6 Tips To Hire Reliable Movers

6 Tips To Hire Reliable Movers

There are two ways to conduct the move. You can opt for hiring movers or performing the entire moving process by yourself. In today’s time, the problem is that most people don’t have enough energy, money, and time to conduct the move in the best possible manner. So, it is natural that many people choose to hire reliable movers. However, although it might seem that all you need to do is call the first moving company and book a date, in reality, there is more to it.

Unfortunately, there are numerous shady companies out there. The market is flooded with unreliable moving companies that can mishandle, lose, or damage your belongings or your property. In addition, some movers can even be rude. That’s why it is essential to hire a truly professional company for the job. So, if you are thinking about hiring movers and want to learn about the 6 tips to help you hire reliable movers, check out the following text below.

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1. Start With Reviews

The best tip we can give you regarding hiring a reliable mover is to always check out the moving companies’ reviews in NYC. And when we say reviews, we don’t only mean online reviews you can find on Google Maps and various online platforms. Make sure to ask family and friends for recommendations and people you know that have recently moved. Why is this important? Because it will give you a good objective view of their work ethic and help you avoid shady companies. Make sure you know how to identify fake moving reviews. Watch out for fake reviews stating a classic John Doe name. There are companies that invest quite a bit of money into false reviews. So, make sure to always double-check.

2. Background Check

The next thing you need to do is perform a thorough background check on the company of your choice. So, why and how to do a background check on a moving company? Even if everything adds up and the reviews are quite good, you should always google their name and check out their history. If they did anything wrong in terms of severe damage to the items, they transported, being rude, or any issues at all, Google will inform you. This is important because many people overlook background checks. People forget to do a quick search which could save you a lot of hassle.

On the plus side, when you perform the background check, you can see all the company’s positive things. Like if they have, for example, donated some amount of their revenue to different charities and unprofitable organizations. If they are into donating, chances are you found a reliable moving company. Usually, the company that donates has a strong work ethic and a sense of giving their efforts to those in need.

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3. Check

Besides background checks, always remember to check the desired company for certifications and licenses. Some smaller, less-known companies will offer you various discounts, which is too good to be true in most cases. We’re not saying that you can’t find a reliable NYC moving company that will offer discounts. But if something seems like it is too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. These so-called “movers” usually don’t have insurance. It means that if anything goes wrong, they won’t be able to follow thru and cover the damage. If the moving company damages one of your glasses, this won’t represent a big problem. Still, if you plan on transporting antiques and highly valuable items, you need to be careful and hire only reliable movers.

4. Details

You should be able to get a good idea of the company’s work ethic from their behavior and the behavior of their employees. There are two ways how to get an estimate. You can fill out an online inquiry and wait for their call or go to the company in person. In any case, make sure you know which are the important questions to ask a mover before hiring them. Ask their employees anything you might think of since they’re specifically hired to answer your questions. If their customer support or movers seem rude, we highly advise you to choose a different company for the job.

Of course, we recommend getting a couple of estimates and comparing before making the final decision. But we must warn you that the cheapest option is usually not the best one. The same goes if the cost of moving your belongings is too expensive. We recommend going for a mid-range moving expense. It is usually the best ratio when it comes to balancing the fee and the quality of their work.

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5. Additional Costs

While getting an estimate, another tip that will help you differentiate reliable movers from shady ones is to ask for additional costs, charges, and extra fees that might show up during the process. Not only will you be prepared for the move, but you’ll also get a good idea of how the desired moving company functions. Now, remember to conduct a budget prior to the move, and always leave 10-15% of your budget for additional expenses.

For example, extra fees include using the stairs, additional boxes, moving supplies, specialized equipment, and so on. Also, you should know that moving during holidays and the weekends will represent an additional expense. If you are looking to conduct the move in the cheapest possible manner, we recommend moving on a Wednesday or during other workdays. A truly transparent moving company will have the answers to all your questions, and even if they don’t, they won’t take too long to call back. Again, if the company’s representatives are rude, give them the cold shoulder.

6. Insurance

Insurance plays a key role in the moving process, especially when it comes to transporting fragile and highly-valuable items. Transparent and insured movers NYC will gladly explain their insurance agreement and what security measures they will take to protect your belongings during transport. Truly professional companies will be more than happy to inform you of your best options and how to protect yourself and them from any possible risks. This is one of the best ways to avoid a moving scam and move stress-free.

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