How to Pack Board Games for Moving

How to Pack Board Games for Moving

Board games are found in most homes nowadays, regardless of whether you have any youngsters or not. Since board games provide so much fun for all generations, they’re definitely something you want to take with you when you’re moving house. While packing and preparing for your relocation, you’ll certainly want to keep your precious board games protected and transport them to a new address safely. Even though the process of moving board games is pretty simple, there are a few steps to follow in order to have them moved undamaged. If you’re wondering how to pack board games for moving, carry on reading.

Before Packing Board Games for Moving

Firstly, decide what goes with you to a new home and what stays behind.  You may want to get rid of extremely damaged games or those you never use. Go through your entire collection and sort it out into three categories – keep, sell, or donate. You’ll follow the easy steps in this text to pack games you want to move. You can gift or sell the rest of your board games. Be diligent at this stage because there’s no point in bringing clutter to your new home.

So, take out your chess, checkers, Monopoly, scrabble, battleships, Pandemic, 7 Wonders, Clue, Dixit, Trivial Pursuit, Risk, and any other game board you own and take a good look at all of your games in one place. You’ll have a clear idea about what you actually use and what only collects dust. In case you’re moving with kids, you can involve them in the process and keep them busy during relocation. After you sort out your collection and you’re only left with games you truly like, continue to the next step.

Packing Board Games For Moving

Gather packing supplies

Even though most board games come in a box already, you still need to pack them and make that extra layer of protection. Otherwise, your games may arrive crushed or damaged. That’s because most boxes are much bigger than their content. It’s a pretty straightforward task. You need moving and packing supplies in order to pack your goods. When it comes to packing board games for moving, you’ll need packing supplies. Get moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, plastic stretch tape, packing tape, and a colorful marker pen. Figure out what type of moving boxes you need.
Then, make sure your boxes are in good condition and sturdy enough so they wouldn’t break during transit. You can also replace cardboard boxes with plastic containers. These are rentable and make a good eco-friendly option because they’re made of recycled plastic. Plus, they’re extremely sturdy so you won’t have to worry if they’ll break along the way.

Different Moving Boxes
Gather all packing supplies you need

Fill in empty spaces

After you’ve gathered all the necessary packing supplies, you should secure the parts of your board game in place. Open each box and check if there are components inside that may fall out or shift in transit and break or scratch each other. This is especially important if you have a valuable game such as antique chess or anything else that’s really important to you and you don’t want to risk damaging it. To prevent components inside the box from shifting, go ahead and fill in empty spaces using packing paper. Simply use as much crumpled paper as you need. Fill the box up until you can shake it without any movement inside. You can also use bubble wrap to fill in those empty spaces or combine the two materials for optimum results.

Wrap each game box

Now that you’ve made sure nothing will get damaged due to the movement inside, it’s time to make sure that no box will open during loading and transit. Doing so is easy – just use some shrink wrap to wrap each board game box and it’ll keep it safe. In case you weren’t able to find the tape, you can also use some rubber bands. Place them around the box to prevent opening. However, the tape is a much better solution.

Pack board games into boxes

Hopefully, all the steps until now were easy for you. There are only a couple more steps to having your games loaded and ready to move. The next thing to do is to actually pack your game inside moving boxes and you’ll want to arrange them nicely. Place the heaviest game boxes at the bottom of the boxes and lighter ones on the top. Make sure to place them on their inside instead of laying them flat because it makes much less of an impact on the bottom boxes. The most important thing is to place as many game boxes as possible without the risk of crushing them. Use the same method you used before to fill in any empty spaces inside the moving box.

A Girl Is Packing Items Into A Box
Protect your board games from moving inside the box

Tape and label

Here comes the last step and you’ll be ready to load your games into the moving truck and have them transported safely. Since you have all of your board games packed, the only thing left to do is to seal your moving boxes and bins. Learn about tips for labeling moving boxes and label them right. Among different types of packing tape, choose the right one for you to close the boxes. Use a sharpie marker to label each moving box. You can write the names of the games or use any other method that works for you but make sure to label after packing because it makes the entire moving process much easier for you and your helpers.

Hopefully, these simple steps helped you pack board games for moving and have them reach your new home intact. If you happen to possess some truly expensive games or you want to move some that are of great sentimental value, consider moving them separately from the rest of your household items or hire a professional moving company. Your high-value board game collection will be safe with Dumbo Moving and Storage. Let’s connect!

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