How to simplify your move

How to simplify your move


Whether you are relocating locally or to another state, moving is never an easy task. Moving is usually followed by a lot of stress, but you should find the simplest way to get it over and done with. Even if the moving checklist seems longer than you expected, do not despair! There are ways to have everything covered and keep the stress level at a minimum during the moving process.

– Create a moving budget and determine which services you can or cannot afford.

– Create a moving schedule and stick to it. You can always rely to a good checklist.

– Decide whether you are going to need professional movers’ assistance. Research NYC moving companies well in advance, get recommendations from friends and relatives and get quotes from several moving companies.

– Set the moving date and schedule the movers.

– Change your address on time so as to make sure your mail is being sent to the right place.

– Contact all utility providers and have utilities cancelled immediately after you move out and set them up at your new place before you move in.

– Inform your friends and relatives about the move as soon as possible. Give yourselves enough time to emotionally process the news and get used to it. Also, they may be willing to assist you with the move, which is great, since any extra help is more than welcome during the household move.

– Arrange all the paperwork before the moving day.

– Assign different tasks to all family members and helpers in order to reach maximum level of productivity and efficiency. A good organization will save you time, money and also will keep stress at bay.

– Get enough packing supplies. Do not go for the cheapest or gratis moving boxes at all costs. Some items can be transported in plain cardboard boxes without major difficulties. However, consider getting some high quality sturdy or stackable boxes that will ensure your delicate items are fully protected while in transit.

– Do not start packing without previous decluttering. Organize a garage sale so as to get rid of the items you no longer need. Give to charities still usable items you couldn’t sell.

– Label each moving box in order to make unpacking much easier. Even if your packing process now makes sense, you might have trouble finding certain items after a couple of days or weeks if the boxes aren’t marked properly.

– Make a floor plan. Give your movers and helpers guidelines so that they know there to put each item.

– Pack room by room and stay organized.

– Secure all fragile items and those you hold dear by wrapping them with bubble wrap, padding material, packing paper. Take all necessary steps to ensure your items reach the new location safe and sound.

– If you personally can’t make it, hire professional cleaning company and have both of the homes prepared and cleaned for a big day. Packing and unpacking is a huge task, so at least have someone tidy up both houses. Whether you are a tenant or a house owner, you will want to leave the house clean for those who will move in afterwards.

– Make sure your new home is ready for the big day. If, for some reason , you cannot move into your new home the day you planned and scheduled the move, consider getting short-term housing for you and your family and storage area for your belongings. Probably your friends wouldn’t mind you spending a couple of days at their place until your home is completely arranged.

– Keep calm, take your time and settle into your new home. Explore the new city, introduce yourself to the neighbors, organize a housewarming party.

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