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Tips for Storing Guitars by Lior Rachamny CEO of Dumbo Moving

Lior-Rachmany-tips-for-guitar-storingLior Rachmany is the CEO of Dumbo Moving and Storage, Inc. He started out in the Brooklyn music scene in Williamsburg and DUMBO; making music with such artists as Matisyahu. At night he made music but during the day he was a mover. Lior started out as a driver than a manager.

While being a manager of a moving company, he opened up a recording studio. The scene began to change and a lot of musicians left Brooklyn.

Lior decided to focus on moving and he opened up a moving company next door to his studio. His company grew to one of the largest moving companies in New York.

Lior Rachmany still loves music (still owns three guitars, and keeps a ukulele in his office) and wants you to learn some tips on how to store and take care of your guitars.

-Avoid using a nylon soft case for storing and always go with hard cases when storing your instrument especially if you are going on the road.

– Always keep your instruments in an upright position if possible when they are in their case.

– If you are putting a guitar away for a long time in storage, loosen the strings first.

– Always clean and dust your instrument before storing it.

– If there any rusty strings or rusty parts remove them, to avoid marks of rust and also so you do not compromise any other parts (especially wooden parts).

-The Beck and the Fretboard are the parts of a guitar that usually get dirty the most so make sure you keep an eye on those areas. There are plenty of types of cleaners on the market to make to keep your guitar tidy.

-Some common problems that can happen to a guitar if they are not stored correctly: a broken neck or body, and rusting.

-Some tips for storing guitars based on their type: For acoustic and classic guitars make sure the strings are loose.

For semi-hollow electric guitars, the neck and body cannot have any pressure on it. For electric guitars hard cases must be sealed to avoid rust on the pickups.

Electric guitars with a Floyd Rose (bridge) loosen its strings but keep strings attached so it can be tuned more easily.

-To quote Lior directly: “Guitars are not meant to be stored, keep rockin on. Play it or die!”