How To Find The Best Manhattan Moving Company?

How To Find The Best Manhattan Moving Company?

Moving is an exciting period of people`s lives and an event that we all want to go well. Perfect organization of the relocation can help the entire process to be stress-free. And hiring a moving company makes the relocation immensely easier to handle. This is why we have created this guide on how to find the best Manhattan moving company for your relocation.

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Compare at least three moving companies

One of the best ways to find the best Manhattan moving company is to compare at least three to five moving companies. Every company has its own way of functioning, its own business policies, prices, and approach to people. Most people move once in a few years, so it is very important to choose the best company for the purpose.

By comparing several moving companies you will be able to find out what is a standard service, and how much is the service worth. Make sure to compare moving companies NYC prices too. Beware of low prices, though, as they may be a red alert for a scam moving company.

Check for the insurance policies they offer

There are three main moving insurance policies that moving companies offer. If the moving company you want to hire offers only one type of insurance, again it is a sign that you should find another Manhattan moving company for your relocation. Here are the moving insurance options you will be able to choose from:

  • Full replacement value – With this type of insurance, in case you end up with lost or damaged items, you will get compensation for the current marketplace value of the item. The movers can also repair the damaged item. Finally, they can also replace the item that was damaged or lost with the item in the same condition and of the same value. This type of moving insurance is great if you have more expensive items to relocate.
  • Basic carrier liability – In case the items get either damaged or lost, you would be compensated for around 0.60 cents per pound per item. This is an excellent moving insurance option to choose if you need to relocate mostly clothes or inexpensive items. Also, the basic carrier liability option is completely free.

Items worth more than $100 per pound – In case you have items that are worth more than $100 per pound, you need to inform your Manhattan movers about that before the relocation. In this case, they will offer you a special moving insurance option, as long as they know upfront.

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Ask for the USDOT number

Your best Manhattan moving company should have a USDOT number, especially if you are moving interstate. The USDOT Number is a unique identifier that can help you find out whether the company is licensed by the FMCSA. You can see the number of complaints that they have, the number of vehicles, and many other things. It’ll help you on your quest to hire reliable movers and organize a stress-free moving day.

Check for the complaints

Go to the FMCSA site and through the USDOT number, you will be able to learn about the type of complaints people have filed against the moving company. This is extremely useful, as you will be able to see whether there is a repeating pattern. For example, maybe the company has numerous complaints about damaged items. You should not choose them if your concerns are packing fragile items and how to protect fragile items for your move. Furthermore, you will be able to see the outcome of the complaint, and who won it, as the moving company has the right to settle the complaint.

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Ask for references

Another excellent way to find the best Manhattan moving company and relocate stress-free is to ask your friends and family for recommendations. The worth of mouth is by far the safest way to hire a certain moving company. But, what should you do if no one from your family members or friends has moved recently?

You should ask your movers to provide you with at least three references from people who had a similar relocation as yours within the past couple of months. Feel free to call those people and ask them for their experience. Ask everything you can remember, as it is your goal to find the best Manhattan moving company.

Read online moving reviews

Moving companies reviews in NYC can go a long way in deciding which moving company in Manhattan to choose for your next relocation. They are especially useful if you have narrowed your choice down to two different moving companies. Remember that you can always encounter fake online moving reviews, but this should not discourage you from taking them into consideration. It is normal that a few of them will be fake, but you can spot them easily if you know how to identify fake moving reviews.

Also, have in mind that people are more likely to leave a review if they received bad service, rather than leaving positive feedback. So, if the moving company does not have plenty of bad reviews, it is a step in the right direction.

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Find out if they charge additional fees and when

Every moving company has the policy to charge additional fees in certain situations. Most of the time additional fees are charged when there is no elevator in the building, or if there is no parking space in front of the building. If the moving company has to park further away from your home, they need to carry the moving boxes longer. To avoid additional fees you can reserve the elevator for the moving day, and reserve a parking space as well.

Make sure to ask your Manhattan moving company about the situations in which they charge additional fees so that you know what to expect.

Your best Manhattan moving company will not require a deposit that is too large

If your moving company asks for a deposit that is too large, you should not hire them. Or, if they ask for the entire amount of money for the relocation as well. This is a red alert for rogue movers, and you don`t want to risk losing your belongings. With our tips and tricks, you will be able to find the best Manhattan movers easily.

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