How to be a good neighbor when moving house

How to be a good neighbor when moving house

Moving to a new home affects not only you but your entire neighborhood. You must not forget that your neighbors must also be taken into account. Your physical activity can also affect their daily lives. Therefore, be a good neighbor when moving house, show courtesy in moving and leave a good impression.

When moving house you may want to remain on good terms with your old neighbors and to make an impression on your new neighbors. While preparing for the moving day, you need to make sure your actions won’t have a negative impact on your neighbors’ routine. It’s also important to behave in a friendly way and show consideration toward your neighbors on a moving day. Hopefully, the following tips will help you be better prepared for the big move with East Village movers and get along with your old and new neighbors.

Being a good neighbor when moving house
You should always do your best to be a good neighbor, even when relocating.

What to do be a good neighbor when moving house?

So that your old neighbors remember you in a better light, remember the following tips:


The moving process is complicated. On the one hand, it can be very noisy. There will be loaders loading the track with their personnel and lifting heavy things. On the other hand, a moving walkway can take up many parking spaces that your neighbors may need. In addition, you can also block the sidewalk with traffic activities. Moving on the road and large pieces of furniture and moving supplies NYC on the road can make it difficult for your neighbors to travel.

That’s why you should think about the whole area before you even start packing. Choose the right time or time when you don’t upset your neighbors.

The best would be to organize the move during the week, while your neighbors are at work. Avoid disturbing them and getting in their way when they are back from work. Even if you have to move in the afternoon or evening, let your neighbors know that, so that they can be prepared. Or maybe on weekends when they are absent. Talk to them and let them help you decide what time is best to do.


Moving can affect the daily life of the entire area. Therefore, in order to avoid any problems and disturb them, it is best to inform them about the move in advance. Notify your neighbors about your moving schedule. Inform them about the moving date and the time when the truck will arrive.

It’s a good idea to discard a card indicating the date and time you moved to their inbox. Perhaps some of them are planning a party, and they need additional parking spaces. Or you may not know that another family in your area is moving the same day.

Keeping your neighbors informed will help you coordinate parking for moving trucks, as well as a good moving day. Moreover, if your neighbors are aware of the move, they will also have the opportunity to wish you well and say goodbye before you leave.


Imagine that you need to go to work, and you notice that a moving truck is blocking your road or garage. Sounds disappointing, right? Your neighbors might feel the same way if they saw your moving path in their path.

If you block access to your neighbors without notifying them, you will lose your good neighbor status. Therefore, it is better to be careful and get permission from them for your move to the day of the move.

Most people do not mind if you ask and tell them the exact time of the move in advance. Just remember to allow yourself an extra hour or two to avoid problems. Although you might think that moving will not take you more than a couple of hours, certain problems may arise.


It would not be good if you left the trash on the day of the move. Thus, before you leave your old house, make sure that you do not forget the garbage around.

Check the stairs, corridors, parking, garden and collect trash. Dispose of the garbage properly and leave the area cleaner than before.

Thus, you will remember as a bonafide neighbor.

# 5: Say goodbye before you go out the door

Do not wait until you move to say goodbye or exchange contact information. Have a moving party before you leave – especially if you can get rid of a lot of things, this can be an interesting way to get people together and give away part of your property. Take the time to thank you for the good times, and if you want to stay in touch, extend your address book and invite people to write down their contact details. This can save you a lot of time and energy on the day of moving, but this is not the moment when you want to exchange good wishes with your neighbors. For a few ideas on thoughtful ways to say goodbye to your neighbors, check out our other blog post.

Hire a Professional Transport Company

This may seem unrelated, but professional and reputable full-service movers NYC are likely to be attentive to your neighbors and your space on the day of your move. Make sure they don’t play loud music from the truck or talk loudly in the hallway if your neighbors are nearby. But if you hire a well-proven, trusted company, you don’t need to worry about that.

Follow these tips and be a good neighbor when moving house

Moving can be frustrating and tiring, so you may be reluctant to neglect your neighbors. These are people with whom you have shared many memories, so you should not forget about it. Notifying neighbors, keeping the area clean and goodbye are some of the things they will remember about you when you leave. Follow these tips, be a good neighbor when moving house, and stay in their memory as a good person.

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