Green guidelines for your move

Green guidelines for your move


No matter how intense and stressful you household move is, there is no excuse for being irresponsible or reckless towards your environment. If not planned accurately, moving usually happens to be unfriendly to the environment.

How to protect your environment during the move

There are plenty of ways to be environmentally conscious during your household move.

– Reuse your friends’ packing and moving supplies instead of buying lots of new boxes.
Some of the cardboard boxes may withstand several uses. Also, check the boxes you have around you. Maybe some of them are just perfect for your move. Why don’t you turn your empty shoe boxes into usable moving boxes that can accommodate small but important items? Just make sure to secure them with a packing tape.
Damaged and torn cardboard boxes can be recycled. Bare in mind that there are alternatives to cardboard boxes like reusable containers made of recycled plastic. Also, get as many suitcases or garbage bags as you can from your friends and use them instead of moving boxes. Rolling a suitcase is much easier and safer than carrying heavy cardboard boxes.

– Instead of buying a lot of bubble wrap you should opt for using clean towels, blankets to pad delicate belongings. If you eventually decide to buy packing material, get recyclable packing paper and biodegradable padding material.
Repurposing already existing items can help you move in an eco-friendly and more affordable way. Your resourcefulness may help you save some money on this move, so use the items you already own, without spending too much money on this move.

– Use organic cleaning supplies.
Needless to say that while you are moving you will have to clean both of the houses at least several times, so make sure you are using organic, biodegradable cleaning products. They are available in health food stores. You can even make them yourself using some basic ingredients available in anyone’s kitchen.

– Hire an eco-friendly and environmentally responsible moving company that will lead you through your green move. They will also be able to provide you with environmentally-friendly bins and other moving supplies.

– Use eco-friendly transportation means. Instead of making several trips with your car and emitting significant quantities of carbon monoxide, hire one big moving truck than runs on biodiesel fuel. Luckily, some eco-friendly moving companies have upgraded their moving trucks and therefore reduced emissions.
Get moving estimates from several moving companies and find out how much the green move costs. Eco-conscious movers are the safest option for your environment.

– Ship your items.
If you are moving long distance, you can ship your items by train to reduce emission.

– De-clutter.
The amount of packing and moving supplies depends on the amount of items you have to move. First take inventory of your belongings and decide whether you really need all of them. You shouldn’t move every item you own. Sort your belongings into different piles – to recycle, to sell, to donate and move only the items that are going to be used at some point.
Make some money by holding a garage sale and get rid of the items in good condition you no longer need. Alternatively, donate still usable items and help people in need.

Consider the environment before making some serious moving mistakes. When preparing for the move learn what you can do to preserve nature. Start planning your move well in advance and don’t leave the outcome of your big move to chance. Moving is a huge step which involves several parties. Make your personal needs and requirements a priority, but don’t disregard the environment and possibly negative impact your move may have.

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