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How to stage your home and prepare it for selling

how-to-stage-your-homeAccording to the real estate specialists, a staged home is usually sold faster. It’s in homeowner’s best interest to show his/her property’s best qualities, impress prospective buyers or renters and get the highest possible price for the property.

If you are planning to put your home on the market any time soon, you should consider upgrading your property in order to get the asking price. Make your property attractive and interesting to the prospective visitors and buyers by applying some of the following home staging tips. When you are about to advertise your home your main goal is to attract as many potential buyers as possible.

Staging house requires some time and money, but eventually this project will probably pay off. On the other hand, if you decide not to improve your home’s appearance prior to selling you might be forced to accept lower price or have your property on the market for a long time.

Tips for staging your home

Improving your home’s appearance, decorating and fixing is the first thing one should do when thinking about selling the property. Structure of the house does matter – large families will be interested in spacious and practical family home.

However, a good first impression may make them decide faster. The art of staging your home involves highlighting property’s best features and minimizing the significance of certain defects.

– If you don’t have enough time or you are not sure how to do it, hire professional stager.

– If you decide to stage your home yourself take some of the following considerations into account.

– Get rid of clutter. The less stuff you have, the bigger your house will look like. Make an inventory of all your belongings and decide what you can live without. Do not put clutter in your closets, because open-house visitors would like to take a look at them as well, so consider storing your old or unattractive items somewhere else.

– Clean your property. If you cannot replace the old appliances and furniture with the new ones, at least clean them properly and make your house look tidy.

– Clean floors, windows, tiles in the bathroom, cupboards and wardrobes, dust each item so as to make a good impression on the visitors.

– Open up the space by arranging the furniture properly. If needed, repurpose some rooms by transforming them into something attractive and modern that your prospective buyers may like. In order to make your home feel larger, remove unnecessary furniture or less attractive items to storage.

– Repaint if necessary. Painting the whole house inside and out with neutral and warm colors would be a smart investment, especially if the color of the walls matches with the rest of the decor. Fix all the cracks in the walls or ceilings.

– Remove stains, odors, mildew. In case you or your family members smoke indoors, make sure you take extra steps to get rid of that smell. Also, pet owners should have all rugs steam cleaned and their pets taken care of far from the house when the visitors are around.

– Allow your prospective buyers to picture themselves in your home by removing your personal items like family photos. Remember that your personal style doesn’t matter in this case.

– If your home gets a lot of natural light, open the curtains while showing the house to the prospective buyers. Replace old light fixtures and clean them properly.

– Since the outdoors will be the first thing the potential buyers will notice, make sure to arrange it properly. Wash your home’s exterior, especially balcony and sidewalks, mow the lawn, prune the plants, organize your garden and make your balcony a charming place by adding some colorful flowers and plants.