Top 10 Reasons to Move to San Diego

Top 10 Reasons to Move to San Diego

Do you have your heart set on moving to “America’s Finest City“? Nice weather is not the only thing that makes your life more beautiful after you become a California resident. San Diego offers much more than that. A lot of friendly & happy people, a relaxed lifestyle, and plenty of job opportunities. You’ll have no trouble calling San Diego home. There are many reasons for living in this wonderful city. We’ve listed the top 10 reasons to move to San Diego.

Cali casual

The first reason we find justifies moving to San Diego is the lifestyle. The overall vibe is casual and relaxed. People are a big part of that famous Cali casual charm. Speaking of charm, another thing that adds to the beauty of this city is that it gives you that small-town feeling without compromising big-city amenities. About 1,4 million people call San Diego their home. You’ll enjoy finding a tight-knit community and you may find that the best way to do so is to visit local events. You can find a cultural event quite easily. The art scene in San Diego is always up to something. There is a lot of music, museums, art performances, and anything else that sparks your interest.

Craft beer capital

Were you aware that San Diego’s known as the craft beer capital? With plenty of local breweries, the nickname speaks for itself. If you’re a fan of refreshing brews, you’ll find yourself visiting all of these charming bars, and rest assured you won’t be alone. You’ll share your love for craft beer with more than a million fellow San Diegans.

Craft Beer
If you like beer, then the capital of craft beer is the right place for you.

Commute time

Imagine commuting in Los Angeles or San Francisco and you probably cringe instantly. The good news is that you won’t hate commuting after moving to San Diego. In fact, you’re likely to reach your destination in 20 (ish) minutes. If you’re moving from a city with traffic jams and long commutes, you’ll truly appreciate San Diego’s shorter commute time.


Well, you knew this pro of living in San Diego will appear in this text sooner or later. You’ll always find the weather on top of anyone’s list when it comes to living here. That’s because the weather in San Diego is really an important thing to consider and it’ll make your life much nicer. It does rain sometimes, but overall, the city has about 266 days of sunshine a year. When it’s not sunny, temperatures will still be pleasant and comfortable. You’ll never find a temperature drop below 32 degrees (even temperatures this low are super rare). Can you imagine your life without checking the weather forecast? Yes, we agree that’s amazing, so count the mild weather in when thinking if you should move to San Diego.

Outdoors and landscapes

For outdoor enthusiasts and active lifestyle residents, San Diego offers endless options thanks to its local mountains, dessert crates, and the Pacific Ocean. Besides giving you a chance to engage in various outdoor activities, this combination also gives you some breathtaking landscapes and gorgeous views. Most people agree that there are only a few things better than being able to visit beaches and mountains in one day. If you have a dog, we have good news for you. San Diego is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the US. Your dog would surely like it there.

Balboa Park in San Diego
San Diego has beautiful landscapes and outdoor spaces

Job market

Let’s start by saying that regardless of your skills, you’ll be able to find a job in San Diego. If you’re looking for an entry-level job, San Diego got your back. The tourism industry in San Diego is big, so you’ll certainly find your place. Are you inspired by innovative companies – check out Illumina, Dexcom, or Qualcomm. If you’re still not convinced, let’s check out some latest updates − Apple announced adding about 4,000 jobs in San Diego through 2026, and Amazon has just opened its biggest facility in California bringing about 1,500 new job openings. So, whatever industry you’re interested in, you’ll definitely find something to maintain that work-life balance.


This is another obvious one, but you just can’t overlook the fact that San Diego gives you 70 miles of coastline. There are so many beaches to choose from and any season works just fine – it’s always a good time for a trip to the beach. Some are popular among tourists, and some are just the opposite, but the bottom line is that you’ll find exactly the vibe you want. So much access to the ocean allows you to enjoy surfing, kayaking, and other water sports, or you can simply relax and watch the amazing sunset.

People on a Beach in San Diego
Beautiful sunny beaches are the landmark of San Diego


If you’re moving with children or working on your education, San Diego will not disappoint you. You’ll find plenty of top-tier universities here, including:

If you’re in college and need a long-distance college move to San Diego, hiring professional long-distance movers NYC is a way to go.

Authentic Food

Remember those awesome breweries where you can try made-in-San-Diego beer? Well, things look pretty similar when it comes to local food places. San Diegans are not big on big-chain restaurants; actually, most of them will enjoy exploring authentic foods. You’ll have no trouble finding unique flavors and imaginative menus. If you’re a fan of Mexican food, then San Diego will potentially give you the best Mexican dish you ever had. Being so close to the border, America’s Finest City has incredible Mexican cuisine.

Mexican Food
An abundance of Mexican food will make your life a lot more tasteful


The location gives you easy access to other popular destinations like Mexico, LA, Disneyland, Joshua tree, etc. – you can reach all of them by car. Also, San Diego allows you to visit back home or travel anywhere pretty conveniently – the airport is less than a mile away from downtown, it’s rarely overcrowded, and you’ll find direct flights to pretty much anywhere.

If you’re considering moving to San Diego, we hope our list of reasons to move to San Diego will help you make up your mind. For making your relocation to America’s Finest City smooth and safe, contact your reliable NYC movers, Dumbo Moving and Storage, and receive a free moving quote.

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