Hiring a NYC moving company for the first time

Hiring a NYC moving company for the first time

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DIY moves might be cheaper, but hiring a reputable NYC moving company comes with a number of benefits

Moving day is slowly approaching and you’re still a bit apprehensive about hiring a professional NYC moving company. As appealing as it may seem, you are still in doubt whether to organize the move on your own or to hire movers. And who would blame you! Having read all those negative moving reviews and unfortunate stories, it’s only normal to be skeptical.

DIY approach mostly makes sense for short-distance local moves. So, if you are moving within the same city you may want to have the things done your way. With an efficient plan in place, strong friends’ help and timely organization your relocation can be a breeze. If you think that you are up to the task, take some time to plan ahead how to make the most of the options that would never be possible during long-distance or interstate moves.

It’s no secret that many people feel more comfortable organizing their move on their own than involving strangers. But, as it turns out, a DIY idea is not applicable to each moving scenario. There are times when professional movers’ help is absolutely indispensable, so we’ve come up with some tips about how to face this daunting task for the first time. If you’ve made up your mind to hire a NYC moving company, but still not sure what to expect, consider our guidelines a good starting point.

How far in advance should I book my NYC moving company?

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Start exploring your moving options as soon as you decide to move house

Due to a competitive nature of the NYC moving industry, scheduling your move well in advance is a better option than leaving everything to the last minute. Always bear in mind this rule of thumb – the farther away you are moving, the earlier you should start your preparations. Easier said than done, you may think. Here are some of the most common advantages of being an early bird when it comes to hiring movers.

– Starting ahead of time gives you the possibility to choose from a number of quality available movers. After comparing several options and moving estimates, you will be able to choose a perfect fit, a trustworthy and affordable movers who will be up to the challenge.

– Unless you are moving during the peak season, you are likely to score some really good deals on moving services. In order to keep their customers, chances are moving companies will offer some incentives in the form of discounts and moving coupons.

-You are likely to pick a convenient moving date which allows you more comfort and flexibility. Assuming that you want to avoid the first and the last several days of a month, weekends or national holidays, contact your movers as soon as your move becomes imminent to get a favorable moving date.

How much money to set aside for the upcoming move?

It’s good to remember that you don’t have to spend a small fortune on your move even if you are moving from one coast to another. The cost of relocating depends on several factors. The better you understand them, the more accurate your moving budget is going to be. Only by requesting quotes from multiple companies you may figure out the approximate cost of moving services.

Extremely low moving quotes may seem at first like a dream come true. But, in order to keep your household items out of harm’s way, make sure to stay away from the companies offering unusually low quotes. Keep in mind that low pricing alone shouldn’t be the only factor to consider when hiring a NYC moving company. Receiving an estimate that is a lot lower definitely means that something’s not quite right. So, before settling for a particular moving company, make sure to run a thorough background check.

Also, knowing your moving needs and requirements will help you figure out the type of additional moving services you actually need. The good news is that some of them are negotiable, depending on the moving season.

Discuss all options with your movers so as to be able to choose the most budget-friendly service package. In order to minimize moving stress it’s always advisable to go for the full-service movers who will take care of each stage of the move. But, even when you are moving on a tight budget, you can find quality and affordable movers. Just make sure to ask around, a recommendation can go a long way toward hiring trustworthy moving professionals. And remember, it never hurts to negotiate with your movers to get a more convenient moving deal.

Qualities of a good NYC moving company

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Know exactly which qualities to look for in a NYC moving company

If you’ve already moved house in the past, by now you probably know that no two moving companies are the same. Chances are you are already familiar with traits to look for in a NYC moving company. As it turns out, a timely research can help you identify quality movers and save you a headache down the road.

Here are some of the most important aspects to pay attention to when deciding if a certain moving company is a good fit. While it’s a pretty straight-forward process for many people, those who have no moving experience at all may actually benefit from the following tips. While interviewing your movers, make sure to find out as much as possible about their business practice and previous performance. If you come across a company meets the following criteria, take a moment to discuss the specifics of the move with them.

  • Moving experience
  • Proper license and insurance
  • Positive moving reviews and recommendations
  • Good customer service
  • Accurate and transparent pricing

Under normal circumstances, a moving company’s representative will be willing to answer all your questions and address your concerns. Any kind of unusual or suspicious behavior is also a sign you should not disregard. Avoiding fraudulent moving companies is a special skill that may keep you and your belongings safe throughout the move. So, do your homework and learn how to distinguish between rogue and reliable movers. The effort will pay off eventually!

Planning a move?

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