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Top questions to ask realtors before buying property

Many of us dream of having our own home, decorating it to our liking, having as many pets as we want and so on. When you find an estate that even remotely resembles the one in your daydreams, it can be pretty easy to fall in love with all the details it has, and be blind for any flaws. Everyone is super excited, you can already see the family dinners happening in the backyard, and the last minute movers NYC are ready to act as soon as you nod your head. However, all that glitters is not gold. Buying a property is a big financial leap. Probably one of the biggest one you are going to make in your lifetime. For this reason, you need to be cautious and do your research. These top questions to ask realtors before buying property can be really helpful with giving you the real picture of what’s to expect.

1. Is there anything wrong with the house?

Surely enough, the nice things will be easy to spot right off the bat. Howbeit, when you buy a property, you buy bad things as well. Not saying that there have to be any. Still, you ought to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. So, one of the top questions to ask realtors is what’s wrong with the house. For example: are there any problems with the boiler, are the gutters shot, is the roof good, and so on. Of course, if you plan on flipping the home, your threshold for flaws will be different. Be that as it is, you ought to know what you are investing in. It is your money after all.

A man doing some repairments

Small repairments are almost inevitable. However, bigger ones might not be too much for your wallet, time and nerves.

2. Top questions to ask realtors include the info regarding any foreclosures for sale in the area

Now, this is not the question that sellers and their agents are going to greet with a smile. Howbeit, avoiding important questions can be regarded as one of the most prominent mistakes that homebuyers make. So, even if the question may be a bit unpleasant, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth asking. After all, you can use this information for leverage. Now, you ought to know that a foreclosed home in the area is generally going to cost less.  This information introduces the opportunity for price competition, and it further allows you to offer up less money for the purchase. Nice, right?

3. What’s to expect from the neighborhood?

With the home come the surroundings. You can have a villa with an indoor and outdoor pool, the biggest and most lavish backyard, even a zoo. If the neighborhood is bad, however, all that will loose on its shine. In the same way, even the smallest house will seem more cozy and livable if your surroundings are pleasant to live in. Thursday afternoon may look nothing like Saturday evening, and you should know about it. So, don’t restrain from asking your realtor for their take on the neighborhood. They will know a few things that won’t be apparent to an outsider. Things like the family-friendly atmosphere of the area, the proximity of shops and restaurants, or some new housing developments that may occur.

An aerial shot of a seemlingly wonderful neighborhood

A wonderful neighborhood can make all the difference. That is why this is one of the top questions to ask realtors.

4. Why is the house up for sale?

Knowing the owners’ motives may give you some input on the situation you might find yourself in. Certain circumstances might not suit you, while others may be just fine. They might have realized that living on a boat would suit them better, and that is perfectly fine. However, if bug infestation is the reason for their departure, it would do you good to know about it. Still, you shouldn’t be paranoid. Most often people find homes to be too much surface to take care of, now that the kids are gone. Sometimes the mortgage is too high for their income, and so on.

5. Is there anything worth knowing about the house before buying it?

We are all aware of that inner alarm that goes off whenever an offer seems too good to be true. And the reason for this is as understandable as it is justified. Things rarely turn out to be perfect in this tragicomedy that is life. We all want to be aware of all the negatives before making any major moves. Some of the top questions to ask realtors before buying property include:

  • the future building prospects. Namely, if some high-rises that will block skyline views are soon to go up, it would be good to know about them.
  • is there any nearby dumpsite that may open up nearby? The odor that the wind can bring will ruin every moment you spend in your yard, no matter the glory of the flowers, fountains, and trees you have.
  • is the home a former crime scene? Yes, this is a rare occurrence, but it does happen. Not that it is a deal-breaker, but we presume you would like to, at least, know about it.
A white tape with 'crime scene do not cross' printed on it

While small intricacies may not be important to know about, any bigger instances should are good to be aware of.

The thing is, none of the information you find out have to send you running away with tears and screams. We like to assume that you would simply like to be in the know of all the instances. If you are curious about the home you are looking at, try reaching out to a future neighbor, or checking with the local shop owner, and see what they have to say. The Internet can also be a nice source of information. Just as you’ve found cheap storage NYC, who knows what else may come up.