15 Things to Know Before Moving to Colorado from NYC

15 Things to Know Before Moving to Colorado from NYC

If you’re thinking about moving from New York to Colorado but you’re not quite sure about how it compares to Big Apple, here are 15 things to know before moving to Colorado from NYC.

Denver, Colorado - Aerial Photo With The Colorado Flag In The Forefront

Property taxes

One of the nice things about living in Colorado is that you won’t have to pay crazy high property taxes. Actually, property taxes are rather low. So, you’ll have to pay only about 0.6% of your home’s value that’s assessed yearly.

People spend plenty of time outdoors

When you are living in New York City, you are used to being on the move. Spending lots of time running around and being active is so New Yorkie. The good news is that once you move to Colorado you can continue to be active. And you’re not going to be the only one. People in Colorado spend plenty of time outdoors. Local municipalities are focused on making it even easier for everyone to enjoy.

Winter is widely enjoyed

An NYC’s lifestyle definitely includes harsh winters and occasional winter fun. But, spending plenty of time outdoors during the winter months is not the main focus in Big Apple. On the other hand, in Colorado, winter is nothing that slows you down. On the contrary – it’s something to look forward to. Skiing is big in Colorado, with many people enjoying it. The state gets almost 14 million visits in one season. But if skiing is not your thing, there’s no reason to worry. Colorado has all sorts of winter sports going on, such as snowmobiling, ice climbing, even snowshoeing.

A Colorado Skier

Adjusting to altitude

While you certainly did need a lot of time to adjust to the NYC lifestyle, adjusting to Colorado has a totally different challenge – altitude. Altitude sickness is a real thing and it can take months to fully adjust to your new home’s altitude.

Possessing marijuana

For adults at least 21 years old, it’s legal in NYC to poses up to 3 ounces of cannabis for recreational use. In Colorado, however, the law states you can have a maximum of 1 ounce. However, there are laws surrounding this rule. You can’t use it in any public spaces and you can’t drive under its influence. There are also different restrictions depending on a specific area in Colorado.


This may be annoying when you’re moving from NYC to Colorado, depending on your political views, or a lack of it. New York is considered to be one of the most solidly Democratic states but things look pretty different in Centennial State. Colorado residents are leaning both left and right regarding politics, depending on where you are. Denver, for example, is mostly liberal while most small places lean more towards the conservative side. So, if you have Denver in mind, prepare yourself for moving from NYC to Denver by reading guides and reviews and learning more about other people’s experiences. Also, keep in mind that Colorado is a swing state and you can expect changes to happen each election year.

Colorado State Capitol Building With The Colorado State Flag And The Flag Of The US

Cost of living

The cost of living in New York City is above the national average. So, if you compare Colorado to New York City, you’ll certainly find it be a whole lot cheaper. However, this is pretty relative, so don’t count on finding exactly cheap prices, whether you’re looking into your groceries or buying a new home. Colorado’s median home price index is 166 compared to a national average of 100. To put this into perspective, NYC’s median home cost index is 294 so moving to Colorado can be considered a smart move after all.

Average income

More good news is coming from Colorado if you plan to leave NYC and start your new life in the Highest State. While your earnings are individual and depend on numerous factors, there are some facts that can’t be argued. An average salary in New York City is just a bit over $32,000 while it’s almost $36,000 in Colorado. So, if you’re thinking about relocating for a job from NYC to Colorado, this may be good news for you. Considering lower prices as well, it seems like you’re in for a much better lifestyle after you move.


Here’s something you’ll probably find surprising, especially after being used to subway or skyscrapers taking care of it for you when you’re driving – sun glare is not your friend. Besides that, icy roads are also common in Colorado. The sun’s glare makes it impossible to see the car in front of you and icy roads make the whole thing more complicated, so it’s best you get used to driving in these conditions once you become a resident of Colorado.

The Icy Road Through A Forest


Nothing compares to endless options of diverse cuisines in NYC. Your New York-style pizza and Philly cheesecake are something you will probably miss and enjoy once in a while when you visit Big Apple. On a positive note, there’s still plenty of delicious food in Colorado so hopefully, you’ll get enough choices to satisfy your foodie tendencies.


A few places in the world can be as proud as NYC is when it comes to diversity. If you enjoy living in The City for its mixture of cultures and races, you may not find Colorado to be so enjoyable. Most of the population is Caucasian and while there is a big influx of Mexican population as well, you just won’t find much diversity besides that.


The good news is that you’ll never have to taste the same beer twice after you move to Colorado. There are numerous micro-breweries and craft beer is something you’ll easily learn to appreciate.

A Mug Of Draft Beer In A Bar In Colorado

Income taxes

While taxes in NYC kick in at different levels depending on how much money you make but all brackets are below 4%. Things are looking completely different in Colorado, which has a flat income tax of 4.63%.


There’s a unique charm you’ll get to enjoy when you move to Colorado and it has to do with trains. The state has several scenic train routes and they’ll take you through nature’s paradise – through the mountains and historic towns. Besides going for a trip whenever you feel like it, it also makes a fun option when your friends from NYC visit.

The way you relocate matters

This is another thing you must know when moving to Colorado from NYC – the way you relocate is important. Make sure to avoid the most expensive moving mistakes. Since you’ll be moving across state borders, it’s wise to hire reliable long distance movers NYC and avoid do-it-yourself moving. Long-distance moves are way too complex to be handled alone. So, make sure you hire only a reliable NYC moving company. Reach out to your interstate movers and request a free estimate to find out how much it would cost you to move to Colorado from NYC.

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