Large family moving

Large family moving

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When it comes to family moving everything’s about timely and efficient planning

Transitions are challenging, especially if the entire family is subjected to the daunting process of moving house. Whether your new home is a few blocks away from your current location or you are moving to another state, relocating with a large family is anything but simple.

Truth be told, a household move is one of the most dreaded activities and there are several good reasons for it:

  • People have a hard time letting go
  • Moving house and finding a new place can be expensive
  • Large family moving causes a major routine disruption
  • Getting all paperwork together seems like a never-ending process.

Let’s face it, moving with a large family is a huge responsibility and there’s no getting around it. On top of all decisions awaiting for your attention, you should try to minimize negative effects of the move on your kids. Ensuring your kids’ well-being in the middle of the relocation chaos is also an important task on your checklist.

When huge changes are coming your way, it’s only normal to feel both excited and scared. While adults usually know how to handle stressful situations, kids may not be able to process the change and adjust on their own. As enthusiastic as you may be about the upcoming move, chances are your kids won’t feel the same way. However, before you start with moving preparations, make sure to get your kids on board with your moving plans. The arduous relocation experience can be a lot easier if all family members are on the same page.

Ultimate checklist for large family moving

Who’s going to take care of your kids?

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Have in mind your kids’ and pets’ needs during the relocation process

While teenage kids can be of huge assistance to you, young children and toddlers are likely to slow down your packing process. Not to mention potentially dangerous situations they are exposed to if kept around. That being said, it’s only natural to assign a reliable friend or relative to look after your little ones and pets. Moving day may present your curious kids with a series of risks and it’s easy to lose focus when you’re busy moving into a new home. Even if you are an expert at multitasking, your kids’ safety shouldn’t be compromised at all.

Be as supportive as possible

As children thrive on familiarity, they may find any routine disruption rather traumatic. During the hard times kids need reassurance that everything will turn out just fine. Some kids may have trouble accepting your decision to move house, so it’s up to you to help them understand why it’s beneficial for entire family. Your colorful explanation may get them accept and look forward to moving to a new place. If you are moving locally, take the time for a quick trip to a new home.

How to turn your family moving into a fun activity?

We cannot stress enough the importance of your attitude when moving with kids. As they usually absorb your emotional state, make sure to generate enthusiasm and give off positive feelings about the move. In addition to that, moving can be an unforgettable adventure for your kids if you present it that way. Allow your kids to get creative with moving boxes and reward them with a job well done. Also, prepare your kids’ favorite play list and games for the road trip to your new home.

Your kids have a say in the family move

Maintain an open communication with your kids during the move. By informing them about the move well in advance, they will have enough time to say goodbye to their friends. Let them know that their new home will be as safe and comfortable as the current one.

Make your kids look forward to a family move

When talking about what your new life will look like after you move, make sure to emphasize all interesting aspects of it. Amaze them with some fascinating facts and encourage them to embrace the change as a natural course of life.

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Encourage your kids’ curiosity and participation in the moving process

Don’t change everything

While presenting a family moving as a healthy change, make sure to preserve some good old habits and patterns. Too much innovation can upset your kids, so try to move your kids’ favorite items in order to recreate warmth and coziness of the old home.

Be available to answer questions about family moving

As you are moving forward with relocation activities, chances are your kids will have even more and more questions and concerns. Be honest with your kids always helping them focus on the big picture. Encourage their active participation in the moving process as much as possible so as to keep negative feelings at bay. But, should they appear, be ready to treat them the right way.

Help your kids adjust to the new home

As soon as you reach your new destination get out there to explore your new surroundings. Instead of getting down to unpacking process immediately, take your time to unwind and get to know your new neighborhood. Now that the hardest part of the move is behind you, try to make the most of the post-relocation period. In order to minimize effects of the change, try to stick to your family traditions and day-to-day routine. Your family movie nights and Sunday picnics should be a part of your adjustment process as well.

How to make a large family moving easier

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Entrust logistics of your family move to a professional moving company

A household move is famous for being stressful and overwhelming, but if you add kids to the mix it can get even more difficult. Taking care of your kids’ needs and tackling moving tasks at the same time seems like a real challenge.

Even though it may seem like an unnecessary additional cost, hiring professional movers turns out to be a wise investment. But, finding a moving company that offers quality services at a reasonable price can be a real headache. Sooner or later you will realize that everything comes down to comparing different offers. While it’s easy to be attracted by extremely low moving estimates, collecting comparable moving quotes, reading moving reviews and getting recommendations will help you stay away from potentially fraudulent companies.

Reputable movers perfectly understand that you don’t need additional stresses when moving with a large family. Not only will they do all the heavy lifting and hauling, but they will also take away a great deal of the moving stress.

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