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Thinking about Moving from NYC to New Orleans?

Thinking about moving from Big Apple to Big Easy? Then this article is for you! If a relaxed vibe, plenty of music, and affordable cost of living sound good, then New Orleans might be the right place for you. If you’re thinking about hiring interstate movers and moving from NYC to New Orleans, read on to find some useful info.

A NOLA Greetings Card

Culture and vibe

Being one of the most diverse and cultural places in the world, NYC offers an authentic experience like no other city. But New Orleans has its own authenticity too. With different traditions influencing the city’s formation, including the culture of Spaniards, French, Creoles, Irish, Italians, enslaved Africans, and free people of color, New Orleans is one of the most unique places in the country. Lots of people visit NOLA and decide to stay just because they fall in love with the city’s vibe and authentic vibe. Its residents play an important part in Big Easy’s culture so you’ll get to meet plenty of creative people, individual thinkers, and people that won’t compromise their own unique expression.

Unlike NYC that’s well-known for its fast pace and intensity of life, New Orleans is known for its relaxed vibe. If the slow pace of living and no rush is right up your alley, then you’ll love NOLA. People are not running to get places in Big Easy – in fact, the nickname speaks volumes about the local culture. To get places on time, you’ll want to leave early. That’s because nobody seems to be in a rush and people don’t mind stopping on their way somewhere to have a conversation. New Orleans is very much loved by people who get tired of rushing and running – who find the relaxed lifestyle after leaving the Big Apple.

New Orleans Street Musicians

Living costs

When it comes to price tags, only a few cities in the world can match NYC – and not in a good way. Big Apple is notoriously expensive, with incredibly high rents and noting but challenging living costs. NYC’s cost of living index is 187,2 compared to the national average of 100. Luckily, New Orleans gives you a chance for financial relief. Prices here are lower than the national average, including bills, groceries, transportation, and pretty much anything you have to spend money on.

After dealing with “shoe-box” homes in NYC, you have a chance to become a homeowner when you move to NOLA. Why is that? That’s because the median home value index in New Orleans is only 77 versus the nation’s average of 100. Hosing is so affordable that your median home cost is around $254,600. Although New Orleans is more expensive than the rest of Louisiana, it is really affordable compared to other states, and especially compared to New York City.


One of the nicest things in NYC is that you can find a neighborhood for any budget and any taste. Hundreds of distinct neighborhoods in the Big Apple allow each person to find their own unique spot. The good news is that New Orleans has a fair share of different neighborhoods too. From the new and bustling Freret Corridor and architecturally intriguing Bywater to historically rich Faubourg Marigny and leafy and green Garden District, the city offers various neighborhoods. Whether you’re more into the quiet, suburban lifestyle minutes from downtown or you prefer a whole different vibe, New Orleans got you.

A New Orleans Street


With so much history and various cultural influences, New Orleans homes are also historic and nothing but unique. The most popular types include Creole cottages, shotguns and double shotguns, double-gallery homes, bungalows, center-hall houses, and townhouses. While some of the popular historic homes do add a huge amount of character and charm, the upkeep of such an old home can be a shock for any New Yorker. Still, most people enjoy and appreciate the chance to live here, despite the quirks that come with it. Of course, that doesn’t mean that New Orleans is all vintage bars and historic homes. There are new builds and high rises as well, in case that’s more what you’re after.


One of the perks of being a New Yorker is that you don’t have to drive. While this could be the downside for some, most people rely on public transportation and don’t have to worry about owning a car. In New Orleans, you also don’t need your own car. The city’s public transportation is decent and cheap at the same time. NOLA’s terrain is flat which makes biking a breeze and lots of people use bikes for transportation.

A Tramway In New Orleans

Outings and entertainment

Being a New Yorker, you’ll know a thing or two about entertainment and the importance of being out and about. You’ll get to try cuisines from all around the world, you’ll get to see the biggest stars, and you’ll have 24-hour options to have fun, regardless of your preference. So how does moving from NYC to New Orleans affect your outings and fun activities? The good news is NOLA offers plenty of things to do. First, jazz was invented in New Orleans. Jazz Fest welcomes more than 450,500 people.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The city enjoys a worldwide reputation as a music Mecca and there is music around at almost any hour of the day. Let’s not forget Mari Gras, one of the most popular festivals in the world, happening right here in New Orleans. When it comes to the food scene, New Orleanians enjoy some of the best restaurants. The city is also known across the globe as a food town. Foodies will not go to bed hungry in NOLA, with endless options for all dining styles and flavors. Furthermore, People here love their cocktails so rest assured you won’t go thirsty too.

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