How to prepare your home for a dog

How to prepare your home for a dog

Have you finally decided to open up the doors of your home to a furry friend?  The thought has been on your mind for a while, you just couldn’t find the courage to finally do it. After all, taking care of a dog is a serious obligation. Or perhaps you are moving and have to get the new residence ready for your little pooch. Whether you decide to do it before your Park Slope movers relocate your belongings or after it, the decision is up to you and your circumstances. Of course, we always advise you do it beforehand if you have the chance. Because to prepare your home for a dog is a necessary step if you are a dog-owner or becoming one. And here’s how to do it!

You don’t only have to prepare your home for a dog – you also have to prepare your family members

A couple with a dog sitting and laughing.
A dog is a great addition to any family!

We won’t go as far as to say that bringing a dog into a family is like bringing a child – but it can’t be denied that it’s a big responsibility nonetheless. Besides, your family doesn’t only have the responsibility to help, but they should want to do so. After all, if they helped you search for professional moving companies Brooklyn based, they shouldn’t object to helping you take care of your dog. That being said, you can’t just expect them to know what you need them to do. You have to communicate it with them!

Before you bring a dog into a family, sit down with them and discuss the future assignments. If your kids insisted on getting a dog but are too young to take care of it themselves, don’t easily let them off the hook. They might not be able to clean up after a dog but they can feed it before or after school. And they can certainly keep your new pooch busy by playing fetch. Something tells us your kids won’t object!

You have some shopping ahead

A beagle eating out of a bowl which should be bought when you prepare your home for a dog.
Don’t you want only what’s best for your dog? Whether they have it or not depends on you!

First of all, you should understand that having a dog demands being in a stable financial situation. A dog cannot simply sleep in the backyard and eat your leftovers. No, a dog requires a number of small things that are basically essential for them. And we are not even talking about the scenario where your dog requires a vet, although we’ll get to that later. Whether you are moving into a small apartment or bringing a dog into a house with a huge yard, there are some items you should buy at the pet store when preparing your home for a new dog!

  • Food and bowls
  • Collar and leash
  • A bed for the dog to sleep in
  • Treats for when he’s a good boy
  • Toys your dog can chew instead of your shoes

Whether you are taking a dog out of a shelter or a kennel, it would be a good idea to inquire about their diet. You don’t want to just prepare your home for a dog, but you also want to prepare the right food. Of course, you can always change their diet later on. You just have to give them some time to adjust.

Dog-proof your home

You’ve heard of baby-proofing a house but you’ve never heard of dog-proofing a place before. In essence, these two are pretty much the same! The goal is to create a safe environment for your dog where you won’t have to wonder what can happen if you leave them alone. There are many things you can do to dog-proof a place and prepare your home for a dog.

For starters, you should make sure that no roach or pest traps are accessible to your dog. Mind you that roach traps are very common in a city such as NYC. Then, proceed by taping electrical cords to baseboards, storing your chemicals in a higher place and in general making sure that everything your dog can choke on is out of its reach. Even on hind legs. Sometimes, you might even have to rent a storage unit in NYC if you have too many safety hazards for your dog and you have no place in your home to put them. That’s why we told you that a dog is a big financial responsibility, and it might require you to make some sacrifices.

Yes, you’ll have to prepare your home for a dog, but you’ll also have to prepare your backyard

We’re sure you already know what we mean! The potty place is a very important one! It not only keeps the mess out of your home but it also gives your dog some much-needed structure and routine. Let your dog sniff around your yard and choose his own potty place. Going to the bathroom the first time is a huge thing, we are sure you understand that. So, once your dog does what it’s supposed to do, make sure you give him a treat! He really deserved it!

A beagle sniffing around.
You’ll have to be patient with this one – choosing a potty place is no easy thing.

Give your pup all the love it needs

Most of the time, preparing your home for a dog just won’t be enough. If you just provide the material things, your dog won’t be happy. Do you know what will be missing? Love – lots and lots of love! Pets are creatures that demand a lot of attention, love, and cuddles. Besides, we are sure that the love your dog gives you once he sees you coming to the front door won’t leave you indifferent. Create a beautiful bond between the two of you and you’ll soon see that the relationship you two have will be powerful enough to uplift even the gloomiest of spirits.

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