5 Tips For Inspection of Your New Home

5 Tips For Inspection of Your New Home

Home improvements should be finished before moving in, especially big renovation projects. You will have a lot more work to do if your house is filled with furniture. So before you move in you need to inspect your home and check what needs to be improved and repaired in order to avoid the pipes replacing or roof fixing after the moving day. You don’t want to be surprised by insolvencies after the moving process is finished you will want to relax and enjoy your new home.

Here are the 5 most important tips for a home inspection.


Before you start going through the list of all the things that should be inspected you need to know that you should inspect stability first. Check the condition of the wood, stairs, and railings, check all the joints and walls. Inspect the porch or deck and check the beams. Make sure that there are no nails or screws exposed.

1. Inspect Doors and Windows

doors and windows

Firstly you should check the doors and windows to make sure that each one opens and closes properly and that there is no broken glass. After that check, the locks, make sure to replace the front door and front gate locks because you can never know who the previous owner gave the keys to. Check the doorways and thresholds too.

2. Inspect the Kitchen


The most important thing to check in the kitchen spaces are the traces of rot. Wood elements are usually damaged the most and you need to inspect them thoroughly, look for scratches and check the doors on the cabinets. There is a big possibility of water damage too, and you will want to check the floors and walls for oil stains. Check the drawers too, see if they all open and close smoothly. You will want to check all of the exiting appliances too see if they are working properly or you will need to buy new ones.

3. Inspect the Bathroom


Similar to kitchen water damage is even more possible in the bathroom. You will want to avoid all possible leaks too so check all the fixtures, sink, bathtubs and toilets. Most of the people forget about the ventilation fan, turn it on to see if it works. Check the appliances too, if there are any.

4. Inspect Plumbing


Plumbing is one of the most important things to inspect, you need to check the drains and look for odd smells, you will do so by letting the water run for a few minutes. You will also see if there are any drain backups and leaks beneath the sinks. Listen for any leaking sound around the inner toilet workings and check if the toilet flushes properly. After that go down to the basement and inspect all pipes.

5. Inspect the Electricals


You need to inspect all electrical work, check every outlet by plugging in the phone chargers to each one. Take a good look at the circuit board too. After that, you will need to walk through the entire house and turn the lights off and on to make sure that they are all working fine.

These are the most important thing to inspect before moving to your new home but you may also need to check a few more things depending on the situation. You will remember to check the heating systems if you are moving during the winter months or inspect the AC if you are moving during the summer months.

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