Prepare Yourself for Moving From NYC to Denver

Prepare Yourself for Moving From NYC to Denver

New York is certainly one of the greatest places in the world to call home. If you’ve been one of the lucky ones who live in the Big Apple, you know about the magic it holds. But loving NYC doesn’t always mean staying in it. Sometimes circumstances force us to move, whether for work, a change of lifestyle, or financial situation. Perhaps you simply want to slow down a bit, stop fighting the crowds, and spend more time in nature. If you’ve been thinking about moving from NYC to Denver, we’re happy to share some facts with you in the following text. Moving away from NY is definitely challenging, but you’ll learn in no time that Denver has a lot to offer, too.

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While you’re getting ready to make the big leap away from New York, go ahead and read through some of the great things you will find in Denver. Hopefully, our text will help to prepare yourself for moving from NYC to Denver.

Philosophy of life in Denver

People from Colorado are known for being exceedingly outdoorsy, taking advantage of each season. You will have no problem finding people in parks and open spaces, even when the weather is not great (easy for them to do when there are about 300 days of sunshine a year). But there’s much more to their lifestyle philosophy than just enjoying outside. They also take care of their outdoors, and citizens (as well as companies) are eco-friendly. Once you move to Denver, you will find that your neighbors prefer to go to the fresh market, and they also support local businesses. Their effort to reduce the carbon footprint is as individual as it is collective.

The relaxed vibe of Denver

Chances are that the vibe of Denver will appeal to you, and its laid-back approach is something to appreciate after living in NYC. You will hardly find long lines in front of the nightclubs, but that doesn’t mean there is no rich nightlife in this city. It just means that restaurants, bars, and clubs are simply more relaxed than those you see in the Big Apple. The highlight for its residents and tourists are breweries, as well as food truck parks and concert venues. To shine some more light on the vibe of this state, there’s a fact that recreational marijuana has been legal since 2014. Overall, quality of life is something to look forward to when moving from NYC to Denver. Work-life balance is important in this state, and this approach comes as cold refreshment on a hot summer day when you compare it to the NYC lifestyle.

Housing Cost

All NYC residents are well aware of one of the biggest drawbacks of this city – extremely expensive housing. Besides high prices, in most cases a security deposit and is necessary, and often you even have to pay rent in advance. The great news about moving to Denver is that the situation is quite the opposite. It’s not so common to require payment up-front, and costs are much lower. Also, more people are moving to Denver, which leads to housing growth, and more options to choose from. Since you’re moving long-distance, make sure to plan ahead and hire an estate agent who will help you find a suitable home in advance. By doing so, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a place to stay once you arrive in Denver.

Nearby Outdoors

As already mentioned, people from Colorado are quite outdoorsy, and once you start living in Denver, you will have no trouble joining them. There are many parks and green spaces throughout the town, such as Cheesman Park and Wash Park. Also, there is a stunning set of mountains in close proximity, as well as some of the nicest ski centers as well as numerous trails for hiking, biking, or running. Outdoor options will allow you to slow down and enjoy a picnic or a stroll, or you can join Denver folks playing volleyball, Frisbee, or any other fun activity.

City Park in Denver


You should find it pretty easy to fit in once you start calling Denver your home. People are mostly friendly, and even if you’re moving alone, you should make friends in no time. The “anything goes” attitude is one of the highlights of this city, and there’s not much hate around here. You will find no struggle if you love to hang out and meet up.

Sunny days

One of NYC’s charms includes the four seasons and a constant chance to see it in a new light. The flip side of the coin is that winters can be extremely harsh, and if you’re not a fan of cold weather, you’ll really enjoy Denver. It has over 300 sunny days a year, and winter is way less harsh than in NY. But it doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy winter. You will find various winter joys, including skiing, ice skating, winter camping, sledding, ice climbing, etc.

Job opportunities

Endless job opportunities in the Big Apple are something that’s pretty hard to say “goodbye” to. But you’ll be happy to know that Denver is also a good place if you are looking for an industry change. Especially if you’re seeking employment in the tech industry, rest assured that you made a solid choice when moving here. A trusted financial website WalletHub looked into the best places to start a business, and Denver was ranked #10. A work-life balance is another thing to look forward to when moving here.

Job Search After Moving from NYC to Denver

Now that you’ve got some positive sides and prepared yourself for moving from NYC to Denver, the next step is to hire the best long distance movers NYC to help you with your long-distance move. Contact Dumbo Moving and Storage today to get moving quotes.

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