A Guide For Moving From NYC To Silicon Valley

A Guide For Moving From NYC To Silicon Valley

New York City is a unique and beautiful place that everyone dreams of living in. Although there are numerous benefits to living here, like the quality of life, lots of events, and a sense of belonging, there are numerous downsides too. For instance, in rush hour, the city can get very overcrowded, which can, in some cases, cause serious havoc. This can result in lots of stress, especially if you need more than one hour to work. Plus, the people can be very rude and mostly cross the street without looking at traffic lights. In addition, because of lots of concrete (New York is often called the concrete jungle), summers are very hot and humid. However, the winters can be very harsh. Oh, and the pollution is very high. The aforementioned reasons are causing people to move out of the city to warmer and more laid-back places like California. In the following text, we’ll present a guide for moving from NYC to Silicon Valley. Why Silicon Valley? Because it’s the very best place in California when talking about job opportunities and overall sense of well-being. So, let’s proceed.

Silicon Valley On A Map


So, first, we’ll introduce you to the basics of moving from NYC to Silicon Valley. Moving from New York City to Silicon Valley can be very overwhelming and expensive. When we say expensive, we really mean that you’ll have to spend big bucks, especially if you want to perform the move in the best possible manner. Like with everything, there are several factors that can severely influence the cost of the entire move.

  • The absolute volume of the move
  • The distance of the move
  • Additional services
  • The exact timing of the move

However, there is no need to worry as there are several options to choose from.

The Cost

We’ll jump straight to the issue. As we mentioned earlier, moving from NYC to a place like Silicon Valley is a huge move meaning that you should be prepared. Like with everything in life, moving can be done in several ways. Remember that proper planning and organization are crucial aspects of the move. If these two are done correctly, your move will be way easier. The cost of moving can vary, so understanding the moving costs is important. So, what is the cost of interstate moving? The average cost of the move ranges somewhere between $2300-$7000 depending on the number of belongings that you plan on moving. There is a big difference between moving to a studio and a three-bedroom apartment. In addition, expect that the move will be more expensive if you choose to hire a big corporation to perform the move. So, let’s list the average prices you should expect depending on the number of your belongings.

  • Studio/One Bedroom: $1700-$3300
  • Two/Three Bedrooms: $4700-$7300
  • Four Bedrooms: $7700-$14000

Remember that these costs include fuel but don’t include tolls and parking.


When you’re familiar with the moving cost and what to expect, it’s time to find a reputable moving company to handle the issue for you. What does basic moving include? Mostly, moving includes packing, loading, transporting, and unloading. However, you can choose additional services like packing that can make a big difference. Now, when you understand the basic principle of moving services. Remember not to hire the first moving company that you find, meaning that you should have a couple of options. First, we recommend asking family and friends for recommendations, especially if they moved a couple of weeks ago. Furthermore, you can always use Google and check out local moving companies. Make sure to get a couple of estimates and make a list of all the moving companies. Get the estimates in writing so the company can’t ask for additional expenses.

Customer Reviews

A Background Check

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a moving company without performing a background check. You can use sites like Yelp or different agencies to check if the company’s work ethic is valid. Of course, you can check out reviews. Remember that one good review doesn’t mean the company is good for you and that one bad review doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire them.

Also, search for discounts. Even though you might think full service movers NYC don’t offer discounts, there are a couple of tips and tricks that can help you save up money.

Look for Discounts

Like we said earlier, there are a couple of tricks that can help you save up money. For instance, moving during the workweek, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, is the cheapest time to move. The same goes for winter and summer. Avoid moving at the beginning and the end of the month. Also, there are certain social and age groups that can hire some of the best moving companies in New York in a cheap manner. If you’re a veteran or a student, hiring movers for cheap is possible. Most residential movers NYC will offer a significant discount on the overall price.

Best Places in California

We understand that you’ve already decided that you want to move to Silicon Valley. However, allow us to present some of the best places, if you’re moving from NYC to California, just in case Silicon Valley doesn’t feel right after some time. On of the best places in California is San Diego. There are plenty of reasons to move to San Diego. So, if you decide to move there, you probably won’t regret it. The other great places are Fresno, Sacramento, and Santa Rose. In any case, thank you for staying with us. Keep in mind that there are a lot of shady movers out there, meaning that you should choose the right company with caution.

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