Guide to packing medical equipment

Guide to packing medical equipment

When packing medical equipment, it is necessary to have a reliable partner to help you construct a good plan and who will know precisely how to handle this type of equipment. That’s why it’s best to hire expert packing services NYC. Because these packaging companies and workers know how to select appropriate packaging materials and proper packaging methods. Only in this way they can effectively guarantee the right kind of transport and ensure the safety of your items as well as relocation efficiency. But – what’s the right way to do it? Read our guide and see.

Look for a free moving estimate when packing medical equipment

The first thing you should know when packing medical equipment is that you probably shouldn’t to it on your own.
The first thing you should know when packing medical equipment is that you probably shouldn’t to it on your own.

The first thing you should know when packing medical equipment is that you probably shouldn’t to it on your own. There is a great chance you will not be able to pack bulky equipment the way it should be packed. There are professionals for that. So the best thing you can do is look for free moving cost estimator. Most moving companies will offer you a free assessment of packing without any obligation. Also, at your request, moving agents can come to the moving site and give you a unique offer. That would be the price that is unchangeable in the further move.

But how do you know what is good packing and moving offer? Well, the company includes several elements in this free estimate. The moving company will most probably see what the NY location from which you are moving medical equipment is. Then they will see what type of equipment it is, how to safely pack it or disassemble it, in which way is best to load it and transfer it to another location etc. After that, the elaboration of the plan itself follows, and they determine the route and which is the best vehicle to choose for transport.

Choosing the right packing materials

When packing medical equipment, it is imperative to know which materials should you use. The moving company can also advise you on which boxes and bins are best for your medical items. Heavy items should be, of course, packed separately and with professional help. Place smaller items like medicines and instruments placed in special boxes that can carry temperature-sensitive objects. Of course, always make sure that medicines are not expired or outdated in any way. If you do find the ones that can no longer be of use, ask how they are appropriately disposed of.

What about temperature-sensitive objects

A special organization is required for the transport of temperature-sensitive medical items. It also requires a unique way of packaging and transportation, with the maintenance of a specific temperature from the takeover of goods to the moment of delivery. So you should ask your moving company if they can provide you with the transport of all types of temperature-sensitive items. Those sensitive objects include medicines, pharmaceutical samples, biological samples of animal or human origin, etc.

Ask your moving company if they can provide you with the transport of all types of temperature-sensitive items.

It would also be good to see if the moving company can provide transportation of temperature-sensitive objects by the door-to-door system. That means that the package does not make any stops from the moment of loading until delivery. Most likely is that professional moving companies do transportation of temperature-sensitive objects both locally and abroad. It’s also good to know that the transport of temperature-sensitive items is available in the following temperature ranges:

  • Deep frozen shipment (on dry ice)
  • Frozen shipments
  • Refrigerated shipments
  • Controlled ambient cargo handling
  • Shipping at body temperature

How to pack temperature-sensitive objects

When transporting temperature-sensitive items, it is important to have adequate packing for maintaining the right temperature. That’s why you should check with what kind of materials is your moving company working with when packing medical equipment. Those can be thermal boxes and containers, dry ice, various types of gel packs for all temperature ranges, stationary and mobile refrigerators, freezers, heaters, etc. They can determine the packaging method for each item separately, which depends on several factors such as are:

hospital ward
Check with what kind of materials is your moving company working with when packing medical equipment.
  • Quantity of goods
  • Required storage temperature
  • Length of transport
  • Expected temperatures in the areas of transport

Of course, only vehicles explicitly designed for this purpose should be used for the transportation of temperature-sensitive objects. In these vehicles, there is a possibility to control the temperature. And they are certified for the transport of this type of goods. That’s why the transportation of medicines and medical equipment is transported in a specially marked carrier that is used only for this purpose. In the case you need to store temperature-sensitive items, you should ask movers to store your equipment in storage units with controlled temperature. We know you may be thinking of a way to cut costs on storage expenses, but these types of items should be an exception.

Pay special attention to fragile items

When packing medical equipment, always be careful because it is sensitive and probably precious equipment. Treat it with special care. And no matter how good it is packed, the interior transport vehicles should be upholstered. In this way, it will give you added security that your equipment would safely reach the destination. That’s why you have to carefully choose a moving team of extremely experienced packers who know perfectly well how to handle medical equipment. A good part of any medical equipment is fragile, so they need to take special care about how they pack it. We are talking not only about tubes but also medicines in individual containers, sterilizers, inventory and, finally, files of your patients, computers and other essential things.

To conclude

The safety of your medical equipment is in the first place. A good moving company knows that relocating medical equipment can apply to everything you currently have in your office, clinic, or some other health facility. They also know how to handle not just the packing put the relocation of the complete medical clinic. In the end, when packing medical equipment, choose someone who knows how to do it.

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