How to get a moving weight estimate

How to get a moving weight estimate

The cost of professional moving services may range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the distance, complexity of the move and the moving company you are about to hire. Whether you are getting a moving weight estimate or a cubic feet quote, you want it to be as accurate as possible.

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Get your moving weight estimate as soon as you decide to move to another state

Have you ever wondered how professional movers calculate weight of each household item? If so, just read on to find out how they estimate weight of their customers’ moving load.

The truth is that your choice of movers can make or break the entire moving experience. The outcome of the move depends on your movers’ expertise and professionalism. Therefore, you may want to do a thorough research in order to ensure a reliable assistance.

A recommendation from a friend, coworker or neighbor can go a long way toward hiring a good moving company. If some of them have gone through a household move recently make sure to gather as many information as possible. Having access to all relevant moving information will allow you to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right moving company.

Considering all horror stories you might have heard, you probably realize that finding an honest moving company is anything but easy. While low moving estimates may be appealing, there’s a good reason why you should stay away from the companies offering unusually low quotes. As it turns out, in order to take advantage of naïve customers, rogue movers usually offer too-good-to-be-true estimates. So, the rule of thumb would be to gather as many information as humanly possible before embarking on a complicated moving process.

The process of getting a moving weight estimate

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Movers will take an inventory of your goods before issuing an estimate

Having done your research, it’s time now for you to contact only shortlisted companies and inquire about the terms and conditions of the move. Once you request instant moving quotes NYC, a surveyor will pay you a visit in order to issue a precise quote.

By taking an inventory of your belongings, a moving company’s representative can assess your specific moving needs. But do they really know how much each item weighs? The truth is that the initial moving estimate is based on the average weight values for household goods. But, what really counts is the final moving weight estimate.

Your movers are required to weigh your shipment on a certified scale once all your items have been loaded into the moving truck. If your movers decide to weigh the shipment at the pickup, you should know the exact tare weight – the weight of an empty vehicle.

Once all moving items are loaded into the truck, it should be weighed once again in order to get the gross weight. After subtracting the tare weight from the gross weight you will get the exact weight of your shipment – the net weight.

On the other hand, if your movers decide to do the destination weighing, they should apply the same procedure but in reverse order. Unless you are present when your shipment is being weighed, the only thing you can do is to trust your movers and hope that they won’t rip you off.

Typically, interstate movers’ pricing is calculated based on the total weight of the shipment and the distance to your new home.

How to negotiate with moving companies?

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Negotiating with your movers can be very beneficial

No matter how expensive moving services, you should know that their pricing is not set in stone. In fact, the amount of moving costs depends on several factors. Aside from the moving distance, type of moving services and the moving company itself, there’s one aspect you shouldn’t underestimate during the moving process.

Your negotiation skills will be put to the test especially if you are moving during the off-peak season. In order to secure you as a customer during the slow moving season, many moving companies would rather adjust their quotes. Also, it’s a perfect opportunity to let your movers fight for you!

Some companies are willing to price-match if not beat the competitors’ previous offer so as to keep you as a customer. As it turns out, moving companies tend to be more flexible during the off-peak season, so you may want to schedule your move for the period between October and May.  However, regardless of the season, it never hurts to negotiate with any service provider as you have nothing to lose.

Even if a moving company is not willing to lower the price, you may get a good moving deal in terms of additional moving services. Depending on the complexity of the move you may need additional moving services. So don’t be surprised if you get free unpacking services during your winter move. If you are lucky to come across a company that cares about customer satisfaction, you can expect a flawless service at a good price.

That being said, with Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC you can be sure that your moving needs will be completely accommodated.

Additional moving costs

When you are about to get a moving weight estimate you may be unsure as to whether you can actually afford professional moving services. When calculating moving costs make sure to budget for additional moving services that can generate extra fees.

  • Long carry fees are applied if you haven’t reserved a parking place right next to your doorway.
  • Handling bulky items such as pool tables, pianos, king-size beds is a service that brings additional fees.
  • Elevator fee is usually applied in walk-ups or if an existing elevator is out of order, so your movers need to haul heavy items up and down flight of stairs.
  • Storage fee is charged in case of a delayed delivery of your household belongings.
  • Shuttle service charges are applied if your movers need to change vehicles in order to access your property.
  • Packing and unpacking services are available upon request at an additional fee.
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly usually comes with an additional charge as your movers have the necessary equipment and skills.

Planning a move?

Experience the peace of mind that comes from working with a trusted, affordable moving service. Our team of dedicated movers is committed to providing excellent customer service and making sure your items arrive in the same condition they were in before the move. We work hard to ensure that your move is as stress-free as possible and that your possessions are handled with the utmost care. With our competitive prices and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can be sure that your move will be an enjoyable and successful experience.

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