then it probably is. Listen to your instinct, and move on with the search.

What can you do to make your storage unit safe?

Now, when it comes to your belongings inside the storage unit, you are mostly responsible for how they will be placed. If for whatever reason you are not confident in your packing abilities, then you should consider hiring a professional packing crew in order to avoid some of the usual packing mistakes. You want your items to arrive safely and in one piece.

Know how to place the belongings inside the unit

Once your belongings arrive at the unit, make sure to place them properly. A general rule says that you should first place those bulky and heavy items at the bottom. But first, don’t forget to place a blanket, pallet, or some nylon on the floor to keep those first boxes up from the floor. Any of these materials will help keep the unit safe, but pallets make the most efficient and pretty affordable way to lift your items up from the floor. You can buy them or even check out some of the online groups or websites to find them for free. For example, Facebook Marketplace lets you see ads from people around you that may have some free pallets to give to you.

After you’re done with separating boxes from the floors and putting the heaviest items on the bottom, you can put those less heavy and smaller boxes on top − just be careful when stocking the boxes to avoid the risk of collapsing. Also, when all the pieces are inside, don’t forget to cover everything with a protective cloth. This way you will keep them safe from bugs, dust, moisture, etc

wooden pallet
Place a pallet on the floor to lift up the boxes a bit

Use the available space the best you can

Some of you might wonder how this will make your storage unit safe. Well, if you leave your items in such a way that there is a possibility that they would fall and break, then there is not much safety to talk about. We already mentioned that heavier and bigger boxes should be placed first. Now we want to draw your attention to the fact that the boxes you place inside should not be left with too much empty space. The more free space, the bigger the possibility they will collapse over time. Therefore, use the available space the best you can to keep your storage unit safe.

messy storage
Your storage unit should not look like this

Don’t overfill the storage unit

In order to keep your storage unit safe, it’s important to organize it well and that also means to be aware of the space. Pack only as much as the space allows. No matter how much you feel the urge to fully fill the storage unit, detain yourself from it. Overfilling the storage will not only make it impossible to locate your items but can also be dangerous. Therefore, do not stack boxes to the top since they might fall. You will end up with broken or heavily damaged items. In the worst-case scenario, boxes may fall on you and cause injuries, and you definitely want to avoid that. Moreover, the higher you put the boxes, the harder you will get what you need from them. Instead, find a way to pack your boxes so that you can easily reach them without overcrowding the place. If you find yourself unable to fit everything, perhaps it’s time to rethink if you need bigger storage space.

And so, this takes us to share another piece of advice, and that is to never forget to label all the boxes and packing materials. Needless to say that you will save yourself a lot of time because once you’re inside the unit looking for one specific item, you’ll be more than happy you have labels on each box. Even though it’s a bit time-consuming at first, it’s a huge time-saver in the long run. For better organizing, you may want to consider getting plastic storage bins instead of regular cardboard boxes because they’re sturdier and easier to stack up. They cost more than moving boxes but it usually pays off when you look at your neatly organized storage space.

Think about renting a climate-controlled storage unit

Are there any fragile or delicate items among your belongings? If the answer is yes, we strongly advise you to rent a storage unit that is climate-controlled. This is an important step in order to make your storage unit safe. Perhaps there are items that are very sensitive to humidity or fluctuations. This can all cause greater damage. But, a climate-controlled storage unit should solve all the potential issues because it offers several benefits. Some of them are: constant flow of fresh air, optimum temperature levels, protection from rodents and insects, as well as protection from mold and dust. Perhaps the most important thing about this type of storage is security.

Climate-controlled Storage Units
When moving, have in mind that some delicate items require climate-controlled storage units

Climate-controlled storage providers invest a lot of money in making the unit and keeping it in its best shape. Just think about the amount of money they need to invest in special types of floors, walls, ceilings, and various equipment that keeps conditions inside the unit at optimum levels. That means that storage providers also invest a lot in keeping the unit safe. That’s why you’ll find a guard when you’re entering your unit. You’ll also have cameras for extra security, and you won’t have to worry about thieves.

Why climate-controlled storage unit?

Unlike your traditional storage, climate-controlled units provide you with peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe and that you’re safe as well, regardless of when you need to drive in and take something out. Your reliable Brooklyn movers can help you locate the storage unit with this feature and help you move your items.

Sometimes we can’t prevent hazards from happening. But we can do something to make the situation easier. If you have decided to lock your belongings inside a storage unit, then you need to do everything you can to make your storage unit safe. One of the ways is to rent storage with maximum security and to handle your items with care. If you’re looking for a storage unit, go ahead and contact Dumbo Moving and Storage. We’ll be happy to provide a free quote for moving and storing your items.

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