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Sharing your moving experience

sharing-moving-experienceWhen researching moving companies, a recommendation from a close friend or family really means a lot. Also, when in doubt, people tend to look for the answers online, showing that they are interested in other people’s experiences and opinions related to the moving companies in question. Online moving reviews may provide useful guidelines and give you a clear idea of what it is like to entrust all your household goods to a specific moving company.

After your big move is completed, you may want to take your time and assess the whole moving experience. While tackling your post-move tasks, make sure you find the time to compose a moving review other people can benefit from. Sharing your moving story will take only a couple of minutes of your time and other people who are organizing a household move will appreciate your kind gesture. A short and objective summary of your moving experience may be beneficial for the people who plan to move house as well as for the moving company that completed the job in a professional and efficient way.

On the other hand, your story may point out some unprofessional or fraudulent moving companies that tend to take advantage of their customers. Therefore, do not hesitate to share your bad moving experience and prevent other people from becoming fraud victims.

Elements of a helpful moving review

By compiling an honest moving review you will rate your NYC movers and show your appreciation for quality moving services or criticize unprofessional and fraudulent moving companies if you are not satisfied with the service. Either way, a comprehensive moving review can contribute to a smoother moving experience.

Reading your online review will help other people make more informed moving-related choices, so make sure your story gives an explanation in a straight-forward, objective and concise way.

– Describe the background of your situation in a chronological order so that your readers can get a clear idea of your moving adventure. Make sure you keep it short, but provide all important details like: size of your home, volume of your household goods, moving distance, exact time of the move, additional services that your NYC moving company provided, name of the company, moving expenses,…

– Rate movers’ efficiency, experience, professionalism and willingness to assist you. Are you satisfied with the service they provide? How did the initial contact with the moving company go? Did you get a comprehensive explanation of moving services they offer? Did they answer all your questions politely? Did they provide an on-site moving estimate? Did they show up on time? Were there any delays? Were they properly equipped? Was the moving load delivered on time? If anything was broken, were you refunded for the damage caused throughout the process? Were there any unpleasant surprises or unexpected charges?

Evaluate your movers’ performance and mention both positive and negative aspects of the move. That way you may help other people make good decisions when it comes to choosing the right moving company.

– Clearly state if you recommend the moving company or not. If you wish, you can add some photos and other specifics that will describe your moving experience in detail. Also, state if you would use their services again or not.

– No matter how disappointed with the moving service, try not to be offensive and refrain from swearing and using profanities.

– Provide your personal contact details like email address so as to be able to receive a link for activation purposes.

– Once you finish your summary, double-check if you have included all important elements and relevant information. Also, make sure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes. Otherwise, people may not take your story seriously.