How to Decide Where to Move

How to Decide Where to Move

Wouldn’t it be great if one place could satisfy our needs throughout the years? When we are in our mid-twenties and thirties, we want a lively place where everything is happening and our energy is insatiable. In our thirties and forties, we usually start a family and look for a city or a town near great schools. And when we want to retire, we are looking for a peaceful town with familiar people. Here are some tips for moving after retirement.  Luckily, life is an adventure and moving does not have to be stressful if we follow our needs and desires. Let us see what are the determining factors based on which we decide where to move.

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The job market is a fair starting point

Whether we like it or not, we live in a money-driven world. To make money, we need a great job market in the city where we live. In some cities, you will easily find employment in certain sectors, whereas other professions will be dominant in some other city. This is something that should be on top of your list of priorities when searching for a new job. We highly suggest that you start looking for a job well before you physically move to a new place.

Moving on to taxes

Speaking of money, paying taxes is inevitable, but in some states, you will be better off than in others. For example, in Alaska or Florida, you won`t have to pay income taxes which is great news for your bank account. In other states such as Delaware, Alaska, and Oregon you won`t have to pay for sales taxes. Of course, there are taxes like property, school, and gasoline taxes, but it is a big deal when you don`t have to pay all of them.

Cost of living is a vital factor when deciding where to move

Finally, living in a town with a lower cost of living is great. Cost of living includes the cost of groceries, utilities, transportation, health care, etc. This can vary significantly between states and cities.

You will be able to save a lot of money and finally buy the house of your dreams if you live in a town with low living costs. This is especially convenient if you are working from home. While you are earning a salary from a big city, you are enjoying the benefits of living in a small town.

A great education system is essential when you are moving with kids

If you are moving with your family, and you want to enroll your kids into some fine schools then you should look for a place with an excellent education system. Primary, secondary schools, and universities can define the future of your kids and they must receive the best education possible. For starters, you should find out which school you want your children to attend and preferably move into that school district.

Kids Running Up the Stairs During a Move

The crime rate should not be overlooked

Needless to say, we all want to live in a city with no crime. However, this is not possible and some cities are better than others. You should research the city’s crime rate before you decide to rent or buy a house. If you are moving with children opt for a neighborhood where a lot of families with children are located. This will be the perfect place for your kids to grow up and make friends. Not to mention how calmer will you be on a daily basis knowing that you are living in a safe environment whether you have kids or not.


Climate can be a determining factor when you are about to decide where to live. There is absolutely no reason to endure harsh winters when you can enjoy summer all year round. Or vice versa, if you don’t like high temperatures, you can move to a place where there is snow in the winter. Many people have health problems that can be solved by living in a state with a different climate, so there is no reason why you should suffer.

Sunny VS Cold Weather

Culture/Outdoor activities

While these two don’t necessarily have to be separated, you should choose a city that will suit your needs. Major cities have a plethora of theaters, museums, restaurants from around the globe, concerts, professional sports games, and other events. On the other hand, if you enjoy hiking, fishing, surfing more than these, you might be better of in a place with more options for outdoor activities. The point is to find a place where you will be able to live a life that you have always wanted.

Family and friends

Perhaps you have moved to a bigger city to go to university, and now you want to go back to be closer to your family and friends. Or you have children now and it is easier to have someone help you out. How close you want to be to your family and friends is a great pointer when you are about to decide where to move. Some people enjoy seeing their relatives daily, while others are okay with living further away from them. Either way, make sure to include this factor when choosing a new place to live.

Keeping in Touch With Friends After Moving

Health care

Just like with the education system, you should opt for a place with great health care facilities. Even more so if you are retired, have children, or suffer from a chronic disease. While there should be a great health care system in every city or town, the truth is some are better than others as well. Depending on your current residence, and health situation you should opt for a city that can give you the most in terms of health care. Health is the most important thing in our lives, after all.

Many factors can help us decide where to live. While no city will meet all of our demands and needs, it is important to choose wisely. If necessary, make a compromise, but if you are moving your entire life, let it be for a good reason. If you are looking for a professional moving company, whether you are moving locally or long distance, check Dumbo Moving and Storage and get free moving quotes. Good luck!

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