How to help you kids cope with the move

How to help you kids cope with the move

Both parents and children are bound to experience a great deal of stress when moving house. Kids thrive on familiarity and consistency and it comes as no surprise that moving can be very traumatic for them. Leaving a family home and abandoning their routine can be a major source of anxiety. Therefore you should make it your top priority to help your kids cope with the move and make the transition as smooth as possible.

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Moving is stressful for everyone and children are no exception

Whether you are moving to another state or just down the street, kids are typically not so excited about this life-changing event. As a matter of fact, they find it rather disturbing. Even if you are moving for positive reasons, your kids may have trouble understanding why it is beneficial for them. If a household move is on your agenda, then you should prepare your kids for the upcoming event.

Most kids will find a change of scenery unsettling and stressful even if the relocation is for the best. Sooner or later many families face the prospect of moving. Moving house can be hard on everyone, especially when children are involved. Moving with a young child requires previous preparation and planning. In the middle of the moving chaos, you have to be mindful of your children’s needs. Some children are likely to get upset when they experience a lack of attention. Some of them may feel like their world is falling apart because they are leaving friends, home, school, neighborhood…

If you are well-organized moving with children won’t be that stressful. Make sure you start planning the move early on so that you can handle any unforeseen situation that may arise throughout the move.

How to make your kids accept the idea of moving?

Your support is crucial for your kids’ well-being during the relocation process. Although toddlers are not able to understand what kind of change is about to occur, keep in mind that they can pick up on your feelings and sense when you are stressed out. So, aside from handling daily moving activities, you should make the entire transition a positive experience for your children. Here you may find some helpful guidelines on how to approach this demanding task.

Keep open communication to help your kids cope with the move

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Be gentle when breaking the news about the upcoming move

An efficient suggestion for a successful move with children is to involve them from the very beginning. Inform them about the big decision as soon as possible so that they have enough time to accept it. Break the news about the move as soon as it becomes imminent. Explain how the relocation will impact the entire family and encourage them to express their opinion and feelings. Try to share as many details as possible and be honest while answering their questions and addressing their concerns.

Chances are there will be both positive and negative reactions, so be gentle while breaking the news and help your kids cope with the move. Even if their opinion won’t affect your decision, show them that your kids’ opinion is valuable to you.

Make your kids look forward to the move

It’s no secret that children tend to focus on negative aspects of the move. For most of them moving is about leaving their comfort zone, school, friends and everything that’s familiar. The mere prospect of moving may seem rather scary, but it’s parents’ duty to point out how their kids can benefit from the move. Make them realize that moving to a new home is a good decision and get them excited about it.

Talk about the best features of your new home and neighborhood. And more importantly, start making plans together and help them anticipate what their new life would look like. That way you will help your kids cope with the move and the uncertainty that comes along. Let your kids know that together you will go through a challenging period that leads to a new amazing adventure. If you are moving locally, show them your new neighborhood and visit your new home several times before moving day. Your children should get used to the idea of moving to a new place as soon as possible. Show them some exciting, entertaining spots where you will be spending a lot of time together.

Also, take a tour around the new school before the first school day. If possible, take a walk around the new school with your child and meet the teacher. Your child will feel more comfortable having you around during the period of transition. It’s your responsibility to help your kids cope with the move and overcome all emotional insecurities.

Say goodbye to their friends and favorite places

The children will be missing the old home a lot, so make sure to collect all the memories and take them with you. Take pictures of their bedroom, garden or any other special place. In most cases moving is a positive event, so try to stay in a good mood throughout the process.

Throw a party or a goodbye dinner so that you and your kids can say goodbye to your loved ones. If your little ones have any other suggestions, take it into consideration. Have a tour around your old house to say goodbye to every room before you leave. Take photos as keepsakes. If your children want to keep in touch with the old community, you should make that happen. You can visit the old neighborhood from time to time and invite your kids’ friends over to spend weekends at your place.

Let your little ones participate in the move

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Although your kids don’t have a say in your moving decision, let them help you pack

If your children are old enough to help, make them active participants, so that they feel in control and that their opinion counts. Also, older children may research the new city/area/neighborhood online and find out more about local institutions and sights they might be interested in. Younger children can be helpful too.

Have them make plans about the items that should be moved, what their bedroom will look like, how they would like to decorate it. It would be incredibly helpful if you could introduce your kids to their new community prior to moving day. That way they could visualize what their new home and life would look like. Also, encourage them to share their interior design and decoration ideas. Give them age-appropriate chores to get ready for the move. No matter how frustrating moving can be, it can bring all family members closer together.

Plan your road trip activities

A household move should be a family event. Do not forget to have some fun as you prepare for the big day. If you are driving a long distance to get to your new home, the trip can go much smoother if you plan for some fun activities. Remember to bring your kids’ favorite toys and treats to keep them entertained while on the road.

It’s no secret that parents usually don’t have much time to play with their kids while preparing for the move. Although you’ve assigned this task to a trustworthy person, keep in mind that your kids still need reassurance and attention. Multitasking and juggling a number of moving tasks may seem like a tedious job, especially with your little ones around.

Luckily, there’s a way you can still spend some quality time and help your kids cope with the move. Instead of taking upon yourself all the duties and potential risks of moving, take your time to research Bronx moving companies and their services. There must be some affordable movers NYC who can move your household goods while you are tackling other important family matters.

Be gentle and supportive during the adjustment period to help your kids cope with the move

A household move has been a success and congratulations are in order. You’ve managed to overcome all the challenges of packing and moving with small children. Now that you are about to start the new chapter in your lives, you may realize that it will take a while before you all feel completely settled and at home. This is especially true for your children. As it turns out, they will need more of your attention and support during the first couple of weeks after the move.

Let them know that they can fully rely on you and that you will be available to help your kids cope with the move. It takes time for everyone to adjust to the new surroundings and kids are no exception. First of all, maintaining a familiar routine and recreating some special effects from the previous home can be very helpful. The truth is that some kids like the prospect of moving right from the start, while others may need more time. Allow them to process the change at their own pace while you are helping them feel more comfortable at your new home.

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