What Are the Cheapest States To Move To Right Now?

What Are the Cheapest States To Move To Right Now?

If you are wondering what are the cheapest states to move to right now, you’re not the only one. When it comes to finding a more affordable state to move to, we’ve noticed a gradual rise in interest. Big states and cities have become very expensive, and this trend keeps growing.

Choosing the right state depends on a couple of factors, including average prices, job opportunities, utility costs, safety, etc. However, we will be using the most common elements to help you decide where to move, including average cost of living index, median household income, median home price, and median rent.

So, if you’re wondering what are the cheapest states to move to right now, please read the following article.

Brooklyn Bridge NYC - Night Scenery
Big Cities have become expensive for a living

1. Mississippi

According to 2020 data, Mississippi is at the very top when it comes to the cheapest states to move to right now. The cost of living is supposedly 15 percent lower than in other USA states. The median rent is about 1000 USD meaning that the homes here cost almost 30 percent less than in average USA home (median home price is about 180000 USD).

Mississippi holds many job opportunities while residents report that groceries and transport costs are very cheap.  There is no fog and smog here, and this state offers more than fifty universities.

Also, nature is tremendous in this state, and Mississippi is known for numerous sports activities- a perfect place for a family.

2. Arkansas

Arkansas is a state with a reasonably mild climate which is perfect for those that don’t enjoy extreme temperatures. The natural scenery here is brilliant and offers all shades of green. The most important thing about Arkansas is that the economy here is powerful. The cost of living is 13 percent lower than the national average. The cost of transportation is among the lowest in the whole US. The average rent is about 1095 USD, with a median house price of about 175000 USD. One of the most mentioned benefits when talking about Arkansas is a reasonably cheap healthcare system.

Little Rock, Arkansas - Panoramic View
Arkansas is among the most affordable states

3. Oklahoma

The average cost of living in Oklahoma is about 3037 USD. Also, this state is known for its low prices when it comes to housing making it third on the list of the cheapest state to live in. Utilities, groceries, and transport are reportedly very affordable. The average rent is about 1000 USD, with a median home price at about 120000 USD. According to 2020 statistics, Oklahoma holds a very low unemployment rate with a great job market, especially in spheres like meteorology, energy, and biotechnology.

The landscape is very diverse, meaning that this state holds mountains, rivers, lakes, etc. If you are picky when it comes to neighborhoods, Oklahoma offers diversity here, too, meaning you can choose between urban areas, rural areas, or even suburbs.

4. Missouri

Missouri is fourth on this list because it offers one of the cheapest housing options in the whole US. Houses are almost 27 percent lower than the national average, with rent around 1000 USD. Also, transportation, alongside utilities and groceries, is very cheap.

In addition, healthcare also presents a low cost which is extremely important, especially when compared to the rest of the USA.

Kansas City, Missouri - A Night's View Of The City Center
Missouri offers some of the cheapest housing options in the States

5. Tennessee

The average cost of living in Tennessee is about 3417 USD with a 1315 USD median rent. Although the median rent is higher than other states in this list, utilities, groceries, and transport are among the cheapest.

When you do the math, the overall cost of living is about 11 percent lower than the nationals average. Fortunately, the economic market here is gradually improving, offering various job opportunities for many.

6. Michigan

Reportedly, Michigan offers the lowest expenses for groceries, where residents spend 10 percent less on necessities than the whole US. Michigan is also called The Great Lake State because of its tremendous nature and widely renowned lakes. As for job opportunities, Michigan holds one of the most significant car industries in the US.

The most affordable areas, including Detroit, offer very cheap housing options at about 48188 USD (median home price). The average rent here for a two-bedroom apartment is approximately 950 USD.

Detroit, Michigan - A Panoramic View Of The City
Michigan offers low rents and job opportunities in the car industry

7. Kansas

The average cost of living index regarding Kansas is 86.8, with an average cost of living at about 3162 USD.

Kansas is located in the Midwest and represents a fairly cheap state if we take into consideration that the average cost of living here is 10 percent lower than the nationals average. As for the rent, transport, and utility, statistics state that these expenses are moderately cheap. The unemployment rate is quite low, and Kansas holds a great spot if you plan on investing in homeownership because of fairly low tax expenses.

The most growing job industries are food processing and alternative energy. But there are various job opportunities in other spheres, too, like logistics and bioscience.

8. Alabama

Alabama holds an average cost of living at 3326 USD and with an 88.1 average cost of living index.

Housing is pretty cheap here, with a median home price of about 129300 USD with a highly affordable transportation fee.

Housing is remarkably cheap in Birmingham (66000USD) and Mobile.

The job market holds most space in industries like the tech, auto industry, and aeronautic.

9. Georgia

Georgia is the home of one of the most famous US cities when it comes to gambling, Atlanta. This fact may point you in an opposite direction since it gives an expensive vibe to this state. However, the following factors paint a different image:

The average cost of living in Georgia is 4124 USD, with an 89.7 average cost of living index. Housing is incredibly cheap here, which can be seen when you look at the median home price at about 187000 USD. The median rent is 1006 USD. If you are worried about utilities, they represent a very low expense with a constantly expanding job market. Georgia is ranked as one of the top states regarding doing business in the whole USA. This state is rich in glorious urban areas if you plan on settling here.

Atlanta, Georgia - A Panoramic View On The City
As a place to live in, Georgia has a lot to offer

The economy is flourishing while offering a wide range of jobs in multiple industries, including real estate, agriculture, and technology.

So, if you are looking for a state that has it all, think Georgia.

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