9 Strategies on How to Pack a Home Library for Moving

9 Strategies on How to Pack a Home Library for Moving

Reading books is indefinitely more pleasant than moving them, as you can agree. But, since we love reading them so much, it won`t be too hard to relocate them with the right packing strategies. With good organization, everything becomes much easier. We have created this useful guide to show you the best ways to organize and pack a home library for moving so that you can enjoy reading at your new home as well. Since we should not underestimate the weight of the boxes, consider hiring movers to transport your home library.

A Couple Packing a Home Library for Moving

Decide which books you will relocate to your new home

You do not have to relocate all of the books that you currently own in your home library. And this is completely okay. If you have read some books several times, or they are damaged, and you simply don`t want to read them, you should not relocate them. Go through each book carefully, and decide what to with it. There are several ways in which you can leave your books behind.

  • Donate them to charity – Charities will gladly accept your books. You can also donate them to orphanages, schools, libraries, etc. There is no reason why others should not enjoy your books.
  • Sell them – Offer your books at the yard sale, or sell them online. You won`t get rich by selling your books, that is true, but you can earn some money while finding a new home for your books.
  • Give them to friends and family members – If some of your friends or relatives want to have a few of your books, relocation is the right time for this.
  • Recycle – When some of your books are damaged beyond repair, the best thing you can do is to take them to a recycling center.

Organize your books

Now that you have decided which books you will relocate from your home library, you should organize them. There are two ways to do this. You should first separate hardcovers from paperbacks. Although combining these two book covers seems logical, this way is more efficient. Plus you will avoid any possible damage to your books. Furthermore, books come in various sizes and sometimes even shapes. Categorize your books according to size and shape. In order not to forget the way your books were organized on a shelf it is convenient to take photos or even videos of your old shelf.

The methods in which you can pack your books safely in a moving box

There are several methods in which you can safely pack your home library for relocation. Whichever method you use, it is perfectly fine. Just make sure that books are not bent, or at a weird angle, because they can remain that way after you take them out of the box.

  • Spine-down – Place the books in a spine-down position in the moving box.
  • Spine facing the wall – Another way is to place the books with the spines facing the walls.
  • Flat – Lay the books flat inside the moving box. Combine these three methods to use up space efficiently.

Get the right packing supplies for packing your home library

One of the best strategies for packing a home library is to have high-quality packing supplies for your moving boxes. Get tape, permanent markers, moving boxes, packing paper, and bubble wrap.

moving boxes for small scale moves

Choose the moving box wisely

When relocating your home library, you should know that several books in one box can get pretty heavy. So, always use small, or medium-sized moving boxes for the relocation of books. The weight of a single moving box should not be over 40lbs. Note that due to the weight a moving box must be sturdy enough to withstand the load. It would be best if you could get brand new, high-quality moving boxes. However, if you head off to the grocery and liquor store to get free moving boxes, just take the ones in the best condition.

Pack the moving boxes carefully

Once you have organized your books according to size, shape, type of cover, and chosen the moving boxes NYC, it is time for packing. Choose one of the methods mentioned above, but make sure to prepare the moving box first. Double tape the bottom of the moving box to secure that it won`t open during the transport. Use packing paper to cover the inside of the moving box to prevent any damage to the books. Pack the books carefully. If you have rare books, first collections, old photo albums, place flat cardboard pieces between each book. In this case, you should also wrap each book into the packing paper.

Don`t forget to label the moving boxes

Once you pack the books inside the moving boxes, you should double tape the top of the box with high-quality tape. And to preserve your books, as well as avoid any moving injury, you should label the moving boxes. Write Books on at least three sides of the moving box. If you know that the box contains heavy items you will apply different lifting techniques.

Best Packing Begins with Labeling

Hire professionals to assist you

If you have a home library with thousands of books, perhaps the best way to relocate it is with the help of a professional moving company. In this way, you will avoid any moving injuries or damages to your books. The moving crew knows how to pack, transport, and unpack your items in the most efficient way possible. And most importantly, you will save plenty of time that you can spend with your family or planning other aspects of your relocation.

Don`t worry so much

One of the best strategies for relocating your home library is to take it one step at a time. Everything will turn out for the best if you remain calm and relaxed. Soon, you will be able to enjoy reading your books from the comfort of your brand new home. Good luck!

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