How to pack a queen-size bed

How to pack a queen-size bed

Even though it’s true that moving becomes somewhat a routine after some time, there are still things that complicate the process. And that’s bulky furniture which should be blamed. You see, when it comes to packing and moving heavy objects with uneven sides, being physically strong is not the only requirement. It’s a skill, experience and a good strategy that will be your most welcomed allies. If you’re planning to pack a queen-size bed, which is one of the bulkiest things you’ll ever need to move, you’d agree, but you don’t know how or you won’t risk the damage, Jersey City Movers will know how to handle this valuable item of yours.

Get to know with your bed closer

At the risk of this to sound completely silly since you’re sleeping in your bed every night, we will still emphasize that this is the step you should begin with. This means that you’ll need to know what your bed consists of, that is, what parts it contains. That should be your initial move before you begin with anything else. Also, make sure to make a list of these items before moving on with the preparations for heavy-lifting. But if you’re hiring professionals, then you won’t have to worry much about it. But if you are doing it alone, with the help of a few friends then keep on reading.

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First things first – examining the bed and taking measures

The next thing to do is to measure the size of the queen box spring. Since you will be moving the object through the house, you want to make sure that you will be able to transport it without issues. This is why you will need to carefully take measures, as well as the width of the walls in corridors and the room. The goal is to carry the bed without making damages to any other piece of furniture, scratch walls, etc.

To pack a queen-size bed, get the necessary materials

One of the sacred rules of successful packing is having the right tools and materials. And that rule needs to be applied when preparing your queen-size bed for transportation. And even if you’re preparing the bed to place it in storage NJ, it still needs to be done in a good way. Moreover, since we’re talking about a very bulky item, you will need to make sure that you have all the material at your disposal. Some of the must-have are:

a teddy bear on a mattress
Use the appropriate materials to pack a queen-size bed and its mattress
  • Quality moving straps. You and your helpers will need to use these since the box spring and the headboard is usually very heavy. Moving straps will enable you to lift these easier, using less force.
  • Get strong ropes to wrap them around the mattress and secure it additionally.
  • An appropriate size of a mattress bag. Luckily, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on it since these can be found for $10.
  • A dolly to facilitate transportation of the bed
  • Tools such as a wrench or a screwdriver. In case you need to disassemble the bed, these will come in handy
  • A Ziploc bag to keep all the small pieces in one place

Use the material accordingly

With these materials, the task of packing the bed will be a lot less troublesome. Make sure to use them well. For instance, it is recommendable to spend money on a mattress bag since it will protect the mattress as well as box springs from any possible damages during the relocation. So, even if you find a mattress bag for more than $10, we suggest you invest in it. Don’t worry, it won’t make you become as poor as a church mouse. If you need help managing any of the mentioned, do not hesitate to ask for it.

Leave it in the hands of professionals

Probably the best possible decision for you is to hand over the packing of valuable items to a group of people with relevant prior experience. However, many are bothered with the expenses that come with hiring moving professionals. On the other hand, if you think more rationally, you will soon realize that it pays off much more to have somebody with the necessary skills by your side. Simply, unless you’re doing this regularly, you can hardly call yourself an expert and someone qualified for handling heavy objects, such as a queen-size bed. As we mentioned it before, one of the reasons why is it so difficult to pack a queen-size bed is because the physical strength plays a little role if you lack skills.

If you go on doing it yourself and you or any of the people helping you drops its side, it is much probable that the bed will suffer some damages. So, is that the price you are willing to pay?

Professionals will pack a queen-size bed with care

Most people are concerned about the budget. And that is one of the prime reasons for opting to do something on their own thinking that they would save some money in pockets. However, if you decide to hire people who have done this many time before, you will see that they will first begin by carefully examining the space around the bed. Also, they will write down all the necessary measures. After that, they will come up with a strategy. Now, the strategy will enable them to anticipate possible complications while moving the bed throughout the house.

One of the golden rules when moving bulky objects is to have enough space for maneuvering it easier. It is not unusual if they decide to disassemble the bed. They will safely remove each piece starting with the headboard.

Loading the bed onto a moving truck

One of the last steps to pack a queen-size bed is loading it into the moving truck. But before the moving truck arrives, make sure once again that all the pieces are there. A thing you should have on mind is that you will need to rent a moving truck of an appropriate size so that all the belongings could fit inside, including your bed. This stands both if you decide to do all the task by yourself and in case you opt for a professional moving crew.

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