Living in NYC with a baby

Living in NYC with a baby

Life in New York is something most of the people on this planet desire. And yes, New York is truly a city of dreams, which offers endless possibilities. No matter what you are looking for, you will find it for sure. Stories of people who have succeeded here are truly inspiring. These can be incentives for you to persist in your intention to leave your mark. But what if you have a young family? Living in NYC with a baby while you are pursuing your career can really be challenging. However, those who are in this situation say they would change it for the world. Even though it may sound impossible to have a balanced life you once had, with a little bit better organization, you can do it just fine. Furthermore, by using some simple tricks you can save a lot of money when relocating to NYC.

When living in NYC with a baby adjusting the budget is what you need

Since you have, or soon expecting an extension to the family, naturally there have to be some changes. One of the major changes will be regarding the home budget. In order to manage the expenditure, the best way, you may need to investigate a little bit before the baby arrives. You can do this by asking some of your friends who already have a baby. See how they have managed to distribute the budget. More importantly, inquire about all the expenses that you can expect in the next period. But do not panic in advance. It is well possible to live in New York on a budget and afford a good life for your family.

Right now, it is important to set the priorities, and that is, of course, your child. Perhaps, for the time being, you will have to give up on buying a more expensive pair of shoes, or pieces of clothes, gadgets, etc.

Look for a home you can adjust to your baby’s needs

If your current home does not meet the requirements necessary for your child, it’s high time to make some changes. However, if some bigger changes are simply not possible, we suggest you start looking for a new home. Consider hiring cheap movers from New York which can provide you with a high-quality service, but still not charge you big time. You can expect to have special discounts with these movers and in that way save a lot of money. This money will be much more needed prior to and after the baby is born. Moreover, the movers could also help you find more affordable neighborhoods in New York.

A baby playing on a floor
Provide your baby with enough space for playing.

Search for more affordable housing

Everyone knows how high the rents are. Now more than ever, you will need to find a place which won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In addition to that, renting a studio apartment in Manhattan is definitely out of the option. Your child will need more free space, and apartments like these simply won’t do. Therefore, move further from the city center. But do not think of this as a downgrade to your life. Think about how the better quality of life your child will have in some more quiet neighborhood, such as Clinton Hill and Greenpoint in Brooklyn or Battery Park City in Manhattan, If you still want to stay closer to the center of all happenings.

Get everything you’ll need for the first months of baby’s life

Since NYC is always extremely busy, you don’t want to get short of some baby essentials and find yourself losing a lot of time stuck in traffic. Even though the subway system works perfectly, in this case, you can’t afford to spend much time away from home. So, our suggestion is to make stocks of all those things your baby will definitely need. These include:

Baby’s diapers in the appropriate size. It wouldn’t be good if the diapers are too tight or too loose.

baby's clothes
Always have clean clothes when living in NYC with a baby
  • Enough clean clothes. Most babies require changing of the outfit several times a day since they would need a diaper change, or they could get sweaty after they wake up. Therefore, make sure to always have a ready-to-wear clean set of clothes. Please note that you should avoid putting them on clothes which need to be pulled over the head. Instead, consider buying clothes with side snaps.
  • Clean socks – a baby always needs to have everything cleaned especially socks since most babies explore the world around them while crawling.
  • Clean sheets and towels. Because the babies are very sensitive and prone to getting allergies in their first months, it is recommendable to use a different towel each time you need to wash the baby.
  • Enough baby toiletries such as a talcum powder, baby lotion since baby’s skin can dry out, cotton wool, baby shampoo. Also, get clipper set for babies so that you can keep your baby neat. A thermometer is also a must.

Equip the baby’s room

During the first six months, it is recommended that the babies should share a bedroom with parents. If you have enough space, you should definitely arrange it that way to fit your baby’s needs. The most important thing is to get the best possible baby crib and a mattress. The mattress is especially important because it supports the baby’s spine and affects the baby’s sleep. So, if you are planning to cut costs on most things, this is something you should leave out of the plan. Also, make sure that your baby is in pleasant surroundings. Pastel wall colors or wallpapers with cartoons is a good idea for the baby’s room. And of course, don’t forget stuff toys.

while living in NYC with a baby equip the room with everything that's necessary.
Ensure your baby sleeps in a pleasant environment.

All of these steps are very much necessary when living in NYC with a baby. Providing the comfort for your child will ensure a better life quality. Moreover, when you move into a new place think about its security. When the baby gets a little bit older, feel free to explore all the wonderful places NYC has to offer. Use every free moment to enjoy the nature in Prospect or Central Park. No matter a fact, choose any park near your home and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it as much as your baby.

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